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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Team Galactic's Invention G-109 SP Radar

Rising Rivals

Date Reviewed: 07.01.09

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 4.10
Limited: 4.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Jigglypuff13 7/1 Team Galactic's Invention G-109 SP Radar (RR)

Hello, and welcome to the beginning of a new month, and we begin it with a new trainer from Rising Rivals, yes, for those of you who have seen the picture just above this review, it's TGI 109 SP Radar (just to be called SP Radar from now, for speed)! It's a simple card. You choose a card from you hand to put back into your deck, then search your deck for an SP Pokémon, and put it in your hand. Now, if you are like me and the many other eagle-eyed players out there, you'll immediately see that it is very similar to the staple that is Bebe's Search, and that it's only a normal Trainer. That automatically means it's brilliant. Bebe's Search is brilliant, but is limited by being a Supporter, so an SP version being a normal Trainer is going to be even better, unless you aren't actually running an SP deck, at which point, it becomes useless. So it's like every other TGI then (apart from maybe Poké-Turn, who can be used in any deck that also uses Crobat G (PL)).


Modified: So, it's a Bebe's Search that exclusive to SP's, can be used as many times as you like per turn, and be searched for thanks to Cyrus's Conspiracy. It's a fantastic card that's an automatic 4-of in an Sp deck (or at least 3-of anyway), but is a useless card for any non-SP deck, as you may have already been able to guess. 5/5 for Sp decks, 1/5 for non. You get 4 uses of it in an Sp deck, so... 4/5

Limited: You will be playing SP's here if you are sane. Because of this, SP Radar is automatically brilliant, no matter how many you get, because it allows you to put a useless card into your deck, and you get to grab a possibly vital SP Pokémon. Simple, and even more brilliant here than in Modified. Use it. 5/5
Baby Mario
Top 4 UK Nats
SP Radar

Basically, this is Bebe’s Search for SP decks, but with one important difference . . . it’s a TRAINER.

That’s right, no one-per-turn restrictions here, the broken support for SP decks continues with a card that lets you search out any SP Pokémon (including LV X) at the cost of returning one card from your hand to the deck. Most SP decks will be running at least two of these, usually in addition to a couple of Bebe’s Search, which are still needed in order to search out non-SP techs like Claydol, Uxie, and Azelf.

Unlike some of the other SP support cards, though, SP Radar could find its way into some decks that aren’t built around the SP cards. Many Gengar decks, for example, include a couple of Crobat G so that they can KO Uxies with Shadow Room, + Flash Bite. Some Stage 2 decks like Kingdra and Beedrill tech in a Skuntank G so that they can hit the crucial 130 damage mark (with one attack for Beedrill, two for Kingdra) that will KO most Stage 2 Pokémon. Mostly, though, just expect to see a lot of this card whenever you face an SP deck.


Modified: 4.25 (great for SP decks, possible use in decks that tech SP Pokémon)
Limited: 5 (tons of SP Pokémon in the set, getting the one you want is fantastic)
Steel_Winger Welcome back to the Pokemon COT0D!

Today we'll be looking at the latest of Team Galactic's Inventions: SP Radar! By putting a card from your hand on top of your deck, you can search for a Pokemon SP, reveal it to your opponent, and put it in your hand.

This card's effect mirrors the text ot the popular Supporter Bebe's Search by 97%. However, there are three key differences between the two cards.

The first difference is that SP Radar, like Poke Radar, is a trainer instead of a Supporter. Advantage: You can activate more than one per turn if you wanted to, and you still have a free space for a Supporter unlike if you had used Bebe's. Disadvantage: Opposing Dialga Gs will prevent the use of this card.

The second difference is it's searchability. Advantage: Being a Team Galactic's Invention, it can be searched out by Cyrus's Conspiracy and Honchcrow G. Disadvantage: Sableye can't impersonate this card like it can with Bebe's because it is not a Supporter.

The third difference is what it can search out. Advantage: SP Pokemon have yet another search engine. Disadvantage: It won't let you retrieve any non-SP Pokemon that you might want to use alongside those guys.

Upon conjuring up this list, I would have to say that the advantages greatly overwhelm the disadvantages. Definately use this if you're using a bunch of SP Pokemon, especially as main attackers. I wouldn't go so far as to say that this should completely replace Bebe's Search in those decks with the threat of Dialga G's Deafen attack. A little bit of both seems ideal, especially if you're using non-SP Pokemon as well. MightyTank, for instance.


Modified: 4/5 A popular supporter in Trainer form, specialized for SP Pokemon. Those guys have so much going for them right now... especially after winning the Masters division at Nationals.
Limited: 4.25/5 If you don't get a Bebe's Search, and you plan to use SP Pokemon (and there are good ones), use this, I implore you. It's one of the better search engines found in Rising Rivals.

This is Steel_Winger, until next time!

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