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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Yanmega 4 Lv. 49

Rising Rivals

Date Reviewed: 07.17.09

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 1.37
Limited: 2.25

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Jigglypuff13 7/17 Yanmega 4 Lv.49 (RR)

Hello, welcome to the final review of the week, and we end it on a low note with Yanmega 4 from Rising Rivals. This card received no hype, but does it have any hope of being played? No, really, as I'll explain in this review. First, the basics of the card, and for an SP Pokémon, it has a pretty average 90 HP. It may be slightly above average, but not by much. x2 Lightning Weakness is annoying due to the large amount of Luxray GL and it's Lv.X (RR) running about, but really, aside from that line, not much Lightning it being played. -20 Fighting Resistance is only really useful when you are up against Machamp (SF), and even then, only if they don't try and use Take Out on your Yanmega 4. For a flying bug, 1 Retreat Cost seems a little high to me. 1 Retreat Cost isn't high in general, it's about average really, it's just high for a such a light flying bug. Finally, this Pokémon is an SP Pokémon, as you may have already guessed, so has all the usual benefits of being one.

Abilities now, and first of all, Skill Dive. For C (or Energy Gain), you get to do 10 damage to one of your opponents Pokémon. What is the point of this attack? Raichu GL (RR) has a C attack that does 10 damage to 2 of your opponents benched Pokémon, so this attack has very little use. A single weak snipe like this is barely worth the ink used for the text.
It's second attack is your standard Whirlwind attack. GCC (or GC and an Energy Gain) for 50 isn't really that great since many SP's and Pokémon in general can do more for less. Forcing your opponent to switch generally isn't very useful either, since if they have something free Retreat Cost on the bench, then they will instantly be able to bring up the Pokémon you sent to the bench. It's a pointless attack really.

Combos? Do you really expect there to be any combos with this card apart from the binder? No. If anyone can think of 1 use for this card that can't be done better but other cards (like it's sniping done better by Raichu GL, or the switching by any Pokémon where you get to choose what to bring up), then I'd like to hear from you.

Counters? Well, it's main counter if the fact that many Pokémon do this card's jobs alot better than this card. Also, Machamp (SF) is a problem for this card, like it is for every SP Pokémon, where it forces the moronic Yanmega 4 player to choose between Energy Gain and Unown G (GE), if you'd actually want to waste either of those cards on such a useless Pokémon. In case anyone is stupid enough to play this card on the bench, then don't expect it to stay there for long since Luxray GL Lv.X will happily use it's Poké-Power to bring it active, then use any attack to KO it and grab a free prize.


Modified: Yeah, what is the point of this card? Skill Dive is done better by the countless other snipers we have in the format, and Whirlwind has always been a rather useless attack. However, the absolute worst thing about this card is the rarity. It's Rare, and for the life of me, I can't see any reason why. To be honest, apart from as a filler card, I can't see any real reason why this card was printed in the first place. Binder fodder, or better yet, recycle them, otherwise you won't get much use out of Yanmega 4. 1/5

Limited: Here, I'm still not sure if there's much point to this card. Skill Dive is too weak to really be of much use, but if you are trying to make a sniping/spreading deck (because you luckily got a Gallade 4 and Lv.X version), then I suppose this may be used as a sniper, but otherwise, not great. Whirlwind can be used to spread damage around as well, but it's really not worth it. Just try to leave this card alone. 1.5/5

Wow, let’s see.

A bug weak to lightning that has 2 relatively pointless attacks, and a retreat cost?

The attack for 1 energy is horrid. 1 Damage anywhere? Just use Crobat and drop your energy.

50 for 3? Is that the definition of UNDERPOWERED in this envio, and yay, you get to switch their Pokemon!

Wait, they choose the new active…pointless just became more pointless.

There are a LOT better options out there.

Ratings. Modified 1.5/5 Celebrate if your opponent turns over this card.

Limited. 2.5/5 OK, big bug and not much lightning here. Luxray is hard to get out, and not as powerful without energy gain. Still others, but a better option.

There you go. Happy weekend!

Baby Mario
Top 4 UK Nats

Yanmega 4


Well, it looks like we have run out of LV Xs, so we will finish the week with Bugsy’s Yanmega. It looks a pretty nasty beast in the video game, but will it intimidate anyone in the TCG?


90 HP is decent for an SP Basic. A retreat cost of one seems a bit harsh for a flying insect and Weakness to Lightning is becoming more and more of a liability. Resistance to fighting is always a nice bonus though, as is the fact that it benefits from all the lovely SP support out there.


Yanmega 4’s first attack, Skill Dive, is a simple snipe anything for 10 attack for the cost of [C]. Not too shabby, but  remember that Raichu GL will do 10 to TWO benched Pokémon for the same cost.  The second attack, Whirlwind, does 50 damage and forces a switch for [G][C][C]. Could be useful, I suppose, but nothing earth-shattering.


Yanmega 4 is one of those many cards that are not terrible in themselves, but they just don’t do enough to elevate them to the status of tournament playable cards. Without a useful Power, Body, or LV X, Yanmega just doesn’t do anything to make anyone want to play it in a modified deck. On the other hand, it was probably designed more for Limited play, where its attacks are a little more effective.




Modified: 1.5 (just . . . meh, really)

Limited: 2.75 (fairly decent here, but still nothing special)


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