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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Walrein Lv. 59

Rising Rivals

Date Reviewed: 07.20.09

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 2.40
Limited: 2.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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OK, a very interesting Pokemon.


140 HP, with an evolutionary power that allows you to instantly energize Walrein and get him attacking.


70 for 4 with a dual removal would normally seem bad, but with this rapid evolution, this could really be good.


This power also works while Walrein is on the bench, so the 4 retreat cost doesn’t get you “stuck” if this power is hit by a power spray.


Weakness to metal…wow, at least it is not lightning in this envio.  No major metal players sneaking around yet…except Dialga G, so this could be OK.


I would have to meditate to find a good low energy combo hitter for Walrein…like Kingdra…to get going while you are getting the BIG Walrus ready.


I prefer stage 1s or basics for this type of set-up Pokemon though.


With fire getting set to run starting next set, look for Kingdra and this guy to step up!


Ratings…Modified 3/5   This could be played WITHOUT being ridiculed.


Limited…3/5  Cool power, but stage 2s are SOOO tough!  Get it out, and you can ROCK the board with it!



Baby Mario
Top 4 UK Nats



Hi and welcome to another week of CotD, where this week we will be looking at some of the less hyped cards from Rising Rivals.


I have always thought Walrein looked pretty cool. Some people may say he’s just too similar to Dewgong, but not me ;-)


The RR version has a massive 140 HP, which is pretty impressive for a Stage 2, even these days. The Metal Weakness makes a nice change for a Water Pokémon, and is probably better than Lightning Weakness at the moment seeing as Luxray GL is everywhere and Dialga G sees more play as a tech than as a main attacker these days. A Retreat cost of 4 means that Switches and Warp Points will need to be run in any Walrein deck.


Walrein has just the one attack, costing a hefty [W][W][C][C]. For that, you get to do 70 damage (significantly below average nowadays), discard an Energy from Walrein (not great, but we can live with it), AND discard an Energy from the defending Pokémon (very nice . . . unless they have an Unown G attached). Normally, having a single attack that expensive would make Walrein unplayable, but he has a PokePower, Gather Ice, to help him out. When you play Walrein from your hand, you can attach as many Water Energy to him as you like. Obviously, this would combine well with a card that gives you a constant supply of Energy when you need it, so Bronzong SF seems to be the obvious combo with Walrein.


Unfortunately, even with his built-in acceleration, 70 damage really falls short of what you need from a Stage 2 Pokémon, and there is always the risk that Gather Ice will get Power Sprayed, leaving you with a Pokémon that can’t attack for several turns. You could fix that with a Memory Berry and use the cheaper attacks of Walrein’s pre-evolutions but, to be honest, they are not that great.


I want to like him, but unfortunately, Walrein is just too slow and too underpowered to be competitive in this format.




Modified: 2.25 (needed another, cheaper attack to be playable)

Limited: 3.5 (I actually used this in Prerelease. Limited decks run loads of Energy, and its Power can’t be blocked)

Steel_Winger Welcome back to the Pokemon COTD!

Today's card is one that hasn't gotten a lot of attention as far as I can tell. So I present to you... Walrein from Rising Rivals. Let's check out the basics: it has 140 HP, which is great on a Stage 2. I honestly doubt it'll be OHKOed by anything even counting the +30 Weakness to Metal, a Type that's not played much except for those using Dialga G and Bronzong G, and people don't even use the latter to attack. There's no Resistance, as is expected from most Pokemon in the TCG. A Retreat Cost of 4 is expected on a big Pokemon like Walrein, and can be made easier by the use of Warp Point/Switch/Warp Energy/Weavile (SW) + Moonlight Stadium.

Walrein has a Power called Gather Ice. You would think it would be building an igloo or something, but it lets you attach as many Water energies as you like from your hand to Walrein the turn that you evolve it. I suppose it's not too bad, you can always use Roseanne's Research to search for 2 Water energies before attaching them to Walrein using the Power. It's a good Power to power up it's expensive attack...

Which is called Cold Crush. For 4 energies of choice, two which must be Water, you do 70 damage to the Defending Pokemon, which is a little underpowered. After that, both Walrein and the Defending Pokemon have an energy card discarded from them. The attack is already expensive, but then you would have to constantly attach an energy to Walrein every turn for it to attack. I just wish that it had another attack that costs less energy so you wouldn't have to keep Walrein powered up every turn; I would like to get another attacker primed and ready to go instead of constantly feeding energy to the one that's alrready active. Granted, it does help to hinder your opponent as well, unless they're using Flint's Willpower with their SP Pokemon.

Are there any combos with this card? Yeah, there's a couple. The first one is to combine this with Starmie (RR). It's Power, Aqua Recycle, let's you get a Water Energy from your discard pile to your hand. At least you won't have to worry about depleting energy from your deck. Another measure you can take is to attach a Memory Berry to Walrein and use another attack from one of its previous stages. Sealeo (also RR) in particular has an attack caller Find Ice, which gets you two Water energies from your deck into your hand. It can also be a setup attack for when you do evolve it into Walrein. You can also use Weavile to get some Dark energies on it to power it up faster and do more damage with Cold Crush (with the Special Darks).

One of the only things that I can really find good about this card is that when combined with Starmie (RR), your opponent usually won't have a way to replenish their lost energy besides Night Naintenance, Energy Pickup/Energy Restore, or Aaron's Collection. Take advantage of the power at ALL COSTS because it'll take way too long to get it going by normal means.


Modified: 1.75/5 The attack is okay if Walrein is your only main attacker, but this guy needs constant maintenance every turn after it attacks if you want to keep it going. The only grace it has is that your opponent has to discard by it's attack as well.

Limited: 2/5 Unless you power this guy up on the bench, Walrein will just be a sitting duck here. At least Mamoswine GL can do damage WHILE it's getting charged.

This is Steel_Winger, until next time!
Hey mew2 master finally back. A league just started in my city so yea. Anyways today is walrein from the rising rivals set. And alls I have to say is don’t use this card. It’s not good at all. Sure it may deal 70 damage but that’s if you have 4 energies attached to it. However cold crush is very good. But only if u discard an Energy. However its hp is pretty good since it’s a base 2 pokemon. Its retreat is a nightmare. It’s an energy waster. My god can this get any worse. No actually better with its poke-body. Only use it in limeade. Well got to feed mew see ya.

Limited- 3.5

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