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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Toxicroak G Lv. 40


Date Reviewed: 03.05.09

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 4.00
Limited: 3.25

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Jigglypuff13 3/5 Toxicroak G Lv.40 (PL)
Thursday, and we have everyone's favourite frog (maybe), Toxicroak G, the card that is in most G decks at the moment, and with good cause. First, the basics of the card, and 90 HP on a basic is very nice, so should be able to survive a hit or two. x2 Psychic Weakness is rather annoying, since many Psychic Pokémon will be able to do the required 50 damage to get the OHKO (including other Toxicroaks). No Resistance shall be glossed over, but the simply hideous 2 Retreat Cost shall not. 1 Retreat Cost would be all right, but 2 just means that you'll never want to pay the cost. Thankfully, Moonlight Stadium will get rid of the Retreat Cost, but if you ever need to pay the 2, I don't expect you'll be able to thanks to Energy Gain.

Abilities now, and first, the brilliant Anticipation. It prevent all non-damage effects done to Toxicroak by attacks. Sound simple enough, but it's the same as an in-built Unown G (GE), which is just fantastic. This means that your opponent nasty looking Machamp (SF) will no more than tickle Toxicroak G with Take Out rather than KO it, or any nasty Special Condition inflicting Pokémon won't be able to to inflict their Special Condition (obviously). Look, I can't think of many really nasty effects that are going to played a lot at the moment, but that's mainly because I'm very tied at the time of writing. Anyway, all of those effects that you can think of are stopped dead by Toxicroak G, which is just brilliant, like Unown G really. Speaking of, because of this Poké-Body, you won't need to attach an Unown G to Toxicroak, meaning you can use your Tool to be something a little more productive, like Energy Gain. Actually, just Energy Gain.
The attack isn't too bad either. Deep Poison does a low 20 for PC (or for P with Energy Gain), but does an addition 40 if the Defending Pokémon is already Poisoned. For PC (or P), that's pretty good, but the problem is Poisoning the Defending Pokémon every time. Still, if you can answer this very simple problem, you will have a simple and probably quite effective little combo on your hands.

OK, so what's the best way of Poisoning the Defending Pokémon every turn? Well, it's the card that was reviewed yesterday, Skuntank G! Have a Stadium out, and you won't Poison Toxicroak G since it's an SP Pokémon, but will Poison your opponents active, if it isn't an SP Pokémon, thus allowing Toxicroak G to do that 60 damage Deep Poison. However, this combos slightly falls apart against another SP deck, and does nothing against Psychic Resistance SP Pokémon. find yourself up against Weavile G (PL) or Dialga G (PL), and you will be nothing, thus you'd need to change your attacker to really do anything. Still, against everything, this combo can prove to be quite fast and quite powerful.

Counters to this are simply and direct. First, you have the 2 SP Pokémon I said about, Dialga G and Weavile G. Both of these have Psychic Resistance and can't be Poisoned by Toxicroak's favoured Skuntank G, thus they stop Toxicroak G from doing anything unless the Toxicroak player uses some other Poisoner. Another counter comes in the form of Mewtwo Lv.X (LA), who won't be effected by Deep Poison due to Mewtwo Lv.X's Poké-Body. Unfortunately, Dialga G Lv.X (PL) exists, meaning Mewtwo Lv.X does nothing useful if Dialga G Lv.X is on the field. The other real counter is a Pokémon who can't be Poisoned. I know there are some and there have been some, but I can't remember any off the top of my head at the moment. Anyway, these Pokémon will only be taking 20 damage from Deep Poison, which will allow you to stall for a while at least. However, most of these Pokémon have Poké-Bodies to stop Poison, so say hello to Dialga G Lv.X again.


Modified: This is quite a good little card. Anticipation is great since it prevents against all of those popular effects, and most of all, prevents Take Out, which means you won't need Unown G for this card, which is great. Deep Poison needs support to make it work, which isn't a bad thing really since then, you can use all of the nice SP support we have at the moment. If I'm honest, I wish it didn't need quite so much support as it does. At the moment, Skuntank G is needed to make the card work at it's best, which then means other SP Pokémon just stop the card cold. Still, it's a very good card. 4/5

Limited: There are a lot of SP Pokémon here, and if you do get Toxicroak G and Skuntank G and a Stadium, and get to use the combo at some point, then you may find it useful, until your opponent gets out their SP Pokémon, at which point you will have to change your active, and that 2 Retreat Cost becomes annoying. 3.25/5

Just when you thought pokemon could not get any uglier. My 3 year old HATES the look of this thing. Looks like an ‘evil frog’. I guess, you could also call it a ‘toxic toad’, eh?

Now, on to the show…

90 HP basic, weak to psychic. Weak to psychic in this envio = bad.

2 retreat cost, we can work around, but still not great.

The Pokebody is the same as having an unown G attached. Not bad. Not bad at all. Won’t stop a power or body from laying a condition on you, but will stop a lot of the status attacks we see flying around now.

This little guy is another friend of yesterday’s hero, Skuntank. The attack states is the defending pokemon is poisoned, the damage is 20 plus 40, so 60 for 2 (or for 1 with an energy gain!). This really punishes non-SP decks, and gives the Skuntank SP decks another option when your Mightyena goes down.

In a mirror match, this becomes one of the worst cards in your deck, with the weakness, and the inability for SP Pokemon to poison each other with Skuntank.

All in all, a decent card.

Modified – will go 3.5 out of 5. Happy, but not thrilled.

Limited – will go 2.5 out of 5. Less happy here.

Only 9 shopping days until States! Have you bought me my gift yet???

2006 National
I’m back! You miss me?
More SP Pokemon. Uh oh.

Today’s Pokemon is 90 HP basic psychic type Pokemon with a 2 retreat cost and a x2 weakness to psychic. We call this beast of a basic, toxicroak-G.

Toxicroak-G’s is simply a great Pokemon at first glance, the 2 retreat cost could be a small setback, but a moonlight stadium could fix that problem in a snap.

Toxicroak-G’s HP is amazing, a 90 HP basic Pokemon that could be 110 with the help of a Snowpoint temple, I’d seriously consider playing Snowpoint temple in a deck of all basic Pokemon.

Now on to the attacks of Toxicroak-G’s attack, a 1 psychic and 1 colorless attack for 20 damage = 40 more if the defending Pokemon is poisoned , absolutely the best hitter in this deck, and the poisons not a problem if you play skuntank (which is highly needed in all SP decks) and if you play Energy gain (another card you must play in any SP deck) you have a 1 for 70 attack! ( 60 for the attack, another 10 damage for poison).

The Poke-Body of Toxicroak-G is “prevent all effects of attacks, excluding damage done to toxicoak-G.” A very Ok Poke-Body in a format when most special conditions are caused by Poke-Powers or Bodies, but eh, it couldn’t hurt to have if you come across a rouge special condition deck.
=0 A

The only thing I haven’t covered now is the weakness, a x2 psychic weakness will be a burden against a mirror match, and against a deck that runs Uxie, but if you see any of those, ether get out weavile-G and pray they don’t play dusknoir in there deck, or get out dialga-G levelX and try to do what you can.


Modified: 4.0 This card is definitely playable is a SP deck, the speed in this card will rush your opponents to get up fast or lose a quick painful match.

Limited: 3.5 Another good card if you can get cards it needs to run properly the skuntank and the stadium card, but if you can get those you’re a winner.

Thank you the guy who does the Pokemon for Pojo (sorry I can’t remember your name ><) and the rest of the Pojo team for the birthday wishes! 

States is comings people! Prepare!
Winner of a Stormfront Prerelease
Toxicroak G (PL40)

Today's card of the day is one of the main hitters in any G deck, and he also reminds me of a certain muppet.

Toxicroak G has 90 HP, which combines nicely with it's body to give it quite a bit of staying time. The frog also has a x2 weakness to Psychic which really hurts with all of the Psychic decks running around. (Giratina, Dusknoir, and GG revivals to name a few.) The lack of resitance is disappointing, but expected, and the two retreat cost is pretty heavy, but most of the time you want want to retreat Toxicroak G, you'd rather attack with it.

Toxicroak's G's Pokebody is Anticipation,which functions like having a free Unown G attached, blocking Machamp's Take-Out, Damage counters, and so much more.

Toxicroak's only attack is Deep Poison, which does 20for one Psychic and one Colorless energy, unless your opponent is poisoned, in which case it can do a whopping 60 for two energies. Add in Skuntank G and an Energy Gain,a nd you can easily do 60 on turn one.

Modifed 4.5/5
The weakness is pretty bad in my opinion, but Toxicroak more then makes up for it with its awesome body and attack.
Limited 4/5
If you can pull this and a Skuntank, use them! Two for 60 is amazing in Limited, espceially coming from a Basic Pokemon.

Pokmeman Toxicroak G Lv 40

One of the main weapons in a Galactic deck, with the ability to do 70 damage for one Psychic energy when combined with Skuntank G, a Stadium card in play, and Energy Gain. Of course, that does seem like an awful lot to obtain for 70 damage, but it is relatively simple with cards such as Honchkrow G, Roseanne's, and Cyrus Conspiracy.
Being a 90 HP basic which isn't affected by effects of attacks is very good, because it means that Machamp must hit it twice (once hitting at least two heads on a Hurricane Punch), ditto for Rampardos, and Pachirisu can't get rid of the Energy Gain attached to it.
Though its attack is mediocre at best without the other support cards, it is the fact that it can work with those very cards that makes it valuable.

One of the better G Pokemon.
4/5 Modified

Keeping in mind that Limited is not my area of expertise,

Basic with 90 HP and can't be affected by Special conditions? Good.
Insufficient attack power without large amount of support? Bad.

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