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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Beginning Door


Date Reviewed: 11.02.09

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 3.75
Limited: 3.50

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Are these Arceus Cards a fad, or can one make a real deck out of them?

I think a true competitive deck can be made, if you abuse the rules of Arceus, just as you abuse the rules of the SP Pokemon, but time will tell.

The Beginning door is one of the key cards in any Arceus deck, in that it can search for any Arceus card from your deck, and put it in your hand.

This includes the Arceus Level X. Needless to say, any Arceus deck is going to play 4 of these, with other quick pokemon searchers (Quick Ball, Great Ball, Roseanne’s and the like).

In any deck other than Arceus, it is a worthless card. In any draft deck where you get an Arceus you will play, it will help a lot!


Modified…3/5 Great for the Arceus deck, but there are no “Arceus Tech” cards were are seeing yet.

Limited …4/5...the search power of this card is too great to pass up, if you get a good arceus, which you most likely will!

There you go!

Baby Mario
Top 4 UK Nats

Beginning Door


Hello and welcome to Arceus week on Pojo’s CotD!


The Arceus card itself is absolutely unique in Pokémon history in that it breaks the ‘four cards per deck’ rule . . . you can have as many Arceus of any type as you want in your decks, and that includes the LV X’s! Now if you have seen the previews, or been to any prereleases, I am sure you have realised that the Arceus cards belong only in their own special decktype. That means that when I review the cards, I am going to give them a rating based on how good they are in an Arceus deck, rather than rating them for Modified generally.


This raises the question as to how good the Arceus deck can actually be. Well, it has a number of things going for it: complete Weakness coverage with the nine Basic Arceus, and a LV X that can take full advantage of that; its own method of Energy acceleration (Colourless Arceus with its Ripple Swell attack), and a couple of VERY handy support cards. It also has a number of downsides, though:  the fact that the deck is all Basics makes it vulnerable to Machamp SF and Mewtwo LV X; the attacks tend to be rather expensive, and the nature of the deck makes it very difficult to run support cards like Claydol GE and Uxie LA. I have the feeling that someone, somewhere, will be able to make a truly competitive Arceus list, but it will take some great deckbuilding skills, and an excellent player to pull it off. It’s probably also worth mentioning that any tournament-worthy Arceus will probably be so expensive that it makes AMU seem like a cheap starter deck. If you can get the cards, though, don’t let me put you off trying them. The deck IS very complicated, but it is also a lot of fun to play, and who wouldn’t enjoy beating their opponents down with the God of the Pokémon world?


We kick off this week, appropriately, with the card Beginning Door. It is a Trainer, rather than a Suporter, which is almost always a good thing (except when being locked by the new Spiritomb or Dialga G’s Deafen). Its effect is very simple: search your deck for Arceus and put it in your hand. Yep, that includes any of the Arceus LV X in case you were wondering.


Obviously, this is terrific support for the Arceus deck. You can play as many as you like during your turn and still use a Roseanne’s Research to fill your Bench with the Arceus of your choosing. There really isn’t much else to say about the card: unrestricted search with no drawback is obviously one of the best effects in the game. You run four of these in an Arceus deck, no question.




Modified (Arceus Deck): 4.5 (loses half a point just because Spiritomb and Deafen Lock can shut it down)

Limited: 3 (If you pull and play an Arceus, this will fetch it for you. Arceus just don’t happen to be especially brilliant in Limited though)

virusyosh Beginning Door

Hello all! My name is virusyosh, and I'll be reviewing cards here on Pojo from now on. Today's card of the day is Beginning Door, a Trainer card from the new Platinum - Arceus expansion.

This card's effect is fairly straightforward: you search your deck for an Arceus, show it to your opponent, and put it into your hand. In Arceus decks, this can be fantastic support. Do you really hate your opponent having less Prize cards than you? Grab the Dark Arceus. Has your Bench taken a beating from spread damage? Take the Grass Arceus. In a dedicated Arceus deck, the ability to pull what you need for your given situation is fantastic, especially if you can drop this more than once per turn (and you can, because it's a Trainer card). Outside of a dedicated Arceus deck however, this card is nearly useless because you probably won't be running too many Arceus, and other searching options will likely be more effective.


Modified: 3.5/5 In Arceus decks it's really good search, but as before, it has limited use outside of such a deck. Could also become a bit better if more Arceus tech shows up.

Limited: 4/5 If you get an Arceus, you might as well take it. Searching in Limited is really nice, especially when the card in question isn't a Supporter.

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