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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Arceus X


Date Reviewed: 11.03.09

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 4.00
Limited: 2.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Jigglypuff13 11/3 Arceus Lv.X (PA? AR? What's the official abbreviation for this set? 94/99)

Yep, after a bit of a break (stupid Uni), I'm ready to start doing some more irregular reviews, and I start off with the continuation of the Arceus (Pokémon) week with Arceus Lv.X no. 94/99. Now, the reason for the number being included twice already in this review is important, it's because there are 2 other Arceus Lv.X's in this set, and those 2 are, well, you see later, either by reading this review, or the scans/translations of the cards. Anyway, we are focused on this 94 Lv.X, and the basics of the card first, and it has 120 HP. For a Basic Lv.X, this is very nice to have, with only Regigigas Lv.X (SF) beating it on this front, thus you should survive a hit or two. Weakness is non-existent, for which I'm glad, we haven't seen that many no-Weakness cards recently (Sableye's and maybe the odd Spiritomb), so it's good to see more. Oh, and it's perfect, and on a Pokémon like this, you'd expect it really. No Resistance, well, it's normal, but considering it's the Alpha Pokémon we are on about here, you'd think he might have something. 1 Retreat Cost really is befitting off such a Pokémon, though again, you may think 0 would've been more appropriate. Even better than all of this is the fact that you can play as many Arceus cards in your deck as you like, which is great fun, and makes an Arceus deck viable at least.

Solid base stats on the Alpha Pokémon are a good base, but what about abilities? Well, I think it's fair to say there is no Pokémon in existence that's been printed to be as flexible as this card. It only has 2 Poké-Bodies. It's first is Multitype (also seen on the other, worse Lv.X's) that changes the type of Arceus Lv.X to the same as the Pokémon it's Levelled Up from. Most of you will probably already know that there is an Arceus for every type, thus this card can become any type you like, just by Levelling Up whatever typed Arceus you want. For better fighting a certain deck, just Level Up the Arceus of their Weakness, enjoy the extra HP, and watch as they cringe in fear as you use any attack from any Arcues you have in play.

Yes, you read that right, this card can use the attack of any Arceus you have in play thanks to it's second Poké-Body Omniscient. OK, you need the correct energies attached to use the attacks, but you can't expect anything less really, since then it would be too broken. Whilst some of the attacks on some of the Arceus's are rubbish, you don't have to use that attack or even that Arceus in your deck in the first place. The sheer flexibility here has to be broken at some point, surely?

Well, if it's going to be broken, it'll have to be with other Arceus's since that's the only way this card will see any play, obviously. You can run a variety of different typed Arceus in you deck to get the right against the right deck, then play the Arceus with the best attacks for that situation. Simple. For getting the correct energies into play, then the Colorless Arceus is pretty good for that. The other attacks all have their own uses, but for the most part, are require perfect timing, which is why this Lv.X helps, along with Rainbow and/or Multi energy, for having the right types attached.

Counters are rather few and far between, simply due to the sheer flexibility of the card. Machamp (SF) is the big one, being able to use Take Out for a OHKO on Arceus Lv.X without Unown G (GE) attached, but Unown G and Levelling up from the Psychic Arceus, and then just using your most powerful attacks. Since Arceus is likely to be an all Basic deck, you may think Mewtwo Lv.X (LA) will be a big counter to Arceus, but Levelling up from the Psychic one (again), use Plus Power/Expert Belt, and then use the Water Arceus's attack for a OHKO. The main counter to Arceus Lv.X is, in my opinion at least, is Dialga G Lv.X (PL), who turns off all non-SP Poké-Bodies. Turning off both Multitype and Omniscient all in one go really makes this card useless. Your only hope is that Dialga G Lv.X stays active long enough for you to OHKO it with the Fire typed Arceus, but that isn't likely.


Modified: Obviously, this card needs it's own deck to actually be effective, based around getting whatever type you need and using whatever attack you need at the right time. This deck has almost infinite flexibility, and thus could be used to counter any metagame, by changing the ratios of the Arceus you use, but that isn't the point, the point is that this card can be great. However, it needs someone to get the correct skeleton build, and then allow it to adapt to the metagame. It's too early to tell if this will be possible, but you have to admit, there is potential at least. 3.5/5

Limited: Chances are you will get 1 Arceus in your packs (it's one is every 4 packs roughly I believe), but that really doesn't help this card. You'll only have 1 type to play with, and 1 attack, making both of these Poké-Bodies absolutely pointless. So, basically, leave this card alone here, unless you get lucky enough to pull 2 Arceus's. 1.25/5

Here we GO! An Arceus Level X…and the one with the Omniscient Pokebody, which allows it to use the attacks of all Arceus in play.

This is the key to an Arceus deck, maximum flexibility. If you face a Mewtwo Level X, not only should you have the psychic type arceus under you, you should be using the attack of the Water type Arceus!

Kind of a new fangled Mew EX, limited to Arceus.

I like it. It is going to take some trials and testing to see just how much, but with Unown G, and big Arceus support, this could be a lot of fun!!


Modified…3.5/5 Of course, only in an arceus deck, but you knew that, right?

Limited. You are going to take it, it is worth it, but given that you may only get 1 or 2 other total arceus, it is usually only good for a HP boost…2/5

There you go! Cities are coming so GET TESTING!!

Baby Mario
Top 4 UK Nats
Arceus LV X (Omniscient)

Of all the three (yes, THREE) Arceus LV X in the set, this is the one you really want.

Like its fellow LV X’s it has a respectable 120 HP and a very manageable Retreat cost of one. Sadly, Arceus LV X has no Resistance (few Pokémon do), but it more than makes up for that by having no Weakness either. That is a huge plus for Arceus, as nearly all non-Arceus LV X have that dreaded X2 Weakness that can make them vulnerable to teching. With this card, you can effectively negate the various Weaknesses of the Arceus that are levelled up.

Another thing that all Arceus LV X share is the Multitype PokeBody, which makes Arceus take on the type of the Pokémon from which it Levelled Up. This gives the deck tremendous versatility: it is more or less the opportunity to pick whatever type you need in order to hit your opponent for Weakness. By playing several copies of this LV X, you can virtually guarantee this against the vast majority of Pokémon in your opponent’s deck.

What really sets this Arceus LV X apart, though, is its second PokeBody, Omniscient. This allows Arceus LV X to use ANY of the attacks of ANY of the Arceus you have in play. Wow!

Now you would think that the various Energy needs of all the different attacks would cause problems, but those are solved with the Arceus Stadium card, Ultimate Zone, which allows you to move any Energy you like on to your active Arceus and give him access to all of those attacks. Now, not only can you hit for Weakness, you can also use whatever attack suits the game situation you are in. Need a big hit to take out a threat? Then copy Fire Arceus’s 80 damage attack (remember, if you are doing it right, you will be hitting for Weakness too). Has your opponent found a way to block your attack (such as Mewtwo LV X’s PokeBody, or Flygon RR’s Sand Wall)? Then copy Water Arceus’s Fastwave, which does 50 damage and ignores any effects. Need to hit-and-run? Then just use Lightning Arceus’s attack. You have a lot of options to take advantage of with this card.

Dialga G LV X, is an obvious concern for a Pokemon that relies on just its PokeBodys to function. Though Fire Arceus can easily KO an active one, a bench-sitting tech Dialga G remains a problem. That aside, though, this is the crucial offensive weapon in an Arceus deck. In its own deck, it is almost like a Mew EX with no Weakness and higher HP, and it should be run in multiples, and never mind the expense!


Modified (Arceus Deck): 4.75 (almost the perfect card to work with this deck concept)
Limited: 2 (High HP and no Weakness are nice but its PokeBodys will almost certainly be irrelevant)
virusyosh Arceus Lv. X

Hello again everyone! Today we are reviewing the one of the superpowered forms of Arceus in the new set, Arceus Lv.X.

This particular Arceus Lv. X has 120 HP, which is just about right for a Lv. X levelling up from a Basic. It can easily survive a hit or two while dishing out a few of its own. No Weakness is fantastic, no Resistance is average. A Retreat Cost of 1 is pretty good: you can pay for it if you really need to without setting yourself too far back. Also, like other Arceus cards, you may have as many of this card as you want in your deck, which can be useful.

As for Arceus Lv.X's abilities, it has two Poke-Bodies and no attacks. Its first Poke-Body, Multitype, makes Arceus Lv. X the same type as its previous Level. This is very good in a deck with many different types of Arceus, as it allows you to choose a type to most effectively fight your opponent. Arceus Lv. X's second Poke-Body, Omniscient, complements this very well. This body allows Arceus Lv. X to use any attack on any of your Arceus in play, as long as it meets the energy requirements. Like Multitype, this provides maximum flexibility in the Arceus deck, allowing you to use attacks based on the energy you have available and your current needs. At the same time, this very flexibility can be this card's downfall: If you don't have many other Arceus in play, your options are severely limited.


Modified: 3.75/5 In an Arceus deck, this card can do almost whatever you need it to do with the proper setup, and getting that proper setup shouldn't be too hard with all of the various draw power and search cards available in the format.

Limited: 3/5 Not quite as good here, because the chances of you getting a good surrounding setup aren't nearly as good. Even still, without any other Arceus, it's still a 120 HP beast with whatever attacks and type that your previous Arceus had.

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