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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Top 10 Pokemon Cards of 2008

#6 - Unown G Lv. 17

Great Encounters

Date Reviewed: 01.09.09

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 4.60
Limited: 3.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Hey, another new set representative! Today we have Unown G from Great Encounters.

Name: Unown G
Set: Great Encounters
Rarity: Uncommon

HP: (50) - Good thing this will never see the end of a turn on the bench. Oh, and never start with it.

Weakness/Resistance: (Psychic+10/none) - Really nothing to worry about. Unown G should never be around at the end of your turn.

Retreat Cost: (1) - The only time this would have any purpose is if you would start with it.

Poke-POWER: (Guard) - This is one of the best Powers out there right now. This will find a use in absolutely every deck right now, especially with Dusknoirs and Gengars putting damage counters all over the place right now. Protect your Claydol, protect your main attacker, whatever.

Attack #1: (PC - Hidden Power) - Please never ever use this. I was kidding when I said Chatter was good yesterday.

Final Analysis: Let me put it this way, Guard is something so useful and good, that any deck can use it. Every deck... EVERY DECK should have 2 of these, AT LEAST, in it.

Modified: Just look above. (5/5)

Limited: Could certainly be useful here. (5/5)
Jigglypuff13 1/9 Unown G Lv.17 (GE) 6th place
Ah, the final day of the week, but before you all weep in disappointment, we do have the 6th place card of 2008 and next week, it's the top 5 of 2008. Anyway, today's card, the 6th best card of 2008, Unown G. For people to realise how great this card was, and this was mainly due to the release of SF with Gengar and Dusknoir from SF placing damage counters. If it wasn't for them, I don't think many decks would be running Unown G right now. Anyway, the card, and first off, the basics of it. 50 HP on a non-evolving Basic is pretty poor, but if it sees any time in play greater than 0.1 seconds, it's either the only Pokémon you started with, or your being really stupid. +10 Psychic Weakness is to be expected really, and is average, as is the 1 Retreat Cost and lack of Resistance.

Now for the reason it's played, Guard. This is a brilliant Poké-Power. Basically, you discard all cards attached to Unown G (none, right?) to attach Unown G to one of your of your Pokémon. That Pokémon than cannot be affected by effects of attacks other than damage. That is just brilliant. All of those attacks that place damage counters (so Gengar, Dusknoirs and Azelf Lv.X (LA) at the moment basically), Special Conditions (Gliscor (LA)? I don't think there's anything that's widely played that inflict Special Conditions at the moment) and all those other nasty effects that you hate are prevented on the Pokémon that Unown G is attached to. This is a brilliant way of protecting either your main attacker or your draw engine from being effected by those effects. Another brilliant thing about it is that there is no way of getting rid of it from the field at the moment. Pachirisu (GE) and Mismagius (SF) can discard tools, but because they are effects, they can't discard them. If there is one disadvantage to Guard (and there probably is only one), it's that it counts as a Pokémon Tool when attached to a Pokémon, so basically, you have to choose between Unown G and any other tool. Most tools are rubbish at the moment, but for decks that need/want to play Energy Link, it's going to be quite a tough choice on some Pokémon (though it shouldn't be for their draw engines, who should almost always have Unown G attached when going against a deck that can place damage counters on the bench).
That's probably enough about Guard, and onto Hidden Power. It's rubbish. PC for 50 is nice, but you only do that if Unown G has no damage counters on it. Any damage counters, and Hidden Power does a measly 10 damage. What a pointless attack.

Combos, and basically, use it in every deck that fears effects of attacks. Basically, use it in every deck. From saving a Basic from Take Out, to stopping Gengar from placing 6 damage counters on your benched Claydol (GE) or even just stopping your opponent from stopping your active from retreating, it's uses are near infinite, and thus most decks should be packing at least 2 of these.


Modified: This is a brilliant card, and that's because of Guard. Stopping all of those effects is just too good to pass up on. There aren't many disadvantages to this card, but not having another tool attached is one, and also, it's a Basic, meaning that if you have only this as a Basic in you starting hand, you have to start with it. Since it's rubbish as an attacker and can't set anything up, you may as well scoop if you start with it. However, it's not enough reason to not run this card. 4.5/5

Limited: There probably won't be too many effects here, and if there are any, you probably won't care too much about them (though you may do if someone gets an Arbok-Weezing combo), so Guard probably won't be that effective. Since Hidden Power is so rubbish, there is very little reason to use this card. Might sometimes be helpful, but not enough for me to recommend playing it here. 1.5/5

OK, what do you get when you have a tool that cannot be removed, except by knocking out the Pokemon? You get a BROKEN card.

Broken is a term that is overused, but I feel is certainly accurate for this card.

This card was NOT broken until the rotation, when the trainer Windstorm rotated out, making it impossible (virtually) to remove this tool from a Pokemon.

Preventing all affects of attacks to a pokemon except for straight damage is unbelievable. No longer does Claydol need to fear the Gengar attack, or key support Pokemon need to fear the Dusknoir damage even attack, and basic Pokemon no longer need to fear the Machamp “Take Out” attack. If the attack puts on a special condition, knocks you out, places damage counters, all of that is IGNORED due to Unown G. Even the effect of removing the tool gets ignored.

In the current modified envio…this is THE card to play in most every deck. The decks that play around this card (with “powers” that cause poison and the like) are generally not strong enough to survive a power deck using this card.

As a starter, it could be worse! 1 retreat cost, the ability to use call energy (and then retreat with it), and having an attack that I have ACTUALLY seen win a game in a high-powered match between two undefeated players, makes it pretty decent. They could have “balanced” this card by giving it a 2 retreat cost, but they didn’t! YAY!

Modified Rating…5/5 Use it or lose. That is the theme right now!

Limited Rating…3.5/5…Not a bad card, just harder to use when you don’t have full trainer control. Still a good card.

Only a few more days until the LAST cities weekend! Good luck to all competing. If you are in the St. Louis area, come on by GameNite at South County Mall at 11:00 for registration this Saturday! I am adding to the door prizes, and we will have a WOOT and CHAW good time!
Winner of a Stormfront Prerelease
Unown G (GE57)

Today's card of the day is Unown G, the Symbol Pokemon, and a card that would never have been considered for this list pre-Stormfront.

Unown G is a Psychic type, and as such, as a +10 weakness to its own type. Chances is are though, that you'll just drop it from your hand and attach it to the Pokemon you want right away, so your opponent can't hit it. Unown G has no resistance, an all too common trait of many Pokemon, and a okay retreat cost of one. But once again, if you are unlucky enough to have this as yur active on the first turn, you can always just attach it to one of your Pokemon rather then pay an energy to retreat it.

Unown G's Pokemon Power, Guard, is the only reason its on this list. With this amazing ability, you can attach him to your Pokemon and have only damagefrom attacks affect you. And since placing damage counters don't count as damage, you're safe from many forms of attack from those two SF ghosts, Gengar and Dusknoir. If you're runing multiple Unown G's, you could even attach one to your Claydol to prevent Gengar from sniping it. The possibilities are nearly endless.

Unown G's only attack is, of course, Hidden Power, which does 50 damage for 1 Psychic and 1 colorless energy, unless you're damaged, in which case it simply does 10 damage. This attack is fun to suprise peopl with on the second turn, and may even get a KO, but you're better off saving the energy for a main attacker. In any case, Unown G is run in nearly all decks, so, unless they were Psychic decks in the first place, the energy to fuel this attack will be almost nonexistant.

Modifed 4/5
Unown G belongs in every deck, as it prevents the new ghosts from placing damage counters. Not only that, but it pevents Paralysis, Poison, or any other stauts conditions that happen from damge.
(That reminds me, I have to tech in a Pokemon Tool killer for my Magnevire deck)
Limited 4/5

Same score here, there aren't as many damage counters, but Status effects are always more prevalent in Prereleases.

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