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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Top 10 Pokemon Cards of 2008

#9 - Mesprit Lv. X

Legends Awakened

Date Reviewed: 01.06.09

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 3.75
Limited: 1.33

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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#9 is Mesprit Lv. X! Epic 200 damage!

Name: Mesprit Lv. X
Set: Legends Awakened
Rarity: Ultra Rare

HP: (90) - Pretty low for what is essentially a Stage 1.

Weakness/Resistance: (Psychic x2/none) - Same as Mewtwo yesterday, it is weak to itself. Psychic is a strong play right now, so this has kind of gone dead.

Retreat Cost: (1) - Definitely not bad, especially since one of the Lake Trio gives free retreat.

Attack #1: (0 - Healing Look) - This could be good, but probably not worth wasting a turn--This guy only has 90 HP!!.

Attack #2: (PP - Supreme Blast) - Uh yes... The biggest base damage ever. This can OHKO a healthy Wailord, and that is definitely saying something.

Final Analysis: Mesprit was the anchor of the popular AMU, and you can easily see why when you just look at the card.

Modified: Easily one of the strongest plays before Stormfront came out. (4.5/5)

Limited: This guy would not do much, especially considering you would need to land all six rares (and reverse holos) as Mesprit, Uxie and Azelf and the Lv. X. (2/5)
Jigglypuff13 1/6 Mesprit Lv.X (LA) 9th Place
Ah, 9th place card of 2008, another card I've already reviewed, and another card that really doesn't deserve a space in this list. Still, there are obviously COTD reviewers around here who think this card does deserve a top 10 slot, so without further delay, my second review of my favourite main attacker of the format, Mesprit Lv.X. Now, for those of you who have already seen THAT number (yes, you all know the number I'm on about), I'm going to build up the suspense by delaying my opinion of that attack until the next paragraph, so will take about the basics of the card first, and they aren't good. First, the HP, and 90 HP on a Basic Lv.X is the tied lowest - tied with the other pixies no less. This causes problems for what is undeniably a main attacker. x2 Psychic Weakness is bad, especially with Dusknoir and Gengar (both SF) being big and Mewtwo Lv.X (LA, reviewed yesterday at No. 10) being a tech that is considered as a counter to Regigigas Lv.X (SF) decks and AMU quite a lot running around (though the latter is used a lot less than the other 2), and they will KO this card. Snowpoint Temple helps, just not a lot. No Resistance, well, I'll gloss over that since few cards have a Resistance, and 1 Retreat Cost is average, but can be reduced to zero with either Mesprit (MT) or Moonlight Stadium
Abilities, and I'm going to put it off even more by talking about Healing Look First. For nothing, you get to remove 3 damage counters from each of your bench Pokémon. To be honest, in AMU, the only deck this card is going to be used in, you shouldn't have time to heal only your bench. Since this is a fragile main attacker, it would be a lot better if it also healed Mesprit Lv.X, but it can't, so, oh well, it doesn't particularly matter, since it still wouldn't be used because of the next attack, the one everyone has been waiting for. Supreme Blast. This one attack strikes fear into the heart of almost every Pokémon in the game (only 2 Pokémon in modified can survive a Supreme Blast, and they would both need Unown E (MT) attached in order to do so). The massive 200 damage attack is an attack that can put the fear into so many decks that they feel the need to at least consider running Mewtwo Lv.X. Or, at least, used to. 200 damage, the tied highest base damage in the game, tied with Lugia Ex (UF). Of course, for those of you who remember that card, it came with a big draw back, and, unfortunately, so does Supreme Blast. First, you have to discard all energies attached to Mesprit Lv.X. However, being only 2 energies needed for the attack, it isn't too bad really, with plenty of ways of getting energies back onto Pokémon, like Energy Pick-Up, Leafeon lv.X (MD), or Energy Linking/Switching them from another Pokémon. The other requirement is to have the other 2 pixie Lv.X's out as well. Getting Uxie Lv.X and Azelf Lv.X out just to use one attack seems slightly annoying, but considering it's one that does 200 damage, I think we can let it off. It might seem quite slow, but with Mesprit (MT), Moonlight Stadium, Switch and Warp Point all available, it is possible to get them all out by T2. Not likely and not necessary most of the time, but possible none the less.

Combos, and there is only one. This card is to be used exclusively with Uxie Lv.X (LA) and Azelf Lv.X (LA), plus some techs. Essentially, I've just described AMU there. AMU is the only deck that this card will work well in, and for an obvious reason thanks to Supreme Blast, which is what the deck is all about really. It does other tricks up it's sleeve, like using the others as draw engines, weakness removers, and back-up attackers. However, that is the only deck Mesprit Lv.X is probably going to be used in, which limits it a bit if you ever get it in a pack.


Modified: Mesprit Lv.X needs a fair bit of set up to make it work well, but once it's up, it becomes the ultimate glass cannon of the format. It's immensely powerful, but it basically won't survive a single attack (especially if you end up against Machamp (SF) without Unown G (GE) attached, but that isn't the point). It has another attack, but one that is useless in practice. Get everything set-up properly, and you will OHKO everything in the format, and hopefully being doing so every turn, just don't let it get it by more than 1 medium power attack. 2.5/5

Limited: "If you get all 3 Lv.Xs and all of the normal pixies, you are incredibly lucky. Use them, and you may struggle to get them all out. If you get them all out, then you are incredibly jammy. Normally, it won't happen, so you will never be able to use this card here. Still, nice after the tournament, as either trade bait or for AMU." I doubt anything I said there has changed. 1.25/5

OK, now we have the 2nd Pokemon I did not vote for on this list…

Mespirit Level X…

This is THE card that was being talked about some time ago.

2 for 200. An attack the likes of which had not been seen since Lugia EX.

Just gotta get out the other 2, Uxie Level X, and Azelf Level X, both of which are pretty good in their own right.

The deck was called AMU. It was overhyped, and did OK in certain areas. It did VERY POORLY in the St. Louis area. Kept getting stomped. Stopped being played quickly.

2 for 200 is the attack. Discard 2 energy, have the other Pixies out, and nothing except Mewtwo Level X can survive this onslaught..but, ah…the Achilles heel. Mewtwo Level X…the WHOLE DECK of AMU can’t attack the bloody card! Not good to get shutdown by one card, and if you tech to compensate, you give up a lot of speed, which the AMU deck was KNOWN for!

The first attack, yay, use it while you are recharging. 2x weakness got eliminated by the other pixies, and snowpoint temple moved the HP up to a respectable 110. All in all a card that took a LOT to get going.

1 retreat…FINE. Mespirit that stopped powers was VERY good, in keeping your opponent from setting up.

But, on to the ratings.

Modified. The whole deck is, and was a bit too slow in a highly competitive envio…I am going 3/5 here.

Limited..NO WAY you can play this card. None. Go home. 1/5 OK (draft it for the value)

Gotta love a top 10 card that I give a COMBINED 4/10 rating. Needless to say, big Megs disagrees here.

For the record, I had Regigigas Level X up here, after his effect on Cities in my area…but each area has a different metagame, and the CERTAINLY was one of the most anticipated and talked about cards of 2008.

See you all on Saturday at South County Mall in St. Louis!

Travis hilse

todays card is mespirt lvl X i like this card and i love its attack 200 if u have the other lvl Xs in play for 2 p energies sorry i haven't been on my great uncle died and i was in Arkansas sorry for being short

5/5 all around

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