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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Mamoswine GL Lv. 61

Rising Rivals

Date Reviewed: 05.xx.09

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 2.00
Limited: 1.67

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Jigglypuff13 05/13/09

Name: Mamoswine GL Lv. 61
Set: Rising Rivals
Rarity: Rare
HP: (100) - Pretty good for an SP Pokemon

Weakness/Resistance: (Metal x2/Lightning -20) - This feels weird, but you actually have to say that a Metal weakness might be something to worry about these days. The Lightning resistance is very good, especially on a water Pokemon.

Retreat Cost: (4) - Very not good. Even epically not good. Terrible. Etc.

Poke-BODY: (Icy Aura) - This is the one redeeming quality of this card. Of course you will fight decks with water stuff in it once in awhile (Kingdra, Floatzel GL Lv. X, Palkia G Lv. X...) but this is a good ability to have to discourage warp pointing. Your opponents will likely have to put into account an extra ten damage if they warp point and can't do 100 damage.

Attack #1: (Avalanche) - Pretty flipping average. Seriously though, it's flippy. 60 damage is decent for 2 energy, but Palkia obviously is a better choice to attack because it has an automatic spread.

Final Thoughts: Well it has good things (100 HP, Lightning resistance, Icy Aura) and bad things (4 Retreat Cost, weakness to Metal, and average attack). This will probably only make decks as a tech for its lightning resistance, and the body also does not hurt. It can be a good wall with the 100 HP and the damaging Icy Aura. This could be a pretty good setup staller for Floatzel G, but I obviously haven't tested anything out yet.

Modified: Not something to build around. It's something to build around something else. 1ish per deck if you do use it in a water, etc deck. (2.5/5)

Limited: The body it really nice in the format, but the attack and retreat cost is terrible. Oh, and everyone puts metal in their deck because they are abundant in this set. (2/5)
Alexander Stewart



If you haven’t noticed I am new to the Card of the day section. I will just say a few things about myself. My name is Alexander Stewart; I am from Edmonton Alberta Canada. This is my 4th year in Pokémon and this has been a great year for me. Winning two City championships (Both Undefeated) with Duskzong and Machamp. And winning provincial championships with Machamp. My friends and I created a Team named “Team Grade A” we don’t really know why we called it that but I got an A on a paper that day. Team Grade A is focused on improving above average players into absolute insane players that when an opponent hears that they are facing them they immediately start to freak out asking there friends things like “What deck are they playing” or “Please tell me that’s a mistake” yes I have actually heard people say stuff like that. I am Dr.empoleon on Pokebeach forums, as well as my friends are on pokebeach forums they are: Dr4g0n and Aron*. I focus more on perfecting decks rather then “Teching” in cards to beat specific decks.  That’s why I have accomplished so much early on in the season. So now that you know a little about me I will get onto my first card on the Card of the day selection which is… Mamoswine GL



Ok looking at this card you immediately notice that is a SP Pokémon. This means it has large amounts of support now that the format has moved into the SP era. Some support may include Energy Gain, Power Spray, and Poke turn. There are also new ones from the new set “Rising Rivals” which are Flint’s Willpower, Berthas Warmth, Aaron’s collection, Lucian’s Assignment, SP radar and Team Galactic’s invention G-107 Technical Machine G. All of these cards are specifically used to support the SP Pokémon; So Mamoswine GL has a lot of support.




Hit points (HP): 100

This is pretty basic for an SP Pokémon, no point explaining this further.


Poke-body: This Poke-Body is actually pretty interesting, only because it puts 1 damage counter on each active Pokémon that are not water Pokémon. This actually helps in the Gengar Matchup; Because Gengar can only activate its poke-power when it is knocked out by attacks. Mamoswine GL might possibly become a tech to beat Gengar, sure you have to hit the opponent for 100 then some how send in Mamo GL to KO the Gengar. But you are all smart people I’m sure you will find a way.


Attack (s): Avalanche

This attack even with energy gain is totally not worth it. For 3 energy (With energy gain) it does a measly 60 damage and a possible 10 bench snipe. In a format with attacks with 1-2 energy to start hitting for endless amounts of damage (Machamp) I think wasting your time on charging up this puppy will just be wasted for a very small amount of damage. Really not worth it.


Weakness & Resistance

Mamo GL has a x2 Weakness to Metal which would cause it fail against Dialga G.

And its Resistance -20 to lighting could come in handy against the new Luxray GL LVX.


Retreat Cost

Nope… four to retreat is crazy. Note to self… have a switch, Warp point or poke turn before trying to KO a Gengar.




Modified: 2/5

Limited: 1/5 (Way too much to attack)

Baby Mario
Top 4 UK Nats
Mamoswine GL

Mamoswine is a classic example of a card that is similar to, but nowhere near as good, as one we have already. In this case, the card it is inferior to is Palkia G, one of the most popular cards of the last set.

Mamoswine’s Icy Aura PokeBody is pretty good, putting a damage counter on all non-Water Pokémon between turns when it is active. Because this happens after your opponent’s turn as well, the damage can soon stack up. Being an SP Pokémon, the Body isn’t shut down by Dialga G LV X either. 100 HP should keep it around for a turn or two.

Unfortunately, Mamoswine has a X2 Weakness to Metal, making it a very easy KO for Dialga G. While Resistance to Lightning is nice, most Lightning decks will be playing the new Sunnyshore Gym card which cancels Resistance to Electric attacks. The Retreat cost of 4 is, of course, absolutely horrible.

What really hurts Mamoswine, though, is that it only has one very costly attack. Avalanche does 60 Damage and spreads 10 to the Bench for [W] [W][C] [C]. Even with Energy Gain, it will take you 3 turns to get an attack from Mamoswine. When you consider that Palkia G can do 50 + 10 spread for [W][C][C], has a decent first attack, and an awesome LV X then . . . well, there is very little reason to be playing Mamoswine.


Modified: 1 (just play Palkia G)
Limited: 2 (IF you can get the Energy on it, it could win you the game)
Steel_Winger We're back with another COTD!

Today we look at Mamoswine GL... This card, for some odd reason, gave me a thorough beating in Round 3 of the Prerelease I went to.

Let's examine the card itself. Mamoswine GL has 100 HP, which is great on a basic Pokemon; it's right up there with some of the larger Legendaries. A x2 weakness to Metal-type Pokemon is bad news if Dialga G shows up, it'll only take 5 Deafen attacks to KO it. But not many other Metal-type Pokemon see play anywhere near as often, so it's fine for the most part. Mamoswine GL, like me, believes that Lightning-types will see a major surge in playability, so it prepares for it with a -20 Lightning Resistance. It's Retreat Cost is 4... What!? I have to discard 4 energies to retreat this thing!? Note to self: Use Switch. Or Warp Point. Or Warp Energy. Or even Poke Turn; it is an SP Pokemon after all.

But the big-bodied Pokemon has a Poke-Body: Icy Aura does 10 damage to every Active Pokemon that isn't a Water-type between turns... as long as Mamoswine GL is your Active Pokemon. Oh, why does Mamoswine have to be active for it to be in effect? This would've been so useful much more useful otherwise if it could activate on the bench as well. And it doesn't help if your opponent uses a lot of Water Pokemon like Kingdra and Blastoise. Well, at least it helps you do damage while you charge up its attack...

Avalanche: 2 Water Energies and 2 other Energies for 60 damage is a bit overpriced. Well, it can be reduced by one energy due to Energy Gain. Also, you can do 10 to everyone to the opponent's bench, but you have to flip a coin. I'm not a big fan of flipping coins. The attack itself can do a bit more damage, but we've seen worse. Much worse. I'm looking at you, Steelix GL.

(Steelix GL lets loose a deep growl at Steel_Winger.)

But it's true! Come on, your damage on the flip hurts more than your initial damage!

I've realized a combo while typing this review: pair Mamoswine GL up with Skuntank G. With its Poke-Power and Mamoswine GL's Poke-Body you'll be doing an optimal 20 damage between every turn. Of course, you need a Stadium to get it going; I suggest Lake Boundary since Mamoswine GL has a x2 Weakness anyway, or Dawn Stadium for some minor healing if you need to charge it up. The combo can be affected, however; if your opponent's active is an SP Pokemon, then it's not getting Poisoned by Skuntank G. If the opponent's active is a Water-type, then it's not getting damaged by Mamoswine GL's Icy Aura. So don't attempt this against Water-type SP Pokemon.


Modified: 2/5 Even with Icy Aura, Mamoswine is too slow to make any real impact.
Limited: 2.5/5 It's not much better here.

This is Steel_Winger, until next time!

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