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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Dark Arceus Lv. 100


Date Reviewed: 11.04.09

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 2.50
Limited: 2.67

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Hi, my name is Dark Arceus.  I was specifically put in the Pokemon world to put the hurt on Gengar.  See you soon!!!


There you go.  If you are in a Gengar-heavy area, then this is the play.  Gengar is going to have a fit with this deck, with its lack of powers anyway, but this card really “hates” on Gengar. 


Let the big ghost go up a prize…and then POW, right in the kisser.


Problem is, the second half of most Gengar decks is Machamp…which puts a real hurt on Arceus.


Still a good 2 for 80 attack.  Usable, for the Arceus decks…




Modified…3/5  Not the best, but not the worst Arceus


Limited – 3/5  Once again, you don’t want to go down in prizes, but a pretty good card anyway!


See ya!!!


Vince (Not Kevin J )

Baby Mario
Top 4 UK Nats
Arceus – Darkness Type

Our first Basic Arceus this week boasts some very cool art and Arceus in an . . . interesting pose.

The HP of 70 is at the bottom end for Basic Arceus which range from 70-90 HP. It has an X2 Weakness to Fighting which isn’t usually a problem as Machamp SF is the only widely-played fighting Pokémon. The Resistance to Psychic is very welcome, as is the Retreat cost of one.

Darkness Arceus has one of the lowest cost attacks of all the Arceus. For [D][C], Prize Count will do 20 damage. Not very impressive, I know, but that all changes if you are behind on Prizes as it triggers the attack’s effect and bumps the damage up to a very nice 80 which still only costs two Energy.

This can be a very useful and relatively cheap attack to use in an Arceus deck. The one thing that counts against it is the fact that Arceus decks are all about hitting for Weakness, and there are relatively few commonly played Pokémon that have a Darkness Weakness. You have Gengar for sure . . . maybe the odd Dusknoir, but that’s all really. Nevertheless, the fact that it can hit hard when you need it means that it is definitely worth a tech slot or two in an Arceus deck. If you expect to see a lot of Gengar, you may even want to devote a bit more space to it.


Modified (Arceus Deck): 3 (situational, but useful)
Limited: 3 (One of the more usable Arceus here. A quick 80 for 2 when behind is very good)

virusyosh Arceus Lv. 100 - Darkness Type

Hey again Pojo visitors! Arceus week continues today with Arceus' Darkness form.

First, let us look at this card's stats. Arceus is a 70 HP Basic Pokemon of the Darkness type, with a double weakness to Fighting, -20 resistance to Psychic, and a Retreat Cost of 1. Being an Arceus is somewhat good, as this card can be searched by Beginning Door as well as being utilized by other cards such as Arceus Lv. X. Having only 70 HP on a non-evolving basic is subpar, and in my opinion, quite sad for a Level 100 Arceus. Double weakness to Fighting does not help this card's case, as there are some pretty potent Fighters around the environment, like Machamp SF or even Claydol GE. Having a resistance is always good, and a Psychic resistance is pretty great. The retreat cost is much like yesterday's card: it's not too expensive if you absolutely must pay it.

Now, onto attacks. Dark Arceus has only one attack, Prize Count. This attack normally does 20 damage for (DC), with a possibility for adding 60 more if you have more prizes than your opponent. Inflicting 80 damage (more if you use Special Darkness Energies) for two energy sounds really nice, but there are other cards that do similar things for better: Infernape PT, MD, and DP all come to mind. Additionally, this attack only does 80 when you're behind in the game: if you have the same number of prizes or less than your opponent, it's a rather expensive 20 damage.


Modified: 1.5/5 This might work in an Arceus deck that wants an extra attack for the Lv. X or another typed Arceus for the Colorless Arceus' no-energy attack, but the combination of low HP and double weakness really hamper this card's usability. Having a situational attack doesn't really help, either.

Limited: 2/5 You're probably going to want to take this anyway, especially if you get an Arceus Lv. X. This Arceus could work in late game to quickly one-hit KO a basic or something after you drop behind in Prizes, such as when something with an Expert Belt just got KOed. The only possible problems with this are that Darkness energy could be hard to use in Limited for this set, and you'll have to watch out for Fighting types and this card's low HP.

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