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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Drifblim FB Lv.50

Supreme Victors

Date Reviewed: 07.07.09

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 2.75
Limited:  3.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Jigglypuff13 7/7 Drifblim FB Lv.50 (SV)

Hello, and welcome to Tuesday and the continuation of our SV previews. Today, we continue with Drifblim FB! There is a strange little thing about this card, something unique in it's attack, that'll I'll get onto later. First up, though, is the basics of the card, and it first of all has 80 HP. For an SP Pokémon, it's roughly average, and will probably survive a hit, but I wouldn't be certain about much more than that. x2 Dark Weakness isn't exactly good, considering Weavile (SW) could, theorectically, appear in almost any deck, meaning it is a widespread weakness. Proper Dark types, however, are few and far between, apart from the occasional Shiftry (RR) (or other Dark Pokémon that may appear in SV...). -20 Colorless Resistance is nice, even if it is mainly useful against Flygon (RR) if it stays popular, though other Colorless Pokémon may become big. 2 Retreat Cost for what is essentially a gas bag seems pretty steep to me, though Moonlight Stadium (GE) can get rid of it entirely if need be. Also, it's an SP Pokémon, meaning it will benefit from all the usual SP stuff, like Energy Gain and all that jazz.

Abilities next, and I'll start off with it's Poké-Body, Pump (it) Up (I've been playing Rock Band 2 too much). Anyway, Pump Up gives the nice effect of increasing Drifblim FB's maximum HP by 40 when your opponent has already taken 3 or more their prizes. OK, extra HP on this card isn't going to make a massive difference, though having a 120 non-Lv.X basic active is quite nice. It does make for a wall for your opponent to try and smash their way through, and unless they have Weavile (SW) in their deck (or are running one of the few playable Dark Pokémon), then it's going to be hard to breakthrough.
The attack is the most interesting part of this card though. Shadow Ball is a sniping attack, doing 40 damage to one of your opponents Pokémon for the cost of PCC (or PC and an Energy Gain). Sounds expensive, but that's mainly because of it's unique trait: Shadow Ball applies Weakness and Resistance in it's damage calculation, even against Benched Pokémon. So if your opponent has a benched Psychic weak Pokémon (like an AMU Pixie), then you'll be smiling as you do a load more damage with Shadow Ball than you normally would (Lake Boundary or Lucario GL (RR) are nice ways of increasing this damage even further). However, it does mean you can't snipe Dark or Metal Pokémon, at least, not if you want to do some serious damage for your energy cost. That means if you want to damage them, you'll either need another sniper, or use Weavile (SW). The former is probably the better choice.

So, with it's unique Weakness and Resistance applying sniping and possible annoyance to your opponent with massive HP after them taking a load of prizes, what do you think combos with this card? Well, as far as I can tell, other snipers, Weavile (SW), and that's about it. Even with it's uniqueness, there are still so many snipers out there to choose from, and in that massive pile, Drifblim FB is probably going to be lost amongst it. OK, KOing pixies may be nice, but you do need Lake Boundary or Lucario GL in play to be able to do so, which isn't so great. There are other snipers which can actually do the 70 required to snipe these often played benched Pokémon, and that may be for the same Energy cost, and needing nothing else bar themselves, which makes them more viable than little Drifblim FB here. Maybe it could be used as a tech, though, especially in decks that often rely on using Damage Counters to snipe rather than actually damage. They may fear Unown G (GE), but Drifblim FB will still be able to attack the Pokémon with Unown G (GE) attached to it, so the sniping deck will still be able to hit every Pokémon. So, maybe Drifblim FB will see play in Gengar (SF) decks then?

Really, that all depends on how popular it's counters are. It has 2 main counters really. The first are Dark Pokémon, or those who use Weavile (SW). These prey on Drifblim FB's frankly horrendous x2 Dark Weakness, meaning even a 40 damage attack (or 60 with Pump Up active) will be able to OHKO it. Not good. The second is Machamp (SF), simply because of Take Out. Mind you, unless it's Toxicroak G (PL), all SP's fear Machamp (SF), as does just about any deck really. Unown G (GE) can counter it, but you may be saving them for more important Pokémon.


Modified: Pump Up is very nice, granting it 120 HP maximum in the later stages of the game is very nice, and Shadow Ball is a nice little attack. However, while it may be unique, it doesn't really have many advantages over other snipers. Like most snipers, on it's own, it will still only 2HKO pixies even with Weakness, and unlike other snipers, it's never going to trouble proper Dark or Metal Pokémon. Other snipers may be higher staged Pokémon, so require a little bit more work to get out, but they will also be better. Still, I do like the idea of this card as a tech in decks that rely on damage counters, and sniping with them (like Gengar (SF)). 2.5/5

Limited: From the translations of the equivalent Japanese sets, I can see a lot of Psychic weak Pokémon for this card to be able to snipe with it's unique, but expensive, Shadow Ball. It may not get many OHKO's, but the fact that it can snipe and 2HKO most of the Psychic weak cards has got to be enough of a reason to use it. Even better, when you are working with the 4 prize game in this format, your opponent will only have to take 1 prize before Pump Up activates, making it a massive 120 HP tank, and one that your opponent will not be able to get around in a short amount of time. Honestly, I can see this card winning pre-releases and drafts virtually by itself. Use it. 4.5/5
Steel_Winger Welcome back to the Pokemon COTD!

Today's card is the second of the new cards to appear out of the Supreme Victors set: Drifblim FB.

Drifblim FB has a base 80 HP, which is the norm for most SP Pokemon nowadays. It's a Psychic-type, so it can hit weakness on Alakazam 4, Gallade 4, and even Nidoqueen among others. Being a Ghost-type in the games, it also has a x2 Weakness against Dark-types, which really isn't much of a problem barring Weavile (SF) and Mightyena (PT). There's a -20 Resistance to Colorless-types; Flygon (RR) would need almost a full bench to KO this guy. A Retreat Cost of 2 can easily be played around with the use of Moonlight Stadium. It's an SP Pokemon, so it reaps the benefits of Energy Gain, Flint's Willpower, and all of the other support out there for it.

Drifbilm FB has a Poke-Body: Pump Up increases its HP by 40 if your opponent has 3 or less Prizes left to take. That extra boost brings it to 120 (140 with Snowpoint Temple), putting it up there with Dialga G LV. X in terms of survivability. It'll also give you more time to power up its attack...

...which is Shadow Ball. For 3 energies (or 2 with Energy Gain), one of which must be a Psychic energy, you get to do 40 damage to an opposing Benched Pokemon. Yes, it's a bit underpowered, and there are better snipers, but Drifblim FB's attack is the only one I know of that lets you apply Weakness and Resistance to whatever you're sniping on the bench (key word: bench).

Sounds fun. Let's look at some potential targets you could snipe with this:

Uxie, Azelf, & Mespirit: +20 as normal, x2 on their LV. X forms. Dirfblim FB, when applying Weakness, cannon OHKO these Pokemon by itself if they're in full health. Call on Crobat G.

Toxicroak G: Drifblim FB can't OHKO this guy by itself either. Call on Crobat G.

Alakazam 4 and Gallade 4: It can OHKO these if they're not at LV. X.

Machamp (SF): A 2HKO on this guy, but depends on whether or not you want to use Unown G in place of Energy Gain.

Claydol (GE): Can't exploit Weakness, but can still 2HKO this guy as well. Gengar and Dusknoir can't do a thing if Claydol has Unown G on it, but Drifblim FB does actual damage, which bypasses Unown G's protection.

Nidoqueen (RR): Drifblim can 2HKO a healthy Nidoqueen, even with its Maternal Comfort healing itself every turn. People might start teching this for this reason alone, probably.

Note: Drifblim cannot hit any of the aforementioned Pokemon if they're active. Still, I believe it's worth a shot using. If you want Drifblim FB to hit an active, attach a Techincal Machine G when it has taken a lot of damage, which will be easy with Pump Up.


Modified: 3/5 Combined with Crobat G, Drifblim FB can cake out quite a few of your opponent's benchwarmers.
Limited: 3/5 There are a few useful Pokemon that can be 2HKOed in this set, so be on the lookout for them.

This is Steel_Winger, until next time!

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