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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Gengar Lv. X


Date Reviewed: 10.27.09

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 3.75
Limited: 2.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Hi.  I am Gengar Level X…the most hyped card from the new set, am I worth the hype??




This is a 140 HP beast that has a power that once per turn you can level down any of your opponent’s Pokemon and shuffle that card into their deck.  That gets REALLY irritating, but most decks survive just fine without their level Xs, and some (Luxray) want to disappear so their power can be used again.  A good fun power, but not completely game breaking.  I do like that it can be used while Gengar X is on the bench, otherwise 2x weak to dark could make this a VERY vulnerable Pokemon.


The attack, for 3 (which is not usual for a Gengar) that does 3 damage to every one of your Pokemon with a damage counter on it.  Combined with Spiritomb, Crobat, and the like, this is a pretty fun bench hitter that could lead to a pile of prizes all at once.  More often that not, your Stormfront Gengar will be hitting with its attacks instead, but still not bad.  Or coordinate it with the new Arceus Gengar that allows you to move a damage counter to really inflict some pain.


Free retreat good.  Resistance to colorless, getting MUCH better with Sally X now hitting the board.


I have a feeling we are going to see, early on, some Gengar v. Sally matchups to determine who has the “stuff” in the new format.




Modified…it makes a good deck even better in Gengar…4.5/5


Limited…I have actually seen this get out in a Prerelease – got all the pieces and got it out in the game.  I was like WHOA…


You are going to draft it anyway, try to get the pieces, but a stage 3 is REALLY tough to get out in draft.  2.5/5


There you go…see you tonight at the Neutral Zone (Tuesday) or tomorrow at B& B St. Peters (Wednesday)


Saturday – will see you at Rolla!!!  www.mopokemon.com for more details!



Baby Mario
Top 4 UK Nats

Gengar LV X


If there was hype about Tangrowth . . . then Gengar LV X has practically been worshipped since it was only a rumour.


Gengar is already a popular and successful deck-type. Will the LV X make it even more so? Let’s take a look.


Well, that 140 HP is absolutely monstrous and makes KOing a Gengar a tough proposition. The Colourless Resistance is useful as Flygon is still common and the new Salamence will almost certainly see some play. Free Retreat is great on any card and Gengar can abuse it more than most, retreating to avoid damage from status conditions that would not trigger Gengar SF’s Fainting Spell.


The only downside to Gengar LV X’s stats that I can see is the X2 Weakness to Darkness. This will make it somewhat easier to KO using Weavile SW’s Dark Engage and a secondary attacker, thus not risking a main attacker to Gengar SF’s Fainting Spell.


Gengar LVXs attack, Compound Pain, is a spread attack that does 30 damage to any already damaged Pokémon. It is slightly overpriced at [P][P][C], but has the potential to secure multiple KO’s. It combos well with Gengar SF’s Shadow Room and with attacks on both of the Gengars released in the new set. It does open up the possibility of playing Gengar in a new way, as a spread deck, but it does sacrifice a lot of the speed which is one of the major assets of current Gengar builds.


The real attraction of Gengar LV X, though, is its Level Down Power which has the ability to return one of your opponent’s LV X Pokémon to the deck every turn. Obviously this can be devastating, especially against LV X Pokémon which are used to bench-sit for their Power. Imagine losing a Tangrowth LV X or a Heatran LV X to this, after all the effort it takes to get them on the bench! It is also an excellent weapon against Flygon decks which like to lock and mill the deck with Wind Erosion and Dialga decks which like to tank with the LV X. Some care is needed though. It would be madness to Level Down a Luxray GL and give your opponent another chance to use Bright Look.


Gengar LV X (and the new Gengars from the Arceus set) will undoubtedly force Gengar players to make some hard choices. It definitely gives them some powerful new tricks, but at the same time, running it means running one less Gengar SF. Whether it is worth losing a Fainting Spell Gengar or not is a question that has yet to be answered. The disruptive ability of Gengar SF, its speed, abililty to swarm, and free Prizes are all essential to the deck’s competitiveness. Gengar LV X is most definitely worth testing in Gengar decks, but its impact needs to be carefully evaluated before it becomes an automatic inclusion.




Modified: 3 (Gengar decks are already very competitive. The LV X needs to prove its worth)

Limited: 1.75 (unlikely to come out, little chance of using the Power. The attack could be very good here though)

Kevin Ditzler

Gengar LV X

If you're going to a prerelease, this is most likely what you're going for. (and Expert Belt) Gengar LV X is really good, I'm not going to lie. It has great stats, a good attack, and a good power.

140 HP for any pokemon is a lot. In my opinion, if it is more than 130, it has a lot of HP. Free retreat! Retreat is the first thing I look for in a card. If it has none, it is instantly playable. Weakness to dark isn't TOO bad, though Weavile SW is seeing a little bit of play along with some Tyranitar and occasional rogues like Absol G. Resistance to Flygon is great!

Level Down is absolutely annoying for any player forced to face it. Forcing a player to waste resources to get a LV X back from their deck can win games. The power also has some synergy with its attack. Compound Pain is actually pretty decent. It isn't too expensive, and getting a damage counter on everything isn't hard at all. Doing 30 to everything (with a damage counter of course) is insane!

Of course, Gengar X does have it's downsides. It has no reliable power attack, which is also missing from it's regular counterpart. Sure doing 30 to everything is nice, but what if you're facing a beastly Flygon or Dialga? You'd sure wish you could do some constant damage. This alone is what makes this card iffy to me. I don't want to do 30 to everything, but I'd rather focus on getting one problem out of the way at a time. To be honest, Gengar LV X really doesn't add THAT much to Gengar from Stormfront. Gengar Stormfront basically spreads, has a better power than the LV X, and has an attack that can actually do some decent damage.

Cards that do a better job:
Gengar LV X has very unique jobs. Nothing does a better job.

Modified:3.5/5 (I was about to rate it 4, but after some thought, I'd rather just run 4 Gengars instead of 3 with an X)

Limited:1/5 (Stage 2 LV X? No thank you!)

Have a nice day.
-Kevin Ditzler


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