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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Kabutops Lv. 59


Date Reviewed: 11.25.09

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified:  3.00
Limited: 2.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Kabutops (Arceus)

There has been a bit of low-level hype about the new Kabutops. The Arceus set brought with it some potentially decent support for Fossil Pokémon, mainly in the form of an Aerodactyl whose Pokémon Power allows you to search out Fossil Basics. Is Kabutops a worthy partner for it? Let’s take a look.

With 130 HP, Kabutops has the ability to take a hit or two. It has a Weakness to Grass which shouldn’t be too much of a problem unless the new Tangrowth or Sceptile decks prove to be popular. No Resistance is typical, and the Retreat cost of two isn’t great, so be prepared to make room for Warp Point.

What is getting Kabutops some attention is its first attack, Primal Scythe. For a single Fighting Energy, it does 20 damage. Nothing special there, but if you discard a Fossil Basic from your hand, that damage is increased by 50, taking Kabutops into the realms of those Pokémon that can get a potentially game-winning KO on their first turn (see also: Machamp, Kingdra, Rampardos). The Fossil Basic, Dome Fossil, even gives it a hand in getting set up on the game’s first turn as its PokePower lets you evolve into Kabuto when you attach a Fighting Energy. Kabuto in itself has a useful Power, benching Fossil Basics for you if you can flip heads (which is the only way the deck can get around a Trainer Lock).

Kabutops’s second attack, Rock Slide, is less impressive. 60 damage to the active and 10 damage to two Bench Pokémon for [F][C][C]. Not terrible, but a little overpriced.

So, with its built-in support and ability to get a quick KO, is Kabutops a serious contender in this Format? Well, there are a few things that count against it.

Firstly, there is the fact that it is a Fossil. Fossil decks have not been truly successful for a long time now. The Basics cannot be searched out with Roseanne’s Research or Call Energy, nor recovered with Night Maintenance or Time-Space Distortion. For that, you need Fossil Excavator, which uses your Supporter for the turn and only nets you one Fossil. Secondly, there is the problem of Trainer Lock. The new Spiritomb and Dialga G’s Deafen attack will make it impossible for you to bench Fossil Basics, unless you can get Kabuto MD out somehow. Thirdly, there is the cost of Primal Scythe. With no practical way of returning the discarded Fossils to the deck or hand, unless you run a huge number of them, you will eventually run out and be forced to rely upon Kabutops’s second, slower attack.

These disadvantages may be enough to prevent Kabutops becoming a top deck in this Format. It has good support and potentially good speed, but the downsides of being a Fossil really hurt. It isn’t a terrible card by any means but I don’t expect it to have any more of an impact on the format than Rampardos has. If Spiritomb turns out to be as popular as people think it will be, then it may not even manage that.


Modified: 2.75 (hope to avoid Trainer Lock and get a quick win . . . otherwise you will struggle)
Limited: 2 (you are unlikely to be able to boost the first attack)


Here is another good card that I think we will be seeing decks built around: the Arceus set Kabutops. The Kabutops has 130 hp, and weakness to grass. Grass is going to give this deck fits, as Kabutop's partners (Omastar and Iron Skull Rampardos) are all weak to grass. Bastiodon MIGHT be useful in this deck, I'm not sure though...it needs to be tested. Anyways, back to Kabutops. Kabutops' first attack, Primal Scythe, is really it's main attack. This attack allows you to discard a fossil and add 50 damage to the attack for only 1 energy. This does require a bit of set up though. Obviously it should be combo'd with Arceus set Aerodactyl so you can search out a fossil card and put it in your hand. You can either play the fossil to evolve it or discard it to do 70 damage with Primal Scythe (or 90 with an expert belt). The second attack isn't too shabby, but the first one is really the focus of Kabutops. Here is the problem with this deck however: I think it could be slow. You cannot use Call energy, Roseanne, Great ball, etc. etc. to search out fossils. What you should do though, is use 4 Fossil Excavator, 4 Bebe's Search, 3-4 VS Seeker, Cynthia, and a few Felicity's Drawing (to discard fossils for Omastar's attack if you chose to play Omastar with Kabutops. If not, then it's probably not a good idea to play Felicity), and Aerodactyl's power to get what you need. Broken time space would be critical in this deck as well. Claydol probably should be played, but there needs to be some other basic pokemon in the deck besides Baltoy, Unown G, and Uxie. I would suggest MAYBE a 2-1 line of Dialga G / Dialga G X to cancel out pokebodies (if you aren't running the Rampardos version of the deck becasue you wouldn't want to cancel out Rampardos' pokebody). The reason I suggest potentially playing Dialga G X or even Luxray X is because of the Arceus set Spiritomb. That Spiritomb forbids any trainer cards to be played, and until the fossil is down on the bench it must be treated like a trainer. If all you have are fossil in your hand and your opponent has Spiritomb up, you better hope something changes quick. Your best bet would be Luxray gl X, Palkia X, or Dialga G X in this deck to either gust away the Spiritomb or cancel out it's pokebody. Kabutops can work, but it will take a lot of testing to figure out exactly how it should be played.

Modified: 3.25/5 (it has potential)
Limited: 2/5

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