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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Relicanth Lv. 36

Supreme Victors

Date Reviewed: 10.19.09

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 3.60
Limited: 2.40

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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The Relicanth

Boy, oh boy, did we just meet Gengar’s BEST friend? No more pesky unown Gs to stop damage from Gengar, when you can send Relicanth after them!

70 HP basic, weak to grass, retreat of 1, all good stats. Having lightning resistance for this rock would have made him about PERFECT!

Attacks – 1 fighting energy for 30 for each tool and stadium your opponent has in play to ANY Pokemon (not just the one holding the tool!).

No weakness for the bench, but you are usually looking for a you pick for 30-60 damage. WOW.

2nd attack (is there one? Really?) Amnesia for 30, but you know the rest…usually not going to use this unless you are in a pickle, and then it is probably too late anyway.


Modified…4.5/5 Almost the perfect Pokemon…for a RELICANTH!!!

Limited…2/5 Not too hot here. Not many tools, not many gyms…better choices here.

There you go…a great card for a Monday!

Baby Mario
Top 4 UK Nats
Relicanth Lv 36 SV

Yay, this week we kick things off with an actual GOOD CARD!

Keep the shiny one for your binder, THIS is the Relicanth you want to put in your decks.

The basic stats for this card are pretty decent in themselves. 80 HP is solid for a non-evolving Basic, Weakness to Grass is one of the better Weaknesses to have. The Retreat cost of [C] is, if anything, on the generous side.

The reason people are including this card in their decklists, though, is its first attack, Grand Swell. For the bargain price of a single Fighting Energy, you can do 30 damage to ANY of your opponent’s Pokémon for each Pokémon Tool that they have in play. Note that it is damage you are doing, not placing damage counters. Unown G won’t save your opponent here . . . in fact, because it is a Tool when attached, it will actually be increasing the damage Relicanth does.

Because the most commonly used Tools in Pokémon are Unown G and Energy Gain, it should be obvious that Relicanth’s main use is as a tech against SP decks. SP decks will often have 3 or more of these cards in play, which effectively means that Relicanth can snipe anywhere for 90+. Of course, an opponent could always choose not to play those cards, but by doing that they slow down their deck and leave it vulnerable to effect-based attacks. The most obvious combo here is with Machamp SF. If the SP player guards their Pokémon with Unown G, you snipe them with Relicanth, if they don’t you use Machamp’s Take Out attack to OHKO all of their Pokémon.

An added bonus is that the very common Luxray GL is weak to Relicanth’s Fighting type, which makes Relicanth a viable and sturdier alternative to Mankey SV as an anti-Luxray tech.

Against non-SP decks, Relicanth has fewer uses. It can have a place in Gengar SF decks, as players will often use multiple Unown G’s to counter Shadow Room. Generally, though, Tools other than Unown G are rarely seen. Some Flygon decks use Memory Berry, but not until they have locked your active Pokémon, making it difficult to retreat for Relicanth. Cards like Energy Link, Bubble Coat, and Leftovers see little or no competitive play.

Relicanth’s second attack, Amnesia, is worth a mention too. 30 damage for [F][C] is not bad, and the fact that you can prevent the Defending Pokémon from using an attack of your choice next turn can be somewhat useful, especially against Pokémon that have only one usable attack (such as Gyarados SF). You won’t find that you use this very much though. Grand Swell is all that this card needs to make it a sound, fast, easy to use anti-SP tech.


Modified: 3.75 (It’s good, but it is just a tech, and you would never play more than one)
Limited: 2.25 (No Tools in the set. Amnesia isn’t too bad in Limited though)
Steel_Winger Today's card is Relicanth from Supreme Victors... the GOOD one, this time. Let's check the stats: 80 HP on a non-legendary Basic tha doesn't evolve any further and isn't a SP is excellent. The Fighting-type let's it knock around Manetric and Luxray GL LV. X. A +20 Weakness to Grass is pretty good as the only Grass deck being played widely now is Speedrill, and I think that's dwindling in popularity. No Resistance is expected. A Retreat Cost of 1 is average; not bad.

Relicanth has no Powers or Bodies, but it does have 2 attacks. The first, Grand Swell, is what makes the card. For one Fighting energy, you get to snipe an opponent's Pokemon for 30 damage times the number of Tools and Stadiums your opponent has in play. This attack is clearly meant to be a counter to SP decks since they run Energy Gain and usually Snowpoint Temple/Galactic HQ/Champion's Room. Two of any combination of Tools and Stadiums lets Relicanth get a OHKO on an active Luxray GL LV. X. Barring that, you can make your opponent think twice about playing those cards recklessly, giving you a bit of an edge. It also helps against those who use Unown [G], which is just about every other deck out there.

If you think this attack is good now, just wait until the Arceus set is released. Just about everyone will be testing Expert Belt and Bench Shield, and Relicanth will apparent;y have a field day in theory.

...Oh, that's right! Relicanth has a second attack, Amnesia. For a Fighting and anoter energy of choice, you do 30 damage to the Defending Pokemon and prevent it from using one of it's attacks on their turn. Relicanth usually won't be your starter, but if it is, it's a good way to keep your opponent from using their best attack on you and that could give you more time to set up.

Expect Relicanth to make more of an appearance when the Arceus set is released.


Modified: 3.5/5 Even though it depends of whether your opponent plays Tools and Stadiums or not (and almost all of them do), it's easy enough to tech in a deck as to be a surprise to the opponent who recklessly plays them out of necessity.
Limited: 2.5/5 Well, there aren't many cards that justify Relicanth making an appearance here. Buffer Piece doesn't last for long, Champion's Room is for SP Pokemon, and Battle Tower is for LV. Xs. These cards probably won't be so widespread as in Modifed, but a 30x snipeis nothing to laugh at if the opponent does play these.

This is Steel_Winger, until next time!
Guy Relicanth

Today's card of the day is Relicanth lv 36 from Supreme Victors. Relicanth has 80 hp, 1 retreat cost, weakness to grass, and no resistance. All are average stats for a basic.

Amnesia is a so-so attack. All the opponent has to do is switch/warp point/retreat the defending and then it can attack with someone else. So all you could really do against a decent player is hit the defending for 30.
Grand Swell is an interesting attack. With so many broken space time's going around, and so many galactic's energy gains in the loose, Grand Swell has potential to be a good attack. I could see grand swell doing 60-90 damage to an sp deck and 30 to a non sp deck. However, the real question is whether one has room in their deck for a card like relicanth. With so much other good stuff out there I would say no, but I can see the potential in the card so I would suggest that you try it out and see what happens.

Modified: 2.5/5
Limited: 3/5 (Im giving it a pretty decent rating here. An 80 hp basic that can drop 30 per turn is not to shabby)

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