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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Infernape 4 Lv.X

Rising Rivals

Date Reviewed: 07.10.09

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 4.50
Limited: 3.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Jigglypuff13 7/10 Infernape 4 Lv.X (RR)

Hello, and welcome to the end of the week with one of the big cards from Rising Rivals, yes, it's Infernape 4 Lv.X! Half of the main card of the deck that won US Nats last weekend, lets see why it's so good. The Basics of the card first, and it has 110 HP, which for an SP Lv.X is quite good, and just below the highest for an SP Lv.X at the time of writing, so it should survive a hit or two. x2 Water Weakness is expected, and really only annoying when against Kingdra (LA) or Palkia G and it's Lv.X (PL), but there aren't many other big water types at the moment. No Resistance is no Resistance, there is very little that can be said about it. No Retreat Cost is perfect, and very little else can be said about it. Finally, it's an SP Pokémon, so it can take advantage of all of the brilliant SP support that's been released so far, so Energy Gain, Poké Turn, SP Radar and the rest of them are all able to be abused by thi card.

Abilities next, and I'll start off with it's Poké-Power, Intimidating Roar. It's a nice little Poké-Power that, when you use it once per turn, forces your opponent to switch their active Pokémon with one of their bench. It's amazingly disruptive, forcing your opponent to switch, then allowing you to start either hitting their new active, or hurt their bench with a sniper or spreader. Also quite nice since the normal version of Infernape 4 (RR) that you will have leveled up this Pokémon from has Split Bomb, which is always a nice spreading attack. The only downside I suppose is that your opponent gets to choose what they bring up, meaning it do virtually nothing to them if they have 2 fully charged main attackers out. However, if they only have a Claydol (GE) benched, then it becomes brilliant and massively disruptive.
It's attack next, and it's a big one and a classic: Fire Spin. For RRC (or RR and Energy Gain), you do 100 damage, but you have to discard 2 energies attached to Infernape 4 Lv.X. The effect for Fire Spin has always been the same, but it's quite a cheap little attack. It's not really something that's going to work as the main attacker in a deck, since you'd have to use it with Heatran Lv.X (SF) in that case, and that probably won't work very well, but is a nice attack for when you need a quick KO.

Combos now, and I have already mentioned one which is with Heatran Lv.X (SF) to stop Fire Spin discarding Infernape 4 Lv.X's energies for a constant 100 damage every turn. It may sound nice, but is easy to see through, and a good player will get round it. However, the main combo with this card is with Luxray GL Lv.X (RR). The idea is to bring out something that you can then hit them with a big attack or spread around damage so you can KO everything in a few turns or just use the appropriate tech to take out their new active. It's not a bad little deck.

Counters, and first of all, like so many SP Pokémon, Infernape 4 Lv.X doesn't really like being attacked by Machamp (SF), especially if Infernape 4 Lv.X doesn't have Unown G (GE) attached and Machamp (SF) uses Take Out. However, that is quite a universal fear for all Basic Pokémon. Infernape 4 Lv.X isn't too found of Water Pokémon either, especially if they can do 60 or more damage, since it'll get a OHKO on this Pokémon. Infernape 4 Lv.X is not really being a big fan of Flygon and it's Lv.X (RR), since Flygon (RR)'s Rainbow Float will allow you to retreat almost anything you put up with Intimidating Roar for free, and Extreme Attack will happily OHKO Infernape 4 Lv.X, as with Power Swing from the normal form as well.


Modified: Intimidating Roar is very disruptive, Fire Spin is a nice finishing attack, it has decent HP, free Retreat Cost, a good normal form and has a brilliant combo (thank you Luxray GL Lv.X). There are better switching Poké-Powers (Luxray GL Lv.X's and Palkia Lv.X (GE)'s come to mind), and there are better attacks for the same cost, but it is a good all-rounder, and has good synergy with it's normal form since Intimidating Roar will allow it to spread around damage easier. 4.5/5

Limited: If you get this card, then you'll probably also have the normal form as well due to it's Uncommon rarity. Fire Spin is a little expensive and hard to get powered up each time, though it is likely to OHKO everything you come across here (there are exceptions, but they are rare). Intimidating Roar provides nice disruption again, and more of a chance to spread damage around again thanks to Split Bomb and just attacking. Also a nice way of getting rid of a big threat your opponent may have out, even for just 1 turn. 3.75/5

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