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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Flygon Lv. 65

Rising Rivals

Date Reviewed: 05.21.09

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 4.17
Limited: 3.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Arbok14 05/21/09

Name: Flygon Lv. 65
Set: Rising Rivals
Rarity: Rare Holo

HP: (120) - Not bad for a Stage 2. It's not the best, but what can you do.

Weakness/Resistance: (Colorless+30/Lightning-20) - The weakness could be a problem, but the resistance is pretty nice.

Retreat Cost: (0) - Well, it is definitely the best you can get.

Poke-BODY: (Rainbow Float) - This power is definitely nice. It can combo well with the Palkia Lv. X.

Attack #1: (CC - Sand Wall) - This is a nice attack, especially if your opponent is using a lot of stadiums.

Attack #2: (CCC - Power Swing) - This attack can possibly get up to 110 damage, which is definitely nice with upper energy.

Final Thoughts: Well, it obviously has the Lv. X, which is very good, especially against other Lv. X. It has strong attacks, and a good Body. Add free retreat and a good resistance, and you have something to build a deck around.

Modified: You will definitely see this around. (4.5/5)

Limited: Well I got two last week, but no Trapinch... :( (2.5/5)
Steel_Winger Wecome back to the Pokemon COTD!

Today, we're loking at the brand new Flygon from Rising Rivals. Personally, I love this card, and you'll probably see why when we look at it in detail. First, its HP: 120 on a Stage 2 is about average these days. Its Colorless typing could be a problem if you come across Gengar and Dusknoir. A +30 Weakness to Colorless-type Pokemon... The only Colorless Pokemon that really see play are Regigigas (LA), and Porygon2 (GE), and the latter isn't really used for attacking. But I can really see this going against itself sometime soon. There's also a -20 Lightning Resistance, which is great should it find itself against Luxray GL LV. X, Manetric (PT), and Raichu LV. X (SF). Then there's Flygon's Retreat Cost... or complete and utter lack of one! FLY away from danger, GON to the bench.

Flygon has a Poke-Body: Rainbow Float, which sounds like some sweet concoction. Anyway, any of your other Pokemon can retreat for free if Flygon has any basic Energy atached to it that matches that Pokemon's Type. Too bad Colorless-type Pokemon get left out since there's no basic Colorless energy out there. This guy can REALLY lessen the burden of retreating if you don't have a Switch or a Warp Point. It almost reminds me of Moonlight Stadium, only you need to attach an energy to a Pokemon, but there may be a time when you have to decide to attach that energy to Flygon to retreat a Pokemon that's in danger of being KOed, or attaching that same energy to the endangered Pokemon in order to pull off an attack. Weigh your options before you decide.

Aside from the Poke-Body, Flygon has two great attacks.

Sand Wall, the first attack, requires two Energies of any kind to do a decent 40 damage. Also, it discards an opponent's Stadium they have in play if they have one out (and most would readily have one in play), and that in turn gives Flygon complete protection from attacks on your opponent's next turn. You know what I'd like to see? Some should take a Trapinch and, using their opponent's BTS, send it 51 Levels into the future in less than 2 seconds, attach an Upper Energy to it because they're winning, and use Sand Wall to discard BTS and protect Flygon.

Good stuff!

What's more, after you use this attack, the opponent probably won't be so eager to play another Stadium until they're confident they can get rid of Flygon; if they do, they'll probably worry about it being obliterated by another Sand Wall. And it can get rid of that pesky Dusknoir LV. X (SF).

... Enough ranting.

Flygon's second attack, Power Swing, does an average 60 damage for 3 energies of choice, adding an extra 10 damage for every evolved Pokemon on your bench. With Rare Candies, Claydol (GE), and BTS, this can rack up to at least 80 or even 90 on normal conditions. Flygon is at its best when surrounded by other Pokemon that aren't basics. Apparently it can care less about the SP Pokemon even though there's a lot of them alongside him in the same set.

Not a bad Pokemon at all; this guy is great even before you get to its LV. X form.


Modified: 4/5 Flygon is versatile, able to play as an Active threat or a Bench supporter, and can alternate between these roles easily.

Limited: 4/5 Even though there are a lot of SP Pokemon, there are still some good Stage 1s and 2s worth using if you pull them. Flygon's Power Swing gets stronger for every one of them you have to play. This also gives good field control if they get out any Stadiums, just discard them and watch your opponent cringe as you rid them of an advantage and protect Flygon at the same time.

This is Steel_Winger, until next time!
Baby Mario
Top 4 UK Nats

The next Gallade/Gardevoir, or an overhyped deck that is easily defeated by techs? Either way, the LV X is going for insane prices on eBay. The whole Flygon line is strong, from the Energy accelerating Basic, to the Kingdra-killing Stage 1, to the fearsome LV X, and you should expect to see a good number of Flygon decks at every tournament for the foreseeable future, so be prepared (hint: tech in a Ditto LA!).

The Stage 2 Flygon that is up for review today is a very good Pokémon in its own right. The versatile Rainbow Float PokeBody gives free Retreat to any of your Pokémon which is the same type as any Energy card attached to Flygon. With a good Energy list, you can have yourself a whole deck of free retreating Pokémon (no more worries if your Claydol is dragged out).

The first attack, Sand Wall, is very underrated. 40 for [C][C] is only decent, but if your opponent has a Stadium out, it is discarded, and Flygon is protected from any damage or effects for the next turn. Stadiums have become popular again recently and although your opponent can choose not to play one down, they are often hurting themselves in other ways if they don’t, so the threat of Sand Wall is often gaining you an advantage beyond its 40 damage: now the opponent can’t increase their Basic Pokémon’s HP with Snowpoint Temple, or retreat their Dark and Psychic Pokémon for free with Moonlight Stadium, for example.

The second attack, Power Swing, has a base damage of 60 for [C][C][C], but is increased by 10 for every evolved Pokémon on your bench. As well as the obvious Claydol, Flygon can be run with a variety of Stage 1 Pokémon to support it and increase the damage from Power Swing. You could use Weavile SW for Energy acceleration, Manectric PT for Bench protection, or Scizor MD as a tech against decks running Special Energy.

Any Resistance is good, and Flygon’s Lightning Resistance will be especially useful against cards like Luxray GL and Raichu GL. Free Retreat is, as always, brilliant, but the Colourless Weakness could cause problems and makes it somewhat easy to tech against. Delcatty PT, Gengar SF, and Regigigas will all make life tough for Flygon. One option is to tech in a Flygon SW (which is a Fighting-type) to help make these match ups a little easier.


Modified: 4 (will be a new archetype, but has its weaknesses)
Limited: 2.5 (if you pull the whole line the Colourless attacks will win you the game)


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