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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Top 10 Pokemon Cards of 2008

#8 - Uxie Lv. X
Legends Awakened

Date Reviewed: 01.07.09

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 4.40
Limited: 4.25

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Hey, today we have #8. Uxie Lv. X!

Name: Uxie Lv. X
Set: Legends Awakened
Rarity: Ultra Rare

HP: (90) - As with Mesprit, 90 is low for what essentially is a Stage 1.

Weakness/Resistance: (Psychic x2/none) - Weak to itself, Gardevoir, blah blah blah.

Retreat Cost: (1) - Not terrible, plus there are ways to give the pixies free retreat.

Poke-POWER: (Trade Off) - This is a nice power. Basically, Uxie aided with draw power in the AMU decks. The normal form was a essentially a Birch (+1) and this gives you a free Pokedex Handy every turn. Using both will help you easily go through your deck to get what you need.

Attack #1: (CC - Zen Blade) - 60 damage is pretty nice, especially considering it can do it for so little energy. The effect can be worked around by using the cycling method common in the AMU decks.

Final Analysis: I'm not sure why this managed to land above Mesprit, but this is still a great card. Trade Off is great for draw power and the colorless attack makes it useful in all decks, not just AMU and psychic-specific decks.

Modified: Another key ingredient in the phenomenom that was AMU. (4.25/5)

Limited: This would be sick in limited. If you manage to pull it and the regular Uxie, play it! (5/5)
Jigglypuff13 1/7 Uxie Lv.X (LA) 8th place
Mid week, and the 8th best card of last year (apparently), Uxie Lv.X! Now, this card does deserve to be here (finally, a card that does!), but I'd probably say at least a couple of places higher up. Oh well, after all the weighing and averaging and whatever, this card only got 8th, so, oh well. Another little fact, the first 3 cards of the top 10 list we have here are Lv.X's. A nice little fact there. Anyway, onto the card I suppose, and the basics of the card. To be honest, this is the same as Mesprit Lv.X (reviewed yesterday), and very little has changed since my first review of this card, which I never did. Anyway, HP, and 90 on a Basic lv.X is the tied lowest of the moment, with the other pixies obviously. This, combined with it's dreadful x2 Psychic Weakness, leaves it very vulnerable to a couple of the big decks of the metagame, Dusknoir and Gengar (SF for both) decks. Thankfully, this is a bench sitter and an all right back-up attacker, so if you ever find this card active against either of those 2 decks with it's weakness still there, you had better have a good excuse. Even against non-Psychic decks, that 90 (or maybe 110 with Snowpoint Temple) HP isn't going to allow it to survive many, if any, hits. No Resistance, is, well, obvious, as is the single Retreat cost.

Now for the abilities of the card, and I'll start with Trade Off, a Poké-Power that is always taken in consideration to the other famous drawer, Claydol (GE). While Claydol is famed for how brilliant it is, Trade Off isn't too far behind. First, you get too look at the top 2 cards of your deck. Then you pick one to put in your hand, whilst the other goes on the bottom of you deck. There are a couple of problems here, such as if you get 2 needed cards there when you can only pick one, or if you get 2 rubbish cards and have to pick one, but you will always be drawing an extra card, and for no cost other than actually having the card in play, that's pretty nice. Compare that to Cosmic Power, which has the cost of putting cards on the bottom of your deck, that doesn't sound too bad, until you realise that Claydol can draw anywhere between 0 and 6 cards. If you want card advantage, Claydol is probably better, especially when you consider that, no matter how many Uxie Lv.X's you have in play, you are only allowed to use one Trade Off per turn. When Claydol can use Cosmic Power equal to the amount of Claydol (GE)'s you have on the field, it's easy to see why Uxie Lv.X is still the slightly inferior option. It may sound vastly inferior, but you will also have to consider the fact that Uxie Lv.X also then allows you to use Uxie (LA), which is just a quicker alternative to Claydol. May only be used once, and can't allow you to dump cards back into your deck so you can draw more, but being able to draw up to 7 cards with one Poké-Power is pretty powerful.

So, Claydol wins that battle, but it doesn't win when it comes to attacks. Claydol has nothing worth mentioning, but Uxie Lv.x has the brilliant Zen Blade. CC for 60 is very nice. You may not be able to use Zen Blade next turn, but that's a small price to pay. Use it when you are in-between main attackers, and you'll find it very useful. Also, if you ever find yourself up against a Machamp (SF) deck, then you will find this card acts as a rather impromptu and nice Machamp Lv.X (SF) slayer. 60 + 40 Weakness + 60 for Machamp Lv.X's Poké-Body = 1 KO'ed Machamp Lv.X, all for CC. Even if Uxie Lv.X then gets KO'ed by Take Out next turn, it's already proved it's worth. So, what would you prefer, the Machamp Lv.X killing Zen Blade, or Spinning Attack, an attack so bad, no one has ever actually used it?

Right, combos, and obviously, it's a draw engine. Basically, if you have a couple of Uxie Lv.X laying about (who doesn't?) and you don't want to fork out how ever much it is for Claydol (or would prefer to pay a little extra for Uxie Lv.X for some reason), then this can make an effective engine. Just make sure you use the LA Uxie for set up. Also, Uxie Lv.X is the U in AMU, and that deck will always prefer to have Uxie Lv.X as it's draw engine when compared to Claydol, just so it can actually use Supreme Blast.


Modified: This is a brilliant card, and well worth a top 10 spot. Trade Off, even when combined with Set Up, isn't quite as good as Cosmic Power, but it's Still worth consideration as a draw engine in almost any deck. Also, it actually has a half-way decent attack, so if you really need someone to do something when you've just had one main attacker KO'ed and haven't got a second set up, then this will happily do the job. seriously, if you don't want/can't to use Claydol, then you will have to seriously consider this card and it's normal form. 4.5/5

Limited: Well, let's see what I wrote last time about Uxie Lv.X here. "..." Oh yeah, I didn't write a review for it last time, so I'm actually going to have to think of something good to put here now. Well then, if you get a normal Uxie and this card in Limited, use them. Seriously, this is the only good draw you have access to here, so using them will make your deck more consistent than your usual Limited deck. It can attack with Zen Blade, and you may want it to since it will KO most Pokémon you meet here, but it's just a shame that you can't use Zen Blade twice in a row. Still, use this card if possible. 4/5

OK, now on to a real card. In my mind, this card is SOOO underrated…and I will tell you why. Yes, underrated at #8.

First, the undercard, Uxie from LA, has the great set-up power, and then a 1 energy attack for 20 that can send the card away before any powers can affect it..cough…GENGAR…cough.

Second, the card itself has a Power that allows you to look at the top 2 cards of your deck EVERY TURN and choose 1, and put the other on the bottom of your deck. This card KEEPS on giving.

Third, the card has an attack, 60 for 2 energy. Sure can’t be used the next turn, but 2 for 60 has always been good. And there are enough ways to do it again, as we all know.

Let’s see, a card with an elite power, with a great prevolution, and colorless attacks.

I’ll take it!

Modified 5/5 It is the perfect card.

Limited 4.5/5 hard to get it out, that’s the ONLY problem.

Saturday – South County Mall – BE THERE – St. Louis, MO
Winner of a Stormfront Prerelease
Uxie Level X (LA146)
Hello everyone, my internet is fixed, so I can come back to doing COTDs. Today's Card of the Day is Uxie Level X, the Knowledge Pokemon and main hitter in AMU.

Uxie Level X has 90 HP, a decent amount for a virtual Stage 1, and, if you leveled up the LA Uxie, you can use Psychic Restore to return it to the deck, unscathed. Not only that, but Snowpoint Temple boosts it up to 110. A 2x weakness to Psychic isn't good, but Azelf Level X can completely erase it. No resistance is typical, but not a downside either. A retreat cost of one is nothing to worry about, since another Pixie takes it away.

Uxie Level X's Poke-Power, Trade Off, lets you look at the top 2 cards of your deck and pick one of them to put in your hand, and the other to the bottom of your deck. This lets you get some added card advantage, and is a good ability on a great card. The only downside is that you can't use it twice if you have two uxe Level X's out. But this isn't nearly te best part of the card, that would have to go to...

Zen Blade, Uxie Level X's only attack, not including previous levels. For two colorless energies, you can do 60 damage at the cost of not being able to use it again the next turn. But when you use MT Azelf, you can swap to another Level X Uxie and attack.

Modified 4/5
Uxie is great, and since it doesn't rely on the other Pixies it can be brought out much faster. The main problem is that AMU consists of usually five Level X's, making it hard for some cash-impaired people (like me :P) to build the deck. Not only that, but Mewtwo walls the whole deck, although you can simply tech in Mightyena LA to counteract that, and other AMU decks. the new Stormfront set has also not been kind to AMU with spreaders like Dusknoir and Gengar (Who does 60 damage easy to any Pixie) to wipe out the benched Pixies, and another new Archetype, Tyranitar, has resistance to them. Not too long ago, this deck was unstoppable, with everyone teching something in their deck to defend against it. However, the reason that Uxie Level X is a 4 and not a 3.5 is because with LA Uxie, you can put it in any deck. Need a bit more power for Empoleon? Throw it in. That speed of a two energy 60 is something few Pokemon can compare with.

Limited 3/5
If you can get the Uxie and this, you have it made. the best part is that it doesn't rely on the other Pixies, so you don't need to get the other Level X's. Not only that, bvut you can splash it in any deck.


... And the battle continues. This is JWittz, your roving reporter here at Pojo News. In a drastic case of irony, basic pokemon Mesprit LVL X beat out Mewtwo LVL X, the self proclaimed "basic pokemon cruncher". Today's report is. . . wait, what's this? I can't believe what I'm seeing!  It appears that Uxie LVL X is here with the TAG TEAM on Mewtwo! I've never seen anything like it! Cover your eyes!  I gotta get outta here!


So yeah, it seems we're dealing with Uxie lvl X today, number 8 on our awesome top 10 list-- a card I like very much indeed. Let's do the usual stat breakdown!

HP: 90. ouch. Just like Banquo said in Macbeth. . . "it smells like a OHKO tonight". The psychic pokemon then reply, "THEN LET IT COME DOWN!!!"

Type: Psychic-- a good type to have-- strong against itself, Gardevoir Gallade (yes, this deck is STILL a problem, with the aid of Weaville. . . I've learned the hard way), and Machamp. 

Weakness: Psychic-- not the best thing to happen, not the worst. Just as the last two pokemon with X2 psychic weaknesses we've reviewed, pokemon like Gardevoir, AMU (itself), and the crappy dusknoir's with attacks that do damage and don't drop counters

Retreat Cost: 1. Convenient! You can moon light stadium for free retreat, but one really isn't that bad either. It's all good. 

Pokepower-- trade off. This power is so good, and I can't count the number of times I've forgotten to use it with my Uxie X. It is the exact wording of the card Pokedex. . . but you get to use it every turn for free! It's very helpful for still providing draw power after you've blown your Uxie's "set up" power. I can name half a dozen tournament games I've won just by getting that single card I needed from a trade off. Drawing is ALWAYS good. . . except mom's kindness. . . 

Attack: Zen blade. This attack is much better than it looks. it OHKO's machampX, and provides a nice amount of damage to regular machamp, gardevoir, gallade, etc. The restriction of "can't use zen blade next turn" can easilly be avoided by using Palkia level X in combination with him, or a swich, or the free moonlight stadium, etc. 60 for 2 is a cheap price for a respectable amount of damage. The colorless cost also mean that you can use him in every type of deck, not just psychic ones.

Combos: I had this crazy idea. . . what if you ran Uxie lvl X in an AMU deck? oh wait, you have to! I personally like him in every deck I run that uses copies of Uxie. As I've said, running him with Palkia X is helpful for picking out those weak members on the bench and resetting zen blade

Final decision-- Uxie X is a versatile card that adds to your wasted Uxies. And he's a pokedex. That's about it. He's awesome.

Modified-- 4.25/5

Limited-- are you really gonna pick out him out of seven level X's, AND get more than one rare uxie? I wouldn't count on it. . .  2.75/5

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