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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Aggron Lv. 53

Rising Rivals

Date Reviewed: 06.12.09

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 1.00
Limited: 1.50

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Baby Mario
Top 4 UK Nats



No surprises here. Aggron is a big, slow Metal tank with massively expensive attacks.


The first one, Return Blow, is not too bad. For [C][C] it hits back for the same amount of damage that was done to it last turn. Of course, that is easily played around by a sensible opponent who will either be prepared for it, or be ready with the OHKO (expect to see a lot of Infernape 4 LV X).


Metal Fang is slightly worse, needing 3 Energy to do just 40 Damage and allowing you to remove 2 damage counters at the cost of discarding a card from the top of your deck. That right there is a risky play, and for very little reward.


It doesn’t get any better with the third attack either. [M][M][C][C] for 70 and no effect? That is just nowhere near the kind of return that we expect from our Pokémon these days. Dialga G LV X does 80 for the same cost, AND you get a chance to send your opponent’s Energy to the Lost Zone.


With attacks like that, it would need a great PokePower or Body to be playable, and it has . . . ummm . . . nothing.




Modified: 1 (it’s meant to keep hitting for low-ish, no effect, damage while absorbing attacks. Unfortunately, the game is now way too fast and OHKO-based for this strategy to make much sense)

Limited: 1.5 (IF you can get it out, it might do some damage, but beware all the Fire Pokémon in the set).

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