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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


SP Energy

Rising Rivals

Date Reviewed: 06.25.09

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 3.90
Limited: 4.25

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Rocket Boss Just when you thought the SP engine couldn't run any more smoothly it gets it's own Special Energy card, SP-Energy. Essentially a Multi Energy, just SP specific, this card is great to use in just about any SP deck. If you're running an SP deck then chances are you'll have a lot of tech, be it Honchkrow G, Dialga G Lv. X, Bronzong G or any other Pokemon Tech and there's nothing worse than being stuck in a rut and not being able to attack. That's where SP-Energy comes in, throw one of those bad boys on a Dialga G with an Energy Gain and you've go Deafen Lock on lock down. There are so many great uses for this energy, all SP related, but fantastic nonetheless!

Modified- 4.5/5
Limited- 4.5/5
Jigglypuff13 6/26 SP Energy (RR)

Hello, welcome to Friday and one of the new Special Energies from Rising Rivals, SP Energy! It's a simple little card, since it's basically a Rainbow Energy for SP Pokémon, only without placing the damage counter, and provides Colorless Energy for non-SP's. Actually, I suppose it's more reminiscent of δ Rainbow Energy instead. Either way, it's still a must for SP decks, even if they aren't running that many different types. The flexibility it gives of providing every energy type, even if it is only one at a time, is still brilliant, and will often help out. Obviously, if you aren't playing one of the multitude of SP decks around, then this card becomes useless, but if you are (and chances are, you will at least dabble a little in those sorts of decks), then this card becomes an instant 4 of.


Modified: What I said before is all that really can be said about the card. It's a staple for SP decks, providing flexibility, and useless for non-SP decks. For non-SP decks, it's a 1/5 card, and for SP decks, it's a 5/5 card. I'll average them, and that'll be my score. 3/5

Limited: You'll almost certainly be playing numerous SP's here, so if you get even 1 SP Energy, it'll be a huge benefit, allowing you to play many more different types of SP Pokémon, and thus have a little more flexibility. It might be slightly situational if you get a lot of useful non-SP's as well, but it's almost certainly going to be useful. 3.75/5

Short and sweet, but there really isn't a lot you can say about the card.
Baby Mario
Top 4 UK Nats

SP Energy


Those poor SP decks. So unplayable . . . they really need a Special Energy Card to help them out, don’t they?


In case you hadn’t noticed, that was sarcasm. SP decks are already incredibly powerful, thanks to their excellent Support (Cyrus, Power Spray, Poke Turn etc.). Now they just got some more help in the form of this brilliant card.


Yes, there are already cards which provide Energy of every type and can be used by all Pokémon (including SP), but they come with considerable downsides. Multi Energy doesn’t work if the Pokémon already has another Special Energy card attached (no Call Energy for you!), Rainbow Energy can be used in multiples, but it places a damage counter on your Pokémon when you attach it. Obviously, this isn’t good enough for SP Pokémon (I think SP must mean ‘Special’).


But the real benefit of SP Energy is that it makes it possible for SP decks to be even more of a Toolbox than they already are. You can now include a Toxicroak G to deal with Machamp without needing to run Psychic Energy. Lucario GL can be used to OHKO a Tyranitar without needing metal Energy in the deck. Want to run a Honchkrow G so you can snipe damaged Pokémon on the bench, but can’t find room for a Dark Energy? Well now you can.


Like all Special Energy, SP Energy comes with the drawback of not being able to be searched out with Roseanne’s Research or Cyrus’s Conspiracy. With the amount of deck-thinning and draw in most SP decks, though, this isn’t going to be too much of a problem. If you are running an SP deck, you are going to be running multiple types of Pokémon, which means that this card is going to become a staple in one of the most popular decks in the format. Run 2-4 in your SP decks, please.




Modified: 4 (misses out on a 5 for being SP only)

Limited: 5 (the set is full of SP Pokémon of every type)


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