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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Snorlax Lv.X

Rising Rivals

Date Reviewed: 07.09.09

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 2.00
Limited: 3.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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7/9 Snorlax Lv.X (RR)

Hello, and welcome to Thursday, and the first card this week that isn't from SV since, at the time of writing, only 3 cards from SV have been revealed. Annoyingly, but we can make do without it. Still, we do get an over-weight Lv.X from RR instead to review, yes, it's Snorlax Lv.X! I don't think many people actually care about this card apart from Snorlax fans, though I have seen a couple of attempts at making a Snorlax deck. I doubt many have worked, but still, onto the card. The basics, as always, are first, and it has a very good 130 HP, which for a basic Lv.X, is the second best of all the basic Lv.X's (Regigigas Lv.X (SF) has spoiled us), so should be able to survive a hit or two. x2 Fighting Weakness is annoying, especially against Machamp (SF) while you have an Unown G (GE) attached or are evolved from Munchlax. No Resistance is to be expected, as is the 4 Retreat Cost. It's a heavy Pokémon, so it does mean you'll have to pack at least some Warp Points and/or Switches.

Abilities now, and first of all, it's Poké-Power, Big Appetite. It's a simple Poké-Power. It can only be used while it's active, and you draw cards until you have 6 in your hand, then Snorlax Lv.X is Asleep. Obviously, the first comparison to make is with Claydol (GE) and Cosmic Power. Of course, there are a couple of big differences. The first is that Snorlax Lv.X has to be active to use Big Appetite, while Claydol doesn't for Cosmic Power. This means it's incredibly hard to use more than one Big Appetite Poké-Power per turn. If you wanted to use 2 a turn, then you could Switch or Warp Point your active one after you use the first Poké-Power to bring up a benched Snorlax Lv.X to then use another Big Appetite, but there is very little point really. Secondly, Cosmic Power allows you to put cards onto the bottom of your deck so you can draw more cards. Snorlax Lv.X doesn't allow you to do this. Lastly, there is the fact that Big Appetite puts Snorlax Lv.X to sleep, whereas Cosmic Power doesn't put Claydol to sleep, obviously. Now, it's not as bad as it may seem since there is a Snorlax that does more damage when it's Asleep using one of it's attacks, so if you use that Snorlax and level it up, the Big Appetite makes it more powerful, as well as giving you (hopefully) a bit of card advantage.

Exercise is this cards only attack, and you probably won't be using it much. For CCCC, you do 80 damage, which isn't to bad I suppose. The effect allows you to discard as many energy cards from you hand as you like to remove that many damage counters from Snorlax Lv.X. It does make Snorlax Lv.X more of a tank. However, if you want to use Exercise, then you will either have to not use Big Appetite, or use some way of getting rid of Special Conditions afterwards, like a Poké Healer +, or Xatu (SW).

Combos next, and first of all, you'll want to use the common Snorlax from RR with this card to make it worthwhile, since it has a nice CC attack that does extra damage when Snorlax is Asleep. Obviously, you use Big Appetite to draw cards and put yourself to sleep, then use Snorlax's attack to deal damage. Simple. You could try Xatu (SW) or whatever to get rid of Special Conditions like I said earlier, so you can use Big Appetite and Exercise all in one turn. I'm not entirely sure how much good that will do, but it's nice to have the option. If you wanted extra damage, and possibly a way of getting rid of that frankly hideous Retreat Cost, would be to use Weavile (SW) along with Moonlight Stadium, and then use Dark Energies (special) for extra damage, and you could use Darkrai Lv.X (GE) to allow the damage to be got from Dark Energies (basic) as well. Probably a bit too much set up for too little gain.

Counters, and well, the main one you will probably think of is Machamp (SF). If you haven't evolved your Snorlax, then it'll happily Take out your Lv.X and save your opponent several turns in trying to get rid of the annoying thing. If you have evolved it, or it has Unown G (GE) attached, then Hurricane Punch will happily use that x2 Weakness to Fighting to deal possibly loads of damage to Snorlax Lv.X. It may not be a OHKO, but it's likely to be a 2HKO. However, the Weakness thing applies to any Fighting Pokémon, so it doesn't like any of them really. Snorlax Lv.X isn't a big fan of Gengar (SF) either, since Resistance makes Gengar harder to KO, a Poké-Power makes it place more damage counters, and drawing cards may mean Poltergeist will deal more damage as you draw more Trainers, Supporters and Stadiums.


Modified: It's massive HP and healing attack in the form of Exercise allows it to tank for a bit, and Big Appetite allows it to draw cards. However, Big Appetite isn't actually that great, since it isn't really going to replace Claydol, though does work with the normal Snorlax (RR common)'s first attack, and Exercise is reliant on how many energies you want to discard. It may be a lot, or you may have none at all. Also, the attack goes against the Poké-Power, since it really means you have to choose what you'd prefer to do each turn (unless you have a certain Snorlax under the Lv.X); draw cards or attack and possibly heal. Not always a nice choice. 2/5

Limited: Better here. If you get this card, then there's a good chance you can run it because there are 2 Snorlax's here and 1 of them is common. It be very good if you could use it as well, because it will draw you card and consistently every turn, something you can do in very few Pre-releases and Drafts, and attack thanks to the common Snorlax, and actually probably be able to 2HKO most of what you find at the same time. It probably won't be that hard to get out either due to the numerous good drawing and searching Trainers and Supporters in this set. 3.75/5

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