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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Luxray GL Lv.X

Rising Rivals

Date Reviewed: 05.08.09

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 4.00
Limited: 3.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Jigglypuff13 5/8 Luxray GL Lv.X (RR)

Hello, and welcome to the final day of our (I'm guessing) first week of RR previews, and we finish this week off with a rather special card, yes, it's Luxray GL Lv.X! This card has been hyped up quite a lot, and as we go on, I think you'll understand why. However, first of all, we have the basics of the card. 110 HP on a Basic Lv.X is not bad really when you consider the HP of legendary Lv.X's. However, for SP Lv.X's, I don't know just yet. I think it'll around average, but we'll wait and see first. x2 Fighting Weakness is quite annoying at the moment thanks to Rampardos (PL) and Machamp (SF), though whether it will stay the same after the release of RR or not, I'm not certain at all, so it might be good or it might be bad. I'm not being very helpful at the moment. -20 Metal Resistance is not great to be honest. If Dialga (PL) decks stay as a force in the metagame after the release of RR, then it'll be nice. However, I think it probably won't be a force, so the Resistance will probably useless. I could be wrong though, so I'm still not being very helpful at the moment. However, I can say with certainty that the Retreat Cost is perfect. It's not as though you can get much better than free Retreat Cost now, is it?

The abilities are where the card shines though. First of all, we have Bright Look, which is a rubbish name, to be honest. However, the effect isn't. What it does is when you level up your active Luxray GL from your hand, you get to switch your opponent's Pokémon. Now, anyone old enough to remember Gust of Wind (or Gust of Win, as you may remember it) or ever having play Poké Blower + knows just how great that sort of effect is. The fact that you can bring out any of your opponents Pokémon just for levelling up your active Pokémon from your hand is amazing. Bring out a bench sitter and you can use snipers to target your opponents bench. Bring out and under-powered main attacker, and you can start hammering it with your main attacker. Or, you can do the reason why Gust of Wind was nicknamed "Gust of win" for, and bring out one of your opponents weakened Pokémon and KO it. Brilliant stuff.
Flash Impact (again, another dreadful name) isn't too bad of an attack. LC for 60 is very nice, but I'm not a big fan of the "dealing 30 damage to your own Pokémon" part. Thankfully, there are ways around this, such as using Old Amber (MD), Manectric (PL) or a new card that will probably be in RR that has the same sort of Poké-Body as Old Amber. Unless you plan on using Areodactyl (MD), I would stay away from Old Amber and use one of the other two since they can be searched. Probably the one that should be release in RR (When it get's release, if we do a review for it, I'll tell you what it is. In the meantime, look at the spoilers, and you'll find it easily).

So, combos, and I've already mentioned the main ones, using a bench protector (like Manectric) or something that can't be damaged whilst it's on the bench (like Old Amber). Other than that, you may consider a Pokémon that can use Rage or a Rage-type attack since Flash Impact will power their attacks up. They then become vulnerable to snipers, but it might be worth the risk. It might not either, but still... Poké Turn is another great for the reuse of Bright Look because who wouldn't want to use it at most 6 times in one game (and that's without including SSU into the equation as well!). However, I suppose the best thing to do is wait for all the scans to become available and see what's in the set before we start thinking of any real combos though.

Counters are fairly plentiful, which is annoying. Power Spray is the main one if you are up against an SP deck, since it will stop the brilliant Bright Look, one of the main reasons why people having been hyping up this card. Mesprit (LA) and the never-seen Alakazam (MT) both can stop Bright Look as well, though not with quite the same surprise as Power Spray. If you can get rid of their bench protector/sitter who takes no damage whilst on the bench or just their Poké-Body (Dialga G Lv.X (PL) anyone?), then the Luxray GL player may have a hard time justifying the use of Flash Impact, though the new damage absorber might not be so easy to shut off...


Modified: It's a great card this. The Gust of Wind-type Poké-Power is brilliant. I suppose I wish it was every turn you could use it so it wouldn't be quite so easy to counter, but then that would just be too broken. Flash Impact is a little iffy to me. You need a damage absorber/bench protector in your deck if you are going to use Luxray GL Lv.X, which is quite annoying really, but I suppose you can't argue since you will be doing 60 for LC (or 60 for L with Energy Gain attached, which I forgot about earlier). 4/5

Limited: If you have access to this and the damage absorber in RR (and Luxray GL as well, obviously), then this card become great, allowing you to choose which of your opponents Pokémon you'd like active when you level Luxray GL up, ready for a quick KO. Great Stuff. If you don't have the damage absorber, then it will probably still be great, you just have to be a bit careful where you are putting the 30 damage from the attack, since that can mount up in no time. Also, it might be a little hard to get out, but if you do, it's great. 3.5/5

MN State Champion
Hello everyone, hope everyone will be enjoying their weekend and possible prereleases. Today's card of the day is Luxray GL Lv. X possibly the star in one of the many RR deck ideas.

For his basic stats, Luxray GL Lv. X looks pretty good. 110 HP is a very good amount for a SP-Pokemon, especially since Snowpoint Temple can bring it up to 130. The x2 weakness to Fighting hurts it, since two other donk decks, Rampardos and Machamp, will OHKO it. Reistance to anything is nice, and this time it happens to be -20 Metal, which helps against Dialga G...and that's about it. Finally, free retreat is aweosme, letting you get Luxray out of harm's way if need be.

Luxray Gl Lv.X's Pokepower is Bright Look, and jsut like Gallade from earlier this week, it works as soon as you level up your Luxray GL from your hand. When that happens, you get a free gust of wind ability. To bad quite a few newer players to this game don't what I'm talking about. Okay, how about this: Cyclone Energy, but you choose who they send out.

Finally, Luxray Gl Lv. x's attack is Flash Impact, which does 60 damage and 30 to one of your benched Pokemon for one Lightning and one colorless energy (which can be brought down to just a Lightning Energy with Energy Gain.) this allows you to hit hard and fast as soon as turn two. But you must be asking yourself, why would I want to hurt my bench, can't I just use Kingdra? Actually, several new cards can work pretty well with this card, so be on the look out for some pretty amazing comboes.

Modified 4/5
I want to see how the deck pans out, but I have a good feeling about him.
Limited 3/5
Not as good here, since there are no SP inventions that really help it, the built in gust of wind is really nice disryuption though.

1 more day until the prereleases.
Welcome, one and all, to Steel_Winger's first COTD!

Today we're looking at another one of the highly anticipated cards from the Rising Rivals set: Luxray GL LV. X. 110 HP is pretty good for a non-legendary SP LV. X; it can survive a hit or two. Its x2 Weakness, however, makes for a rough time against some Fossil decks, Ryperior, and Machamp (who can just Take Out for KO; since Luxray GL is a Basic, its LV. X form is also considered as such). -20 Metal Resistance, which is common to almost all Lightning-types, helps against those Dialga Gs who want to Deafen you into submission. Its Retreat Cost... wait, there is no retreat cost! Sweet! Also, being an SP Pokemon, it reaps the advantages of Energy Gain, Poke Turn, and even Power Spray, along with any other support Rising Rivals throws our way.

Now, a look at its Poke-Power. Bright Look reminds me of Palkia LV. X (GE) and its Poke-Power, Restructure. However, Bright Look is clearly one-sided; you control which opponent's Pokemon is going to receive the next attack. But you can only use it once, on the turn you level it up on your active Luxray GL from the hand. So don't use Level Max if you want the power.

Now for its attack. In addition to the attacks on its basic form, Luxray GL LV. X now has Flash Impact, which does 60 for 1 Lightning plus another energy of any type. Now that is awesome, and that's before you even begin to put in Energy Gain, making it 1 for 60. Now that is utterly ridiculous!

...Wait, you mean it does 30 to one on your bench as well? You don't want to give snipers an easy target?

There are ways around that.

Manetric (PT) comes to mind, stopping damage to Pokemon on your bench from attacks, even the backlash from those you may dish out. Just don't put the damage on Manetric, since it itself is not protected. Another option: put the damage on those who prefer to get hurt, like Pokemon who use Rage or those who put damage on the opponent equal to the amount of damage they have on themselves.

A warning: if Luxray GL LV. X is the only Pokemon you have out when you use this attack, it'll be the one taking the 30 damage backlash. You wouldn't want to speed up your only Pokemon's trip to the discard pile, would you?


Modified: 4.25/5 With Energy Gain attached, Kingdra won't be the only one doing 60 for 1 energy. It can also take care of the Blastoise part of Blastcatty pretty well.
Limited: 4/5 Still very good here. Mind the damage you do to your own Pokemon though, or Gallade 4 LV. X or any other snipers/spreaders will take advantage.

This is Steel_Winger, 'till next time! See you at the Prerelease tomorrow!

Luxray is my second favorite card from the set. (My favorite's Gallade 4 Lv.x) VERY annoying power that, if you build your deck right, can pull up key pokemon for KO T2. (Or even turn 1 if you play Level Max, but that's a risky strategy and I wouldn't suggest it.) While it's main attack hurts your bench, there are ways around it. You can play Manectric (PL) or you can just target something useless like an Uxie or another bench sitter. 4/5

Baby Mario
Top 4 UK Nats

Luxray GL LV X


Bright Look is an excellent PokePower which gives you a Gust of Wind effect, letting you choose one of your opponent’s Pokemon to become active so that you can pick a target to KO. Flash Impact is a bargain of an attack for one Lightning one colourless (or one Lightning and an Energy Gain) which does 60 damage to the active. Combine this with  Crobat G drops, Buck’s Training, and/or PlusPower, and you can drag up and KO a Claydol or an Uxie that was on the bench.


Although Luxray’s attack has the downside of doing 30 damage to one of your benched Pokemon, there are ways around this. Manectric PL protects your bench from attacks, or you can use Quagsire GL from the new set, or even Old Amber MD as the target of Luxray’s damage, because they cannot be damaged while on the bench.


Metal Resistance is nice with all the Dialga G decks around and although Fighting Weakness seems bad, there is a Stadium card in the new set which cancels the Weakness of Lightning Pokemon. Free retreat is ALWAYS a good thing.




Modified: 3.5 (very useful Power, solid cheap attack)

Limited: 4 (as long as you pull Quagsire GL!)

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