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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day

Water Arc


Water Arceus - Lv. 100


Date Reviewed: 11.16.09

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 3.50
Limited: 2.25

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Baby Mario
Top 4 UK Nats

Arceus – Water Type
After a week where we paused to look at some other new cards along with the Arceus LV X, we return this week to finish reviewing the Basic Arceus.
As I said when we started reviewing Arceus, I think the cards work best in a dedicated list so I will be rating them based on using them in an Arceus deck. The strategy behind the deck is to use the Arceus LV X together with the Basic Arceus to select the best attack and always try to hit your opponent for Weakness. Because of this, when reviewing, I will concentrate on the effectiveness of the attack, and how useful the Basic Arceus’s typing is.
Water Arceus has a decent 90 HP, a bad Retreat cost of two, and a terrible Weakness to Luxray GL (ummm . . . I mean Lightning). Not to worry, as Levelling it up will solve both problems to some extent.
It’s attack, Fastwave, does 50 damage for [W][C][C]. Not very impressive, I know, but read the effect text . . . Water Arceus’s damage goes through regardless of any Resistance, PokeBodies, Powers, or effects. This is an extremely useful ability to have. There are a number of Pokémon that use Smokescreen-like effects to make you flip for damage (Horsea LA, Luxray AR), plus others which aim to reduce the damage they take in some way (Abomasnow SF’s Snow Veil Body, Garchomp SV’s Guard Claw attack). Fastwave will do 50 damage regardless.
The main reason to play this though is that it gives the deck a way of dealing with Mewtwo LV X. Mewtwo LV X is a fairly common play these days as its PsyBarrier Body blocks attacks from Basic Pokémon, and that includes SP Basics. Normally an all-Basic deck would need to run a Stage 1 counter (such as Ninetales MT or Banette PL) to deal with Mewtwo. That would be very hard to do in an Arceus deck. The other option, shutting off the body with Dialga G LV X, would be just as difficult. So, luckily for Arceus, the deck has a built-in answer to Mewtwo. With a Water Arcues on the bench and a Levelled Up Psychic Arceus active, you can hit Mewtwo LV X for 100 damage. A PlusPower or a Buck’s Training would turn that into a OHKO.
As far as its type is concerned, there are enough Fire Pokémon in decks at the moment to make Levelling up a Water Arceus worthwhile. Blaziken FB and Infernape 4 still see play, and Charizard AR is bound to be tried as well. This, together with its anti-Mewtwo attack, make Water Arceus an essential inclusion in an Arceus deck.
Modified (Arceus deck): 3.5 (a useful type and a tech you will almost certainly need)
Limited: 2.5 (Weak attack for the cost)
Arceus – Colourless Type
This is possibly the most interesting of all the Arceus cards, and is one that you want to take a good look at if you are building a deck around them.
Actually, take a look at it anyway. The art is by far the best of any Arceus card, with Arceus posing in front of an eclipse.
The HP of 80 and Retreat cost of one are nothing extraordinary. The Fighting Weakness won’t be much of an issue, hopefully. What sets this Arceus apart is its Ripple Swell attack.
For the low, low cost of no Energy whatsoever, Ripple Swell lets you search your deck for up to six Basic energy of your choice and attach them to a different Pokémon that you have in play. Remember those high Energy costs and various Energy needs that all the Arceus Basics have? Well, here is your solution, an attack which can get SIX Energy in play, which you can then move to your active Arceus with the Ultimate Zone Stadium card. That has to be the biggest Energy acceleration in the game. Of course, it comes at a hefty cost: you need six different Arceus types in play. It seems daunting, but it is perfectly possible with cards like Beginning Door, Roseanne, and Great Ball in your deck.
Colourless Arceus also comes with a damage-dealing attack, Sky Spear. For [C][C][C], this will do 80 damage to any of your opponent’s Pokémon, which makes it a very nice snipe attack (can it really be coincidence that Claydol has 80 HP?). Unfortunately, it comes with the heavy cost of having to send all three Energy to the Lost Zone, meaning that it is gone for the rest of the game. If used carefully, and together with Ripple Swell, it could be an effective attack.
With Ripple Swell, Colourless Arceus opens up a lot of possibilities for the deck. It can be run in multiples to maximise the chances of a massive Energy boost on the second turn, or it could be run as a tech to Energy accelerate when needed and to exploit the Colourless Weakness of the ever popular Flygon, as well as decks built around Salamence and Garchomp.
However you run your Arceus deck, you are going to need some of these.
Modified (Arceus deck): 4 (Acceleration, good typing, and a potentially useful attack)
Limited: 1.5 (never going to use Ripple Swell, losing Energy is painful)


Arceus water type
Im glad we are on this Arceus kick lately! Hopefully there will be more to come. First of all, let me just say that I believe that one should play at least one of each of the Arceus in every Arceus deck. The point of Arceus is to either hit your opponent's weakness and hit it fast, or to snipe the bench with the ripple swell Arceus + Ultimate Zone. The deck should have about 3-4 ripple swell Arceus, 2-3 Arceus dark type (to fight for you when you are down), probably 2 grass Arceus (to heal you), and at least one of each other type. It should run 1 maybe 2 of the psychic bolt lv. X (to hit the weakness for 100+) and 2-3 of the omniscient lv. X (to use any attack and hit for weakness every time). Obviously one should play 4 roseanne, 4 bebe, 4 beginning door, 4 call energy, 3-4 ultimate zone, etc. etc. With that in mind, the deck needs a water Arceus so you can hit your opponents water weak pokemon with either Arceus X. So definitely play it, and potentially test the deck with  a few Lake Boundary or 2. Remember, the lv. X don't have weakness, so you could in theory hit the opponent for double weakness every turn with the right Arceus in play and lake boundary. This would only be done late in the game in my opinion, but it may not work. I don't have an Arceus deck, so its up to you to try it. Play the water type.
    In Arceus: 3.5/5
    Not in Arceus 1.5/5
Limited: 2/5

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