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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Crobat G. Lv. 44


Date Reviewed: 03.02.09

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 4.00
Limited: 4.13

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Jigglypuff13 3/2 Crobat G Lv. 44 (PL)

Hello, and welcome to the new week of COTD's, which will started off by the great new card, Grobat G! It is great thanks to it's abilities, but I'll cover them later, because first, it's the basics. 80 HP on a SP Pokémon at the moment seems about average. It should survive at least 1 or 2 hits if it finds itself active, but generally, while on the bench like it should be, the sniping it could face shouldn't give it too much to fear about being OHKOed on the bench (Blaziken GE and Magmortar Lv.X MT are probably the only ones at the moment). x2 Lightning Weakness is slightly annoying, since AmphyTric will be played, but Crobat G should never really be active, so the weakness shouldn't be too much of a problem. -20 Fighting Resistance is nice. Rampardos PL will only 2HKO it because of this Resistance. Machamp SF will still get a OHKO with Take Out on a non-Unown G'ed Crobat G. If you have wasted a Unown G on Crobat G, then it does mean Machamp needs 4 Heads for Hurricane Punch to get a OHKO, so you should be safe from a OHKO. Free Retreat Cost is perfect, so if it is active for an length of time, you can get it back to the bench ASAP.

Abilities now, and the reason why it will played a lot, Flash Bite. When you play Crobat G onto your bench from your hand, you put one damage counter on one of your opponents Pokémon. Doesn't sound like a lot, but think about more as an extra Plus Power, or to KO a Pokémon with 10 HP left on your opponents bench, and then you see why this is great. It's brilliant because you can search for it when you need thanks to Roseanne's Research or Bebe's Search, so rather than hope you draw it like for Plus Power, you can get it when you need it, which is brilliant. However, Flash bite is only a one-use Power, but that's where TGI Poké Turn (not giving it the full name because I can't remember the full name of the top of my head) comes in. Bring Crobat G back to your hand and you've got it to use another time. Add in SSU as well, and you could, possible, use one Flash Bite up to 9 times (4 Poké Turn and 4 Heads for 4 SSU's)! Actually, this idea has been used for the idea of a FTK. If you can pull it off, well done, though I'm not sure your opponent will thank you for it.
Oh, Crobat G also has an attack that I think many people just ignored and with good cause. Toxic Fang inflicts automatic Toxic for PC and that's it. With Energy Gain I suppose P for Toxic isn't too bad, but you have to be in really dire straights to want to use it. I can think of one time for using it, but even then, I'd prefer to save my Energy Gains and my Crobat G's for Toxicroak G and later on in the game.

So, what could use this card with, then? Well, everything! Sniping/spreading decks will love the idea of putting a damage counter on anything, G decks love it because it's a G card, beatdown decks will love the idea of a searchable Plus Power, and it loves itself for being able to be used as a FTK card (look on threads in forums and I'm sure you'll see the idea of the deck if you can't see it already).
If I'm being honest, it's not perfect. It has a rubbish attack and uses a bench space, which unless you Poké Turn it or SSU it, could mean your opponent will have a field day with Dusknoir DP or Palkia Lv.X G (apart from the fact that you get to choose for the latter, so you could remove Crobat G). Also, it's a one shot Power, meaning a Power Spray or Alakazam MT (does anyone run that any more?) will ruin Crobat G's day. However, I couldn't care less about this since it's still an amazing card.


Modified: There are some many uses for this card. Flash Bite makes sure you can get a KO when you need it and get around any annoying effects your opponent may have, or be used to further increase the power of snipe/spread decks. Most decks can find some use for this card, and thus will always be worth considering. 4/5

Limited: An extra 10 damage will always be helpful, and Toxic Fang isn't too bad either since it can cause a Special Condition, which are always nice here. Personally, I think that if you get this card here, run it. Flash Bite and the occasional use of Toxic Fang will warrant the addition of this card into your deck. 4.5/5

OK, I am so old (how old are you?)

I am so old that I can remember when…

a. crobat was an evolved pokemon and
b. having free retreat basics was a rarity

What an interesting Pokemon for all G decks, especially those that want to attack with Honchkrow G…

As anyone can see, the Power is what drives this Pokemon. Being able to drop one damage counter on any of your opponent’s pokemon at any time is, well, game changing at times.

Anyone ever heard of the player named NESS who won Worlds thanks to Jolteon * being able to add a damage counter to the defending Pokemon? This is the same type of card.

Can it be countered by “Power Spray”? Sure. Can you simply use a trainer (Poke’turn) to scoop it up and do it again? Yep! And if the first doesn’t work, send out the next bat!!!

Worried about having too many benched pokemon? Just scoop this little guy up with a trainer. Poke’turn was MADE for this card!!

So, an 80 HP basic with free retreat and a great coming into play power? Not bad. Weakness to lightning, maybe if ampy heats up, but not bad now. Lightning is TOO worried about Machamp and Rampardos right now. (among others)

Resistance to fighting…is good.

The attack, 2 (or 1 with energy gain) for double poison is quite good, and will cause your opponent to play just differently enough to be to your advantage.

No damaging attack is not really good though.


Modified…3.5/5 Even SP decks can play without him. Not a bad card, but the lack of a powerful attack really hurts here.

Limited…4/5 Not bad, as poison is pretty good here. The power is pretty good here. 80 HP free retreat basics in draft are very good.

Less than 2 weeks until States! ROCK ON!

Winner of a Stormfront Prerelease
Crobat G (PL47)

Today's Card of the Day is Crobat G, a mainstay in all G decks.

Crobat G has 80 HP, a decent number for a non-Evolving Basic, as well as a x2 weakness to Lightning, which is nice seeing as how just about all Psychic Pokemon are weak to Psychic or Dark. The -20 Resistance to Fighting is pretty nice as well, although Machamp's Take-Out will KO you regardless. A free retreat cost helps recover from a bad start, since you'll never want this thing active for long.

Crobat G's Poke-Power is Flash Bite, a power reminiscent of the Dark Golbat and Dark Crobat cards from way-back-when. When you play Crobat G from your hand (sorry Call Energy), you may put one damage counter on one of your opponent's Pokemon. Alone, the power may seem like an annoyance at most, but when you have a hand full of Super Scoop-Ups, and Crobat Gs, someone's going to get KOed.

Crobat G's only attack is Toxic Fang, which poisons for twice as much damage for one Psychic and one Colorless energy, with no added damage. If you're using this attack, my heart goes out to you, if you're in that dire of a situation. Unown G and Toxicroak G easily wall it, so remember kids, always keep your Crobat Gs on the bench or in your hand, where they belong.

Modified 5/5
Crobat G is an amazing card, whether it's hitting a Pokemon that just needs 10 more damage, or comboing with PL Ampharos to lock Powers, Crobat G has a lot of things going for it.

Limited 4/5
Being a G card certainly helps, since there are so many cards that help out Pokemon SP, such as Poketurn, making even a single crobat able t come back multiple times to attack.

Hello world, it’s Octazookeeper! Today it’s Crobat G… Fun, fun, fun!

HP: 80 (Decent for an SP)

Power: This interesting power provides a fine addition to SP decks! You never know when that 10 extra damage may end up being of use. Another factor here is the combo potential with the new Poketurn trainer card, which would allow you to scoop Crobat back into your hand to repeat the mayhem. When played correctly, Flash Bite can be utilized well.

Attack: 2 energy (or 1 with Energy Gain) for double poison is decent, and works particularly well in the deck that should be playing it.

Weakness/Resistance: x2 Weakness to lightning can be a problem against Ampharos/Manectric. Resistance to fighting will be good if Rampardos sees a lot of play.

Retreat Cost: 0? Awesome!

Overall: I like this card for SP decks. It combos well with many of the Galactic cards introduced in the set. It can be re-used with Poketurn, it can set up for a sniping frenzy with Honchkrow G, and it can poison the opponent to aid Toxicroak G.

Modified: 3/5
Limited: 4/5
Pokmeman Crobat G Lv. 44

Hi, I'm pokmeman, and this is my first week of reviewing. Hope you can take something from reading my reviews.

About the card... Crobat G is hard to stick into any old deck, because what you'll be using it most for, it's power, only places one damage counter. It is hard to make that count for much because it only takes effect when put into play. It is overshadowed by Spiritomb for the most part, and even in some cases by Zapdos (MD).
But it does have a purpose. It can work reasonably well in a Galactic deck, because they have Poke-turn, which allows you to take it back into your hand. This can allow for it to heal off damage, as well as allowing you to place another damage counter. I've had it place 5 Damage counters in one turn against me, winning the game for my opponent, using Poke-turns and 2 Crobats. It goes especially well with Honchkrow G, which can do 20 more damage to a Pokemon with damage already on it.

Overall, a decent card in a Galactic – based deck, but not of too much use otherwise.
3/5 Modified

Though it is a basic with 80 HP and Free Retreat, it can't reach it's full potential here.
2.5/5 Limited


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