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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Flint's Willpower

Rising Rivals

Date Reviewed: 05.28.09

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 2.67
Limited: 3.88

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Pokmeman Flint's Willpower

Not very often can you drop a tool, supporter, and an energy and perform a three energy attack, but that is essentially what this will allow for. Though the possibilities aren't necessarily endless, this is a solid card in all SP decks because it allows for greater speed, can be used even if all the Energy Gain's have been used up, and makes big attacks manageable/workable.

This is a great card for the speed that it allows SP pokemon to have.

Extra energy can be a huge difference, and there are plenty of SP pokemon for this card to be effective.
Baby Mario
Top 4 UK Nats

Flint’s Willpower


Flint’s Willpower  is one of the numerous supporters in the next set that makes SP decks even more powerful. Thought Energy Gain handed SP Pokémon an advantage by letting them power up costly attacks fast? Well, Flint just makes things worse by giving them ANOTHER attachment for the turn, at the cost of playing their Supporter. Energy acceleration generates huge advantage in Pokémon, and can make Flint a great card in the right deck.


Effectively , with Energy Gain, you can attach up to three energy per turn (four if one of them is Upper Energy and you are behind on Prizes!). Great for surprising an opponent who is calculating on you not having the Energy to attack for a turn or two,  great with SP Pokemon that have a large Energy requirement to attack, great with  SP Pokémon that have attacks which require you to discard  Energy, such as Infernape 4 LV X.  I can see this card being teched in some SP decks, as it is always nice to have another Energy attachment. Infernape 4 decks will probably run a playset.




Modified: 2.5 (most SP decks will stick with just Energy Gain, but a brilliant card if you have the space)

Limited: 4 (Always nice to have another energy attachment here)


Steel_Winger Welcome back to the Pokemon COTD!

Today's card is yet another Supporter from Rising Rivals: Flint's Willpower. It allows you to attach a basic Energy to an SP Pokemon from your hand.

What are the good things about this card?

It helps with energy acceleration, which can be a good thing since most of the SP Pokemon have costly attacks. You could combo this with Energy Gain and pull off that big attack way earlier than expected. Of course, you can always just put the energy on another Pokemon to get it primed and ready as well.

What are the downsides?

Unfortunately, there are quite a few. One: It's a Supporter, meaning you can only use one of them every turn. I'm sure a lot of people will say that there are more important things a person can do with their once-a-turn Supporter other than attaching more energy. Two: You can only attach basic Energy. That means that Special Dark or Metal, Multi, Rainbow, Health, Recover, Call, Warp, Cyclone, Upper, and SP Energy are a no-go. Three: You can only attach the Energy to an SP Pokemon. That is the biggest one since it cuts this card's versatility by a LOT.


Modified: 1.5/5 Any person playing a decent deck wouldn't be that concerned about energy to play a Supporter of all things that gives you an extra chance to do what you would normally do that turn. Also, thanks to Energy Gain, SP Pokemon are the last ones to worry about energy.
Limited: 3.5/5 Here, however, is a whole different story. To be able to put Energy on your SP Pokemon faster than your opponent gives you the advantage of attacking an unprepared opponent.

This is Steel_Winger, until next time!

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