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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Bertha's Warmth

Rising Rivals

Date Reviewed: 05.29.09

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 1.65
Limited: 3.65

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Jigglypuff13 5/29 Bertha's Warmth (RR)

Everyone, welcome to the final day of our Rising Rivals Trainer week, ending with Bertha's Warmth, one of the new SP related Supporters! Now, the effect is rather simple, healing 5 damage counters from one of your Pokémon SP, which might sound quite good, since healing such a large number of damage counters with certainty with few costs sounds good when your nearest rival is Life Herb. I, however, think it might sound better than it actually is, and I beat a lot of other people have already thought about this as well. Getting the supporter exactly when you need it is probably the first problem with the card since, even though it's searchable, it's only thanks to another Supporter that it is so, thus you'll have to plan ahead very carefully. Maybe Porygon 2 (GE) helps this a little due to it's Poké-Power, but honestly, how many decks that play SP Pokémon outside of the likes of Crobat G (PL) will actually play Porygon 2 to actually make it worth while.

Another problem about it is the restriction on only being able to heal SP Pokémon with it. Every main attacker at the moment has the potential to deal a lot of damage to SP's, generally with OHKO's and 2HKO's being most likely, and the healing effect of removing 5 damage counters will probably not really effect those numbers much (maybe a 2HKO will get changed to a 3HKO, but otherwise, not really a big difference). Now, I think I may be a little too harsh on this, and could possibly see this card being effectively used as a 1-of or maybe a 2-of card in an SP deck, but I still wouldn't be confident enough as to it's use to actually put it in my own deck.


Modified: I think this card could see maybe a slight bit of play, but only if the SP deck in question could withstand at least 1 hit from the most popular Pokémon at the moment, and if the play has absolutely perfect prediction skills to know when to search for it and keep it in their hand, and when to get rid of it because it will be useless. Given all of this, it's use in the majority of decks will be, or should be, none, since it probably won't work or have any real use. 1.25/5

Limited: My thoughts here are that it becomes better, since with fewer Trainers and specifically Supporters that you'll have the choose to use from here, this card becomes quite a viable choice, especially when you consider that many Pokémon here are both SP's, and have a higher enough HP to survive most hits that will come there way at least once. Alright, it can't be searched for, meaning you have to hope you draw it when you need it, but that's the same for most cards you'll have in you deck unless you managed to get at least 1 of either SP Radar or Bebe's Search or, indeed, both. 3.5/5

OK, this is the one supporter that does not make a lot of sense to me.

Removing 5 damage counters from a Pokemon SP may make a great deal of sense at some point, just not in this format. It doesn’t remove special conditions, or switch you out, so…who knows. What it does do is keep your tools and energy attached, which is an advantage over Poketurn for that limited scenario.

OK, now for the ratings on this quick review.

Modified…1.5/5 Not much use, and much better supporters and trainers to use in this format. Leave it go here.

Limited… 3.5/5 Yes, supporters are usually great in draft, but this set is so full of them, this may actually hamper your deck. Given the number of SP Pokemon in this set, I did rate it good enough to play…so who knows…may actually be good here. If I was going SP in the draft, I may just take it to have it, in case I needed to toss it in. Is that wishy-washy enough for this card?

Thanks and see you soon! Get that testing in for Nationals! Held in my hometown!!!
Baby Mario
Top 4 UK Nats

Bertha’s Warmth


Wow . . . Bertha is like TWO AND A HALF POTIONS!! Your Pokémon will NEVER DIE!!!!


Bertha’s Warmth is yet another supporter that benefits only SP Pokémon. Its effect is simple – remove 5 damage counters from one of your SP Pokémon. I guess Dialga G just got even harder to KO.


Now, removing five damage counters is nice, but is it really worth your one Supporter per turn? In my opinion. most likely not. There are simply better options, such as Poke Healer, which can remove 8 damage counters and all Special Conditions (and is a Trainer, not a Supporter), Blissey PT, whose Nurse Call PokePower gives you constant healing, or (best of all), simply Poke Turn the heavily damaged Pokémon to deny your opponent a Prize. Alakazam 4 LV X is another option from Rising Rivals, letting you move damage on to a ‘sponge Pokémon’ which can then be Poke Turned or Lost Cycloned. With so many Pokémon doing huge damage for little Energy, and so many Pokémon being knocked out in one hit, 5 damage counters is really too little to be worth playing your Supporter.




Modified: 1.5 (other cards do a better job)

Limited: 4 (less competition for Supporter use here)

Steel_Winger Welcome back to the Pokemon COTD!

Today's card features yet another member of the Elite 4 in her own supporter: Bertha's Warmth!

This card is the same as a Super Potion in the games, but it only works for SP Pokemon. You can provide a bit of stalling with this card. It gets really frustrating for your opponent when you manage to heal your Pokemon when they're close to KOing it. This can help you buy time to get that last energy on your SP Pokemon to power up that huge attack. At the very least, if you're set up already, it provides a bit of insurance against your opponent breaking through. Imagine going up against Dialga G with a couple of Special Metal Energies attached to it and, finally, it's on the ropes. Suddenly, your opponent uses Bertha's Warmth to heal a good chunk of damage.

How would you feel about that?



However, it can't get rid of Special Conditions like Life Herb can, and it heals a litle bit less... but at least you don't have to flip for it. That's nice.

There's just one problem: Bertha's Warmth is a Supporter. People will find that they usually have better things to do with their once-a-turn Supporters than healing their Pokemon. However, it is useful to stave off a loss when it's down to the wire and you don't have a Poke Turn in handy. But then again, when you're playing with SP Pokemon, why wouldn't you have a Poke Turn in handy?


Modified: 2/5 Healing is a good thing for a card to do, as there are relatively few cards that do it, but a Supporter that heals only SP Pokemon? Notable lack of versatility.
Limited: 3.5/5 In cases like these, there won't be many Supporters to use. Healing an SP Pokemon here could probably win you the game if you can dish out that powerful attack afterwards.

This is Steel_Winger, 'till next time!

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