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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Bastiodon Lv. 56


Date Reviewed: 03.31.09

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 1.33
Limited: 2.67

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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OK, here we go, a 130 HP monster that is, well, without a good power, and without any good attacks.

Oh, did I mention it evolves from a fossil? This makes it even MORE worthless.

OK, fire weakness is OK.

Resistance to Psychic is actually good.

The power, of remove damage with a tool, is acceptable.

The attack for 3 for 30, or the other attack of 4 for 80, with damage to itself, oh, really? No sale here.

4 retreat cost.


Ratings…Modified 1/5 There are much better choices, even better Bastiodons.

Limited…2/5 I feel generous today
2006 National
Not more fossils!

Today’s card is a 130 Hp Bastiodon from platinum.

Attacks: 2 metal 1 colorless for 30 damage, flip a coin if heads prevent all effects of attacks including damage done to Bastiodon during your opponents next turn. A terrible attack for 3 energy, a classic agility it may be, but it only does 30 damage. Second attack 2 metal 2 colorless for 80 damage and Bastiodon does 30 damage to itself. Another terrible attack, 80 would be good for 3 energy with a good effect, but it’s a 4 energy attack and it his itself for 30. Terrible.

Poke-Body: as long as Bastiodon has a Pokemon tool card attached to it, remove 1 damage from Bastiodon in between turns. Its a bad Poke-body, I like it with an Unown G attached to it ensuring it not be removed, but the Poke-Body is shut down by a Skuntank SP with its poison. And with all the SP decks around, its not the best if you run into one.

Retreat cost: the common trend with metal Pokemon, a 4 retreat cost and there’s nothing that can help it in this format.

Weakness: Fire+30 not the worst thing in the world, not a whole bunch of fire in the format. Maybe here and there so stay on your toes.

Resistance: -20 is resistance ever bad?


Modified: 0/5 Possibly the worst card in the set, a fossil Pokemon is terri ble, 2 terrible attacks that take to much energy, and a 4 retreat cost which makes you waste deck space on switches (like this entire Pokemon line isn’t enough of a waste).

Limited: 4/5 in draft on the other hand if you can get this rare out its great, just because nothing can really one shot it or deal it a lot of damage at one time.

Regional championships is in just a few weeks, get ready!

PSC Online
TCG League
Hello everyone! Eevee again here to review another COTD! Let's see what Pojo's picked out for us today! *shuffle shuffle. Shift, Shift) Ah-ha! ^^ It's none other then the hard-headed Bastiodon! (Me: I hope he didn't here that... Bastiodon; Oh yes I did. -_-* Me: Uh-oh... Time to run!!!) Anyway, let's take a look at today's card!

Poké-BODY: Metal Trait - As long as Bastiodon has a Pokémon Tool attached to it, remove 1 damage counter from Bastiodon between turns.


(M)(M)(C) Iron Defense - 30 damage - Flip a coin. If heads, prevent all effects of an attack, including damage, done to Bastiodon during your opponent's next turn.

(M)(M)(C)(C) Iron Tackle - 80 damage - Bastiodon does 30 damage to itself.

Type: Metal
Stage: 2
HP: 130HP
Weakness: +30 to fire
Resistance: -20 to psychic
Retreat: (C)(C)(C)(C)

Yikes... *_* I think Bastiodon has won the year's award for most over priced attacks... But I digress. let's look at it's Poke'Body first. It's called Metal Trait, and it's not too bad. As long as you can keep a Pokemon Tool on it, it will remove one damage counter between turns. Now this is enough to annoy the heck out of your opponent but it's not really enough to do much good.

Attack wise, uh...., yikes... It's first attack is Iron Defense; a move every video game player know and loves. But in the TCG, definitely NOT a good idea. For three energy it will only do 30 damage. Now it does have the ability to prevent all attack effects during your next turn but it's only a 50/50 chance. And for three energy I'd rather add it on to a Dialga G Lv.X.
It's second attack, Iron Tackle, isn't much better. For FOUR energy it will do 80 damage but also do a 30 damage recoil. Yet again, I'd rather put that energy on Dialga.

HP wise it's about even with everything else but it's still a stage two so it'll take a while to get into play. Not to mention the fact that it's a fossil card. X.x' They may look good but you can never get them into play fast enough... A weakness to fire isn't very good considering allot of people are trying to counter the current Shaymin/Skymin metagame. It's resistance is much better suited to what's being played tho. It's retreat on the other hand, ouch. You'll definitely need Switch cards; and allot of them.

In all I say this card is a No-go but that may just be because I don't care for fossil decks. Either that or because it's energy cost is just way too high.

Modified: 2/5
Limited: 2/5

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