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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Banette Lv. 48


Date Reviewed: 03.30.09

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 3.25
Limited: 3.25

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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OK, here we go, hand denial.

When is having no hand valuable to you? When you can force your opponent to do the same.

How? Copycat, or attacks like Exeggutor, where you draw your opponent’s number of cards, and they draw yours.

You pull this off early, and they are likely shut down for the game.

Problem is in getting it off before they set up a claydol, or some other recovery mechanism, or just get something set up that can roll through you.

Yes, it works well with the Loneliness attack, and the Darkness switch attack, allowing you to calculate your damage done to your opponent, but with 90HP, in this envio, Banette is not going to stay out long enough to become a factor.

Key here is rocking the combos and getting this to go off QUICK. Any deck made with this card will HAVE to play broken space-time, luxury ball, poke radar, rare candy, and all other acceleration cards that can be thought of to make this combo, and this card pop early.

Want a fun deck? Go for it.

Play in an envio with a lot of Toxicroak G and Unown G, prepare to be FRUSTRATED.

Want a deck to win Regionals, I am skeptical this is it.

OK, here we go.

Modified…Rating a 3.5/5 Definitely potential here.

Limited – 3.5/5…I like the potential here as well. 60 for 2, and clearing your damage can be quite valuable in an envio that contains NO unown G to stop either attack (but Toxicroak G shuts this card DOWN)

PSC Online
TCG League
Hey everyone! Welcome to another week here at Pojo's COTD! Today we'll be reviewing one spooky-poke! It's Banette! (PL-19/127) OK, let's take a look at this card and see what it can do.

Poké-POWER: Temper Tantrum - Once during your turn (before your attack), you may discard as many cards as you like from your hand. If you do, put that many damage counters on Banette. This power can't be used if Banette is affected by a Special Condition.


(P) Darkness Switch - Discard an Energy card attached to Banette, and then switch all damage counters on Banette with those on the Defending Pokémon. (If an effect of this attack is prevented, this attack does nothing.)

(P)(C) Loneliness - 30+ damage - You may show your hand to your opponent. If you do and if you don't have any Pokémon in your hand, this attack does 30 damage plus 30 more damage.

Type: Psychic
HP: 90
Stage: 1
Weakness: +20 to dark
Resistance: -20 to colorless
Retreat: (C)

OK, Poke-POWER review time! It's power is Temper Tantrum. If you just read it's power most people would think "WHAT?! Why would I want to do that???" But, if you read it's second attack you'll soon see why. It's power allows you to add damage counters onto Banette up to what you can/want to discard from your hand and what Banette can take. (80 max)

OK, to understand it's power you'll have to understand the attacks. It's first attack, Darkness Switch, is what make s that seemingly horrible power into something that can help you out. It allows you to move EVERY damage counter from Banette to the defending pokemon! Including those dealt out by the defending pokemon! But of course there's a draw back. (What else is knew... ^^') You have to discard an energy from Banette. Now of course that's not a terrible trade off but between It's power and attack you'll definitely NEED to combo this with a deck recycling strategy otherwise you're opponent could win by you running out of cards!

It's second attack, Loneliness, is perfect for those oh so common flop hands. You know, the ones where you have 10,000 supporters but no pokemon and maybe one energy? Yeah, I know them too well... Any way, Loneliness can take away some of that fear when it comes to a flop hand! It does an OK 30 damage on it's own but is boosted up to 60 if you have no pokemon cards in your hand! Still, unless you don't have any pokemon in your hand this attack is way over priced energy wise. I mean Raichu from Stormfront has a FREE 30 damage attack! But I digress.

Stat wise we've seen better. But in a metagame where everyone play 130+HP pokemon as a basic (....Giratina....yikes.....) I guess we've been spoiled for the higher HP's. Anyway, it could possibly last at least a couple rounds early game; but don't expect it to go more then that. It's weakness to Dark is pretty good in a game that's full of Legendary Psychic like AMU and Mewtwo. Although, we've been seeing fewer and fewer. Any resistance is always a plus but a colorless is pretty nice considering 8/10 decks have colorless pokemon. Retreats not too bad.

In all I say this is a card worth a look over into your current deck but I definitely wouldn't drop my Magma-jolt to pick up this as an entirely new deck.

Modified: 3/5
Limited: 3/5
2006 National

States is over, now comes regional championships. 

Today’s card is Platinum Bannette #19. A 90 HP psychic type Pokemon.

The attacks: 1, Darkness switch 1 psychic energy. Discard an energy card attached to Banette, then switch all damage counters on Banette with those on the defending Pokemon (if an effect of this attack is prevented this attack does nothing , example, an unown G is attached to the defending Pokemon). There are many problems with this attack. For 1 the energy discard. I know people can say that that can be good for some decks, maybe Kingdra, maybe regi, but I don’t see it. And 2 if your opponent has a little less, or more damage counters (or the same for that matter) this attack becomes obsolete. The second attack is a little better, a 1 psychic 1 colorless attack for 30+30 more if you show your hand and you have no Pokemon in it. Still many things wrong with it. For one you have to show your hand which gives you a immediate disadvantage unless you hand size is 0. 2. 60 damage is not a lot for showing your hand, and you can do a lot more damage for 2 energy.

Poke-Power: Temper Tantrum, Once during your turn (before your attack) you may discard as many cards as you like from your hand. If you do put that many damage counters on Banette. This power can’t be used if Banette is effected by any special conditions. In my mind a power not worth20the ink, the power would not work in kingdra, just due to that’s what your discarding with your attack, this power is just a dud in my mind, but then again…I’ve been wrong before.

Retreat cost: a good 1, just like every Banette an easy escape.

Weakness: a dark type weakness. In a format full of SP decks with honchkrow’s, that’s a no no

Resistance: colorless, prevents a regigigas one shot…not much else.



Modified: 1/5 this card has no potential, maybe in sets to come but in this format I see no hope for this card.

Limited: 3/5 in draft this card can be a quick 60 damage and a late game changer.


I personally think all Banette lovers should be sad and scarred after looking at this card, me myself am one, and this is the first time I’ve left my bed since reading this card a few weeks back. But for real a card that remind us of the old Banette Ex is a card that will never live up to it, so with future banettes were all going to be disappointed, yet that crazy voice in our head is saying were going to play this at regionals but save the humiliation and the 1/6 record and play a good deck.


Quack quack


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