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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Top 10 Pokemon Cards of 2008

#7: Chatot Lv. 30
Majestic Dawn

Date Reviewed: 01.08.09

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 4.25
Limited: 4.50

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Hey it's our first card from a set other than Legends Awakened. It is Chatot from Majestic Dawn! Is it the only one from MD? You will soon find out!

Name: Chatot Lv. 30
Set: Majestic Dawn
Rarity: Common

HP: (60) - Not terrible especially since Chatot kind of becomes useless after the first few turns.

Weakness/Resistance: (Lightning+20/Fighting-20) - Weakness is not the end of the world, and resistance to fighting is definitely nice.

Retreat Cost: (0) - Yay! This makes Chatot so accessible in decks.

Attack #1: (0 - Mimic) - This is a nice little attack that can easily change the crap hand that you start with. Or, if you find yourself in a bind, Chatot can easily get you a new hand later in game, depending on your opponent's generosity.

Attack #2: (CC - Chatter) - If you thought that Mimic was good, well meet the real reason that Chatot is played. This attack does an incredible 20 damage and prevents retreat! This was the sickest attack before Mesprit stole the show.

Final Analysis: Yeah, so Mimic basically made Chatot a great tech card in many decks. Pretty much every deck should have one of these. The free retreat is also an added bonus so that you can get it back to the bench.

Modified: Like I said, every deck should have one. (4.5/5)

Limited: Not many other cards are better in limited. Obviously use it for Mimic, not Chatter. (5/5)
Jigglypuff13 1/8 Chatot Lv.30 (MD) 7th Place

So, 7th place, and it's a common that we never reviewed when it was first released, Chatot. I'm glad this card is in this list because this is a brilliant little card. First, the basics, and 60 HP on this non-evolving basic isn't too bad. Considering this isn't meant to see to much time in the active spot after the first few turns, it should allow it to see through those turns, get back to the bench, and then just be used as something with free retreat later on in the game. Speaking of, this card has no Retreat Cost, which is perfect, obviously, and has obvious uses. +20 Lightning Weakness isn't a big thing. The only good Lightning decks at the moment are Raichu Lv.X (SF) variants and Magnezone Lv.X (LA) variants using at least 1 Lightning Magnezone, and that's it really. There may be rouges that appear, but not too likely probably. Not as though it really matters since most Lightning Pokémon should get a OHKO anyway. -20 Fighting Resistance isn't that useful either, with only one good Fighting deck at the moment, Machamp (SF) variants, and it'll probably just use Take Out rather than risking Hurricane Punch and hope for 3 heads, or trying to power up Rage.

Abilities, and while no Retreat Cost is the icing on the cake, it's Mimic that's the cake itself, and the reason this card is played as a tech starter so much. For no Energies, you shuffle your hand into your deck and draw a new hand of size equal to the size of your opponents hand. Essentially, it's a Copycat that ends your turn, and if you ask me, that's brilliant. Combined with Call Energy and you end up with a great starter combo. If you have a great starting hand, use Call Energy so you can then take advantage of keeping your hand and getting some new basics. Have a rubbish starting hand, and shuffle it away using Mimic. Even without Call Energy, Mimic is still brilliant since you can still get rid of a hand of what you don't need. Chatter is basically useless, and if you ever use the attack, you are doing something wrong. CC for 20 and stopping your opponent's active from retreating is hardly threatening.

Combos, and, well, just use it as a starter in any deck. That's what it's good at, and is one of the best starters available at the moment. For every deck you build, you should at least consider using at least 1 of these, because it is that useful.


Modified: Aside from maybe Call, and Sableye (SF), it's the best starter of the format, and even then, it's tight between which is best. Mimic is just such a great attack. Admittedly, it's random what you get, but you should be able to set up quite well really. Even after the first few turns of the game, it still has uses, such as putting it active after your own Warp Point so you have a free retreater active. It's just a brilliant card, and that's an end of it. 4.5/5

Limited: You should get at least 1 of these, and if you do, use it. This is one of the few drawing cards you will get, and because Mimic if also shuffle draw, it's great at getting rid of rubbish cards from your hand at the same time (and you will end up with rubbish cards in your hand). You might even end up with Warp Point here, so you can still use it's free Retreat. Chatter is still rubbish though. 4.5/5

OK, finally a GOOD free retreat starter with a great 0 energy attack that allows you to “copycat” your opponent’s hand.

Essentially, a card that works GREAT with no energy as a starter, and allowing you to recover in the mid game.

60 HP, weakness to lightning, resistance to fighting, all good enough.

You open with Chatot, play a benched pokemon, energize it, do some other things, and then get to say “Cool, I need a new hand” and finish your turn with 5+ fresh cards!

The 0 retreat cost makes it an ideal choice to put up after a Pokemon has been knocked out, or for warp point, allowing for maximum flexibility.

A lot of players in the height of 2008 used this as an opener, and all of the “Big” decks seemed to play at least one of the little bird for its flexibility.

No longer the strongest starter, but certainly, still a good card that is not “binder fodder” at this time. Problem is, the Pixies and the Claydols have made bench space OOOH SO valuable in this era of Dusknoir.

So…at the present time…

Modified 3.5/5

Limited 5/5 (almost a perfect starter here in an envio with very little draw)
Winner of a Stormfront Prerelease
Chatot (MD55)
Today's Card of the Day is Chatot, and number 7 on our countdown of the best 10 cards of 2008, although in my opinion, this card provides no reliable draw power, and I would rather run a LA Uxie or Claydol then it.

Chatot has 60 HP, a good amount for Basic Pokemon that can evolve, like Piplup. But when you can't evolve, 60 isn't going to cut it. 70 would have been preferable for this sorry sack of feathers, and what's all the worse is that +20 Lightning weakness that means any electric Pokemon that can do damage can KO it in two turns. It has two saving graces for these awful stats. One is the -20 Fighting weakness which helps early game against Machamp decks, that is until they evolve and smash this poor muppet wannabe into a pulp. The second grace is free retreat cost, so you can get Chatot the heck out of there when you see your opponent doing something remotely more strategic then sitting back and letting you use Mimic.

Chatot's first attack, and the reason it's on the top 10 list instead of being mocked as one of the worst cards of all time is Mimic. this handy ability lets you draw cards until you have the same amount of cards in your hand as your opponent. All for no energy. this seems great, but, truth be told, there are way better card drawers. LA Uxie lets you draw up to 7 cards, and Claydol can keep refueling your hand and doesn't even need to be active. A main problem with this attack is that your opponent can simply cut back on the card drawing to counter it. Or they can simply KO it, which isn't that hard to do, seeing as it only has 60 HP.

Chatot's second attack, and only way of doing damage, beyond giving your opponent a Paper Cut, is Chatter. For two colorless energies, you can do 20 damage and prevent the defending Pokemon from retreating. Frankly, you're better off using the energy on an actually decent attacking Pokemon, and just retreat for free, rather then let this sad excuse of a Pokemon fight.

Modified 4/5
If you have no Claydols or Uxies, run this. Otherwise, there are much better draw options available.
Limited 4/5
Better here, since any form of drawing is appreciated in Limited. Be sure to watch out for the respectable amount of electric Pokemon in the set.

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