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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Dialga Lv. 72


Date Reviewed: 03.16.09

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 2.67
Limited: 3.33

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Jigglypuff13 3/16 Dialga Lv.72 (PL)

The beginning of a new week, and we start off with a card that isn't too bad, one of the new Dialgas! This one is probably the best of the Dialgas at the moment, but it doesn't have any great competition there really. Anyway, onto the card, and the basics of it. First off, 100 HP allows it to survive a hit or 2. Mind you, on a basic, 100 HP is nice. x2 Weakness to Fire is annoying, but shouldn't be too bad since Kingdra (LA) and Blastoise (PL) are big, so Fire shouldn't be too big in the metagame. Not as though Diagla should see much time active anyway. Resistance, well, I'll gloss over... Hold on a second, Dialga actually has a Resistance! And it's a -20 Psychic one as well, which considering ToxiTank, Gengar (SF), Dusknoir (SF), AMU, etc. is quite useful. 3 Retreat Cost is a bit steep though, so if it ends up active, make sure you can get a Switch/Warp Point quickly.

Abilities now, and this is where the card shines, it's Poké-Power, Reverse Time. When you play Dialga from your hand onto your bench, you get a Night Maintenance like effect, only you can't get Lv.X, but they go onto the top of your deck instead of being shuffled in. In most decks, this can be quite helpful since it gets Pokémon and energies back. You get to arrange the order of them on top of your deck as well, so you choose which order to get them in essentially. However, it works best in Blastoise (PL) decks and Rhyperior Lv.X (LA) decks most of all, where this Poké-Power/attack gets a massive benefit from know what's on top of your deck (Blastoise gets more energies into play, Rhyperior Lv.X does more damage).
Time-Space Travelling is all right I suppose. MCC for 50 is about average for a basic, but you do get to draw cards until you have 7 cards in your hand. With Claydol, it means you'll probably draw at least 1 extra card, but it then messes up Cosmic Power for the next turn. To be honest, it's not a great attack, so you shouldn't see this card active unless you want to level it up.

So, what does it combo with then? Well, I already said it should be used with either Blastoise or Rhyperior Lv.X. However, for me at least, it doesn't replace Delcatty (PL) as the best combo with those 2 cards since that card is reliable and more consistent (would you prefer to get 3 energies once, or 2 energies every turn onto the top of your deck?), but Dialga can be a nice little thing you can play once for a surprise 3 energies on top of your deck (which for Rhyperior Lv.X, with a Delcatty in play, could mean you will be doing 250 damage, just for fun).

However, this card doesn't really work as well as you might think. It works slightly in those 2 decks since they get energies back on top of your deck, but for other deck, Night Maintenance is far superior since it doesn't take up a bench space and can get Lv.X's back. It might shuffle them back into the deck, but with all the draw and search we have available, it's not all bad. If you still want to play Dialga in a none Blastoise/Rhyperior Lv.X deck, then you should really be using Dialga Lv.X (GE). However, Dialga Lv.X is a terrible card, so if you run that, then I must ask, what deck are you using?

Counters, well, actually, who cares? I don't think anyone will be using this card, since Night Maintenance is infinitely better.


Modified: Reverse Time is nice, since it is a Night Maintenance like effect, but I'd just prefer to play Night Maintenance personally. This card can work in some decks (like I've already mentioned loads, they are Rhyperior Lv.X decks and Blastoise decks), it really won't. If you want to use this card, use either of those 2 decks, or just Dialga Lv.X, at which point, you are essentially playing a 58/56 card deck depending on what size line of Dialga Lv.X you are using. This is still the best Dialga available, but I just wish it could be levelled up into Dialga Lv.X G, but it can't, so it's still not that good. 1.75/5

Limited: Better here. Reverse Time is nice for getting energies and Pokémon back, which is nice since both will be quite limited resources here. Time-Space Travelling isn't too bad here I suppose, since it does a fair bit of damage and draw cards. However, it will take a little too long to power to really be effective, but it's a nice option to have, I suppose. 2.5/5

OK, it’s a Dialga, but not a G!

The trick with this little guy is to get the cards out of your discard pile onto the top of your deck.

This just SCREAMS use me with Blastoise (Pt) or Rhyperior Level X (to guarantee at least 150 for 4).

Super scoop up was designed for this card as well, to use it again and again.

I can also see it used for swarming-type decks, getting things like Weedle, Kakuna and Beedrill all back in one fell swoop, without having to waste a maintenance (but having to waste an ever-valuable benched spot, I know).

The attack is feasible, 3 for 50, allowing you to draw, and only requiring one metal energy.

Considering I saw a number of these on Saturday in Tennessee States, I am going to give it decent ratings.

Modified – 3/5 Good in certain decks. Worthless in others.

Limited – 3.5/5..By the time you are missing 3 good Pokemon, you are going to be about done with the game anyway, but getting 3 energy, or pokemon back from your discard could be HUGE at the right time!
Winner of a Stormfront Prerelease
Sorry for the lack of any reviews last week, preparing for States takes a lot out of you. Anyways, today's card of the day is the Level 72 Dialga from the new Platinum set.

Dialga has 100 HP, ensuring that it last at least one turn, most of the time. The x2 weakness to Fire is pretty awesome, since Kingdra scared away most Fire decks in this format. Likewise, the -20 resistance to Psychic is helpful with all the Toxitank, and other Psychic decks running around these days. Three retreat is pretty bad, but, what do you expect from a giant metal monster?

Dialga's PokePower is pretty handy, since it acts like a Night Maintenance, except, instead of shuffling them into your deck, you can put them on the top in any order. You also cannot get any Level X's, but you shouldn't need that if you're suing this card with, you guessed it, Blast-Catty. With a couple of lucky Super Scoop Up flips, you can keep recycling those energy, and not even need to use Delcatty's power. The power can also be useful if you need a particular Pokemon or energy back, right now.

Dialga's only attack is Time-Space Traveling. For three energy, one of which being Metal, you can do 50 damage and draw cards until you have seven cards in your hand. The energy cost and damage is a bit of a downer, but tyhe effect is great if you ever find yourself attacking with Dialga.

Modifed 3/5
Dialga could be a great card in BLastcatty if you don't want to risk your Delcatty anymore, but he lacks the speed to be used ina ny other decks.
Limited 4/5
50 damage is a lot, plus Draw Power, plus recovering cards from the Discard pile? Dialga can be a real contender here.


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