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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Gallade 4 Lv. X

Rising Rivals

Date Reviewed: 05.04.09

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 3.88
Limited: 3.95

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Jigglypuff13 5/4 Gallade 4 Lv.X (RR)

Hello everyone and welcome to the beginning of the new week and the beginning of a look at the new cards from the next set, Rising Rivals! We start the week with an eagerly anticipated new card, Gallade 4 Lv.X! Being an SP Pokémon, it has the benefit of all of the SP support from Platinum (Energy Gain, Poké Turn, etc.) plus the new support coming out in Rising Rivals, meaning that it already has quite a bit of support to go with it, even without considering normal Pokémon. Anyway, onto the basics of the card (though, to be fair, the fact that it's an SP Pokémon is a basic, so more like the continuation of it then) and it's HP, a slightly low 100 HP. On an SP Lv.X, it might not be too bad I suppose, but we have to wait a while before we can tell what the proper average will be for non-Legendary SP Lv.X's. Still, 100 HP seems a little on the low side to me, though it should still survive a hit or two. x2 Psychic Weakness is to be expected and again, quite annoying since many big Pokémon are and will be Psychic type. No Resistance is no Resistance, so I'll gloss over that, and the 1 Retreat Cost is about average really, so the usual things apply which I won't bore you all with again.

None of that was particularly exciting, but the abilities change everything. Blade Storm is just brilliant really, and what I (and probably a lot of other people) have wanted again since Jolteon Ex (DS) got rotated out some 2 years ago or so now, a Pokémon that will put 1 damage counter on each of your opponents Pokémon for certain with a Poké-Power. It's great, simply as that. The extra damage counter is kind of like a Plus Power against all of your opponents Pokémon, or 6 Crobat G (PL) drops all in a row in the same turn. It really allows SP spread (maybe SPread?) to come into it's own, along with support from other spreaders like Palkia G (PL), other cards that come in RR (I'm not giving any of them away since you probably all know them by now anyway), and Crobat G. What's actually going to go into that sort of deck, I'm not 100% sure of myself at the moment, but it's probably going to be great. The fact that Gallade 4 Lv.X has to be levelled up from your active from your hand is a small annoyance, making Level Max useless with this card, but Premier Ball will do the job just as well.
The attack combos very nicely with the spread from Blade Storm (like what Jolteon Ex had). Aimed Cut seems fairly expensive (PCC for 40 is quite bad), but a) Energy Gain will reduce that to PC for 40 and b) it does an extra 10 damage for each damage counter on the Defending Pokémon. So with just 1 Blade Storm, you will do 50 straight away for PC, and the number will only increase in size (unless they heal everything and become really annoying). It really is a great little attack.

Combos and, well, it combos very well indeed with itself. Spread, spread, more spread, then Aimed Cut for high damage KOs. Simply as that really. Crobat G is very nice since it will act like a doube Plus Power when you play it and use Aimed Cut in the same turn (10 from Flash Bite and the extra damage from Aimed Cut for having a damage counter on their Pokémon). The regular Gallade 4 (and there obviously is one) also helps the spreading ability (read the spoilers for yourself to find out). Poké Turn will be a staple with Gallade 4 Lv.X as well, for the re-use of Blade Storm. There are other spreaders in RR that will help as well, but while you are off checking the spoilers about Gallade 4, you can check the other Pokémon in the same set for the good SP spreaders (or should that be SPreaders?).

There are counters, as you may well expect. First, Power Spray or power lock in general really hurts this card. Gallade 4 Lv.X will rely on Blade Storm Working, especially the first one, to increase the damage output of the card. Stop that, and you will severely hurt Gallade 4 Lv.x. Power Spready will be used in SP decks, but for non-SP's, there's always Alakazam (MT) for targeting Power denial, or Mesprit (LA) for an all round lock. Take your pick really. Also, if they can heal all or a lot of their bench damage counters, then that will hurt how much damage Gallade 4 will do when their opponent brings up a bench Pokémon. It'll be hard to heal it all off their active unless they use Poké-Healer + or Life Herb, so you don't need to worry about that so much, but if they heal it off their bench, then things will start to get pretty interesting later on in the game. Also, since Gallade 4 Lv.X will probably need other spreaders to go with it (or use Gallade 4), then Manectric (PL) becomes an interesting tech choice since it stops bench damage bar that done to Manectric. It might be quite useful, but it's just a shame that Dialga G Lv.X (PL) will still be around to shut it's Poké-Body off.


Modified: This card is likely to end up in one of the top decks in the format after the release of RR. Blade Storm is just an awesome Poké-Power, and has been since it was first released on Jolteon Ex under some other name, and Aimed Cut is a great attack to combo with it. Other spreaders help a lot, and it's fairly hard to shut down as well, despite how much I've written in the counters part (can you heal all of your Pokémon every turn, or use Alakazam well in a non-SP deck?). I suppose all Gallade 4 Lv.X really needs to look out for is other SP decks that use Power Spray. 4.5/5

Limited: If you can pull it and Gallade 4 here, and get them out, you will easily take a majority of games (or at least, that's what I predict). Their spreading abilities will probably take a couple of Pokémon out at the same time as well, which will be fun. I suppose the hard part will be getting it out, but there are a fair few good supporters and trainers in the set, so you'll probably get at least a couple of them along with your Gallade 4 Lv.X line, thus if you get it, use it. 4.5/5

Wow, is this going to be a great set or what?

First we have Delta Species Pokemon…now we have SP Pokemon. New series (Platinum) new fun!

Let’s just focus on this card for a second.

Gallade 4 Level X.

Place this on your active Gallade SP, and one damage counter goes on each of your opponent’s Pokemon. Can’t be used with Level Max, sorry kiddies.

Can be power sprayed, but can also be Poketurned to use again, and again, and again. Think of crobat G, but for all of your opponent’s Pokemon. Kind of nasty.

The attack does 40 plus 10 more for each damage counter on the defending Pokemon (which should be at least one, thanks to the power). An attack that hurts them worse the worse they are hurt. In a mirror, it will one-shot another Gallade 4 Level X.

SP decks are going to have SO many options it is CRAZY! This may not even be the strongest one, but we will have to look at Gallade 4 to determine that.

3 energy (even 2 with an Energy Gain) is a lot for this attack.

100 HP with a x2 psychic weakness is really bad in this envio.

1 retreat cost, pretty good.

Ratings -

Modified – a lot will depend on the Gallade 4…so hard to tell. This card has upside and downside, so I am going 3.5/5

Limited – how rare will Gallade 4 be? Will there be energy gain in your draft? So tough to tell. Adding damage counters is healthy, but the odds of getting this, and even a rare or holo Gallade 4 SP is pretty tough. You will take it for the rarity, but for play value? 3/5

There you go.

Have fun folkses.


Mew2 Master
Hey there Mew2 Master here. Sorry I have been a little busy with school and drama club. Anyways this week were reviewing cards from the rising rivals set. Today its Galade Lv. X. Galades a real damage dealer. With that Poke-body of his putting a damage counter on each of your opponents Pokemon once you put galade Lv. x on galade. But it attack is also pretty cool. I wouldn’t mined getting one of these. Also its attack is great armored cut . One round you do 40 damage the next you can do 80 damage. Pretty darn cool. Not to mention it retreat is only one simple energy. The only minus is the weakness as usual. But with a hp base of 100 hp shouldn’t be much of a problem. Well cool as well since it is an Sp pokemon. Well I hope I get one of there when I go to the Pre-Release

Modified- 2.5
Limited -4
KFT Today's card of the day is the first in a long line of Rising Rivals cards.
So, ladies and gentlemen, Nidoran of both genders, put your hands together for Gallade 4 Lv. X!

Anyways, on to the review. For his basic stats, Gallade 4 has the advantage of being a SP-Pokemon, enabling the use of cards such as Energy Gain, Poke Turn, Power Spray, and more. Being a Level X doesn't hurt either, since it makes him easily searchable with Premier Ball. Gallade 4 Lv. X has 100 HP, a rather low amount and one that means that Gengar will eat him alive, when combined with his x2 weakness to Psychic. Poltirgiest needs you to have only two trainer cards in your hand to ensure a KO. No resistance is average, but the single retreat cost is wonderful, although most of the time you'll be using Poke Turn to get Gallade out of harm's way.

Next up is Gallade 4 Lv. X's Poke Power, Blade Storm. This power lets you hit each of your opponent's Pokemon for 1 damage counter when you Level Up Gallade from your hand. (So no Level Maxes.) People may say, "Oh, I'll just Power Spray it." But the glory lies in being able to Poke Turn Gallade to use its power over and over and over and over again. Plus, how can they stop you without letting you use all your Uxies. And the Power comboes excellently with his attack...

Aimed Cut! Sounds like something Micheal Myers would have, but nonetheless... Aimed Cut costs a Psychic and two Colorless Energy (which can always be brought down to one with a good old fashioned Energy Gain) to do 40 damage plus 10 for each damage counter on the defending Pokemon. Brings me back to the good old days with Meditate on Jungle Mr. Mime. Anyways, yeah, just playing it to Level Up Gallade 4 brings it to 50 damage, and along with Energy Gain, that's easily 50 for two energies, not including any other damage they might have acquired.

Modified 5/5
Gallade 4 Lv. X will be a very big deck, since it combos with so many new cards, and is an SP-Pokemon, so look out for it come Battle Roads and Nationals.
Limited 4/5
Not as good here, since there aren't as many support cards like Poke Turn, Energy Gain, and more. No Power Spray's nice however.

Baby Mario
Top 4 UK Nats

Gallade 4 LV X


This is a great card and I think it will see a decent amount of play. Easy to get out because it is a Basic LV X, and it benefits from all the SP Trainers.


Blade Storm is a fantastic PokePower, spreading damage to everything on your opponent’s side of the field just for dropping it. Follow that up with Spiritomb LA and/or Crobat G and you will be doing some serious damage. Because it is an SP Pokemon, you can also Poke Turn it and re-use! The Power has amazing synergy with Gallade 4’s Chop Up  attack which does 10 damage to any of your opponent’s benched Pokemon that already has damage counters on them.


Aimed Cut is a bit expensive, but you should be using Energy Gain. Most of the time, though, you will just use Chop Up.


X2 Psychic Weakness isn’t the best as it will hurt against Gengar, Gardevoir, and in the mirror match. The retreat cost of one is reasonable, though the 100 HP is a bit on the low side.




Modified: 4 (Just watch out for Power Spray, and Flygon LV X)

Limited: 4.5 (No Power Spray here, so you can destroy your opponent’s bench with ease)



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