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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Regigigas FB Lv.50

Supreme Victors

Date Reviewed: 07.06.09

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 1.67
Limited: 2.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Jigglypuff13 7/6 Regigigas FB Lv.50 (SV)

Hello, and welcome to the beginning of the new week, which contains the Supreme Victors preview cards, as you may have already guessed due to us reviewing Regigigas FB today! The basics of this card first of all, and it has a rather nice 100 HP, which for an SP Pokémon is very good (the tied best, I believe), so it's likely to survive a hit or two. x2 Fighting Weakness is to be expected, and will not be good if Machamp (SF) stays popular after the release of SV. No Resistance is again, expected, so there really isn't much to say about it. 4 Retreat Cost, however, while it may be expected due to the fact that Regigigas is a heavy Pokémon and normally has high Retreat Cost, it doesn't make it good, or indeed, something you want to deal with. Multiple Switches and/or Warp Points are mandatory if you want to use this card. Also, there is the fact it's an SP Pokémon, so has access to all of the usual nice SP support, like Energy Gain and, well, you know the rest.

Abilities now, and while the basics of the card are, on average, alright, this is where things take a slight turn for the worse. First off is Drain Punch, which starts of as it means to go on. CCC (or CC and Energy Gain) for 30 is dreadful, and the effect doesn't make it much better. You get to remove a damage counter from Regigigas FB for each Energy attached to the Defending Pokémon. OK, it may sound nice, giving it a bit of tanking ability with it's large HP, but just think about how many damage counters you will be likely to be removing. Against energy hogs that are generally comboed with Sceptile (GE), you may be removing a million damage counters (slight exaggeration there maybe), but against most Pokémon, you'll be removing a maximum of 3 or 4 damage counters if you are lucky. OK, it can stall for a bit, but really, most Pokémon will do enough damage to get around the healing Regigigas FB can do.
Rainbow Lariat is better. It does cost a massive CCCC or CCC and Energy Gain, but it's damage output isn't too bad, if a little hard to get to max damage. It does 20 damage for each different typed SP Pokémon you have in play. It does mean you can't really play an Uxie (LA) or have a Claydol (GE) sitting on the bench else you have it reduce your damage output. Mind you, 100 damage is hardly bad. The other downside is that your have to have a load of different typed SP's in your deck. There are some types that are well covered, and you may have some difficulty choosing a Pokémon for certain types (Psychic pops to mind here), but most of the time, it'll be because there aren't enough good SP's of a certain type. Grass, Fire and maybe even Fighting typed SP's maybe numerous, but few are actually useful enough to be played with this card. OK, you don't have to play every type with this card, but it'll probably help if you can.

So, combos, and the main one is to use it with as many different typed SP Pokémon as possible. Some maybe quite obvious, like Dark is likely to be represented by Weavile G (PL), or Houndoom G (PL), Psychic by Skuntank G (PL) or Crobat G (PL), Metal by Dialga G and Lv.X (PL) or Bronzong G (PL), but others are less so, like Fighting. It may seem intially like Lucario GL (RR) would be a great choice, but are you really going to need a x2 Weakness against anything? And if you aren't going to use it, what other Fighting SP would you use? There are plenty of other such annoying decisions to make for this card, and the wrong one, which is easy to do, will probably make the card alot worse.

Counters, and first up are Pokémon the get rid of bench Pokémon, like Dusknoir (DP) and Palkia G Lv.X (PL) will be annoying for this card since it'll reduce the damage output of Regigigas FB, making it easier to deal with. Also, Pokémon with few energies needed for it's attack and can deal plenty of damage for their lower energy cost will get round Drain Punch, as if it'll actually be used. However, the main cards Regigigas FB will few are Fighting types, especially if they are named Machamp and is from the Stormfront set. Yeah, Unown G (GE) will stop Take Out, but Hurricane Punch will only need 2 heads to OHKO it, so it's not going to stop much.


Modified: Drain Punch is weak and it's healing won't do alot of good in the long run. Rainbow Lariat is better, but requires a full bench of different typed SP Pokémon to get the maximum effect out of it, and the deck you'll specially make for this card will have to contain every type of SP Pokémon possible to be most effective. That's not necessarily a good thing. It's also easy to counter, and if Machamp stays popular (which it probably will), it'll get even worse. I've seen some decks to try and make this card work already, and in my opinion, I doubt they will. 1.75/5

Limited: You will get plenty of different typed SP Pokémon here, so Rainbow Lariat will probably be quite powerful and nab a OHKO or two, but it's massive energy cost will mean you'll never really want to use it. Drain Punch could lead to some nice tanking (and pssibly a hilarious never ending battle between 2 of these), but a Fighting Pokémon will probably be this guy's downfall again. Better here than in Modified though. 3/5
Steel_Winger Welcome back to the Pokemon COTD! Hope everyone had a great Independance Day!

Sneak peaks of cards from the upcoming Supreme Victors set have been released, and today we're going to look at one: Regigigas FB.

Starting with the basics, Regigigas FB has 100 HP, which is great on a basic, SP or otherwise. It's a Colorless-type, so it can do some good damage against Flygon, in theory. It has a x2 Weakness to Fighting-type Pokemon, so Machamp will obviously be a problem, even with an Unown G attached to this guy. There's no resistance to anything, which can be expected at times, and it has a retreat cost of 4. Four!? ... Actually, that's not much of a problem because of Poke Turn. Being an SP Pokemon, it can utilize that and all of the other support for SP Pokemon.

Regigigas FB has no Poke-Powers of Poke-Bodies, but it has 2 attacks. The first, Drain Punch, does 30 for 3 energies of choice. That's not enough power for a costly attack; use Energy Gain with this guy at all costs. Drain Punch also lets you heal it for 10 times the number of energies attached to the Defending Pokemon. Usually, you'll be healing 10-20, optimally 40 against anything running Sceptile (GE). In most cases, It'll hardly be enough to stave off Regigigas' chances of sticking around.

The second attack, Rainbow Lariat, does 20 damage for every type of SP Pokemon you have in play at the cost of a whopping 4 energies of choice (3 with Energy Gain, but still quite a bit even then). This attack can be useful in an SP Toolbox build, but only with a full Bench. A lot of people tech Dialga G and its LV. X, and Crobat G as well. Still, it is a costly attack, and Regigigas FB will likely be taken down before it can get a chance to use this attack.

If you're going to use this card. I have seven words for you: Energy Gain, Filnt's Willpower and Poke Turn.


Modified: 1.5/5 There are plenty of better SP Pokemon to play with than this guy. You think being owned by Palmer, the Tower Tycoon would make it battle worthy. Not so in the TCG unfortunately.
Limited: 1/5 Regigigas FB = Slow Start, which is actually its ability in the video games. You know Bastiodon GL from Rising Rivals? This is his counterpart from Supreme Victors. Destined to shine... in the trade binder.

This is Steel_Winger, until next time!

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