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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Top 10 Pokemon Cards of 2008

#10 - Mewtwo Lv. X (Legends Awakened)

Date Reviewed: 01.05.09

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 4.00
Limited: 4.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Jigglypuff13 1/5 Mewtwo Lv.X (LA) 10th place

Happy new year and such and such. Welcome to another year of Pojo's reviews, kicking off with the top 10 of 2008. If you ask me, we are living in the past here. Still, kicking off the top 10 list, in 10th place (obviously) is, well, guess. Look at the picture or even the top line of this review, and you'll work it out to be Mewtwo Lv.X. Personally, I don't think it should be in this list, but there you go. Some of you may remember my old review about this card, but this review is not a direct copy-past of the last review for the most part. First of all, lets look at Mewtwo Lv.X's basic stats, starting with it's still high 120 HP. Now, since Regigigas Lv.X came along, it's not the tied highest any more, but it's still pretty impressive, and thus should survive a hit or 2. x2 Psychic Weakness hurts, especially due to the wide spread popularity of Dusknoir and Gengar (both SF), so the chance that Mewtwo Lv.X will survive in contact with either of these 2 is low. No Resistance is, well, no Resistance. 2 Retreat Cost is quite high on a basic, but since this one doesn't evolve, I suppose it's slightly more reasonable than normal.

Right, abilities, and I'll start of with the main talking point of the card, Psy Barrier, a Poké-Body that, when LA was first released, shut down any un-prepared AMUs that were so popular. Now, not only does it take down unprepared AMUs (which very few probably), but it also gives Regigigas Lv.X (SF) something to think about. However, considering how well Regigigas Lv.X and even AMU are doing in Cities so far, they apparently hasn't had to think very hard about it. However, stopping Basics from attacking is just brilliant. Admittedly, it works best earlier on in the game for most decks, to stop a starter setting up, but there may be some use for it later on as well, I'm just slightly unsure as to what use that may be. However, if you did go for the starter staller option, I would advise against it. It does have a use late game if you can attack with it, so don't waste it so early on. It's attack, Giga Burn, is the deadly late game option it can give you. Power this attack up, and for the cost of PPC and discarding all the energies attached to Mewtwo Lv.X, you'll deal 120 damage. The average of a main attacking Stage 2 at the moment is probably 120-130ish, with anything below that (including Stage 1 Lv.X main attackers) having a lower average HP, meaning Mewtwo Lv.X will take out most main attackers in the game with very little help (maybe a slight weakening of a Pokémon or a Plus Power/Buck's Training or 2 is probably enough). Seriously, that's a very high amount, even with the high cost.

If you need help for powering this, quite frankly devastating attack up, then you do have a few options. The first is to use an Energy accelerator like Leafeon Lv.X (MD) or Togekiss (GE) to, hopefully, get the attack powered up every turn. Or be less optimistic, realised that won't work, and go for the more realistic choice of using Mewtwo MD and Energy Absorption to get back 2 Basic Energy cards and attaching them to Mewtwo Lv.X for no cost other than using your attack. Quite frankly, that's your best option, and is better than the other Mewtwo available (seriously, unless you have no Mewtwo MD (at which point, I suggest you buy/trade some), don't use Mewtwo LA) just for Energy Absorption. Psyburn also makes a nice little back-up attack for if you don't feel like doing 120 damage, but only want 60 instead.

Combos, and like I said in my previous review, "it isn't really a main attacker, it's more of a nice tech that can be used if your deck struggles against AMU." However, I think Regigigas Lv.X decks should be added to that comment as well, since if your deck struggles with Regigigas Lv.X or AMU, Mewtwo Lv.x is probably your best bet for a tech to beat either or both of them. As a main attacker, it's slightly tough for it to do it well considering it's main attack needs 1 turn between each Giga Burn. If you can pull of 2 or more straight consistently, then it's brilliant, otherwise, just think of it as a tech and nothing more.


Modified: Since SF got released, Regigigas Lv.X makes me want to play this more as a tech, but Gengar and Dusknoir decks make me want to play it a whole lot less. It is a nice little card, shutting down unprepared Regigigas and AMU decks by itself, but being easily teched against (Palkia Lv.X (GE), Mightyena (LA), an evolution...) and bait for Gengar and Dusknoir decks just reduces it's effectiveness. Mind you, if you are using this as a tech and have it out against either of those two decks, just what where you thinking? 3/5

Limited: Lets read what I said before. "You'll find yourself against a lot of basics here, so Psy Barrier becomes very useful if you can get Mewtwo Lv.X out. Just a shame you are stuck with the LA Mewtwo, but it will have to do. If you can, use this card, defiantley, even if it's just to stall for a while, which it will do unless you find out that they are using a lot of evolutions, or most frightenly of all, Mightyena, which with no Switch or Warp Point, becomes an even more dangerous threat." Yep, that still holds true, and thus, so does the score. 3.75/5

OK, we start, with what I find the 2nd weakest of the bunch, and I did not even have on my top 10 list…but here we go.

Mewtwo Level X.

The ONLY reason to play this card is for the Pokebody that makes it invincible against your opponent’s basic attacks.

Read – AMU can’t hurt it. Regigigas can’t hurt it, and a lot of other Pokemon can’t hurt it. If your deck plays only basics, you are toast. If your deck is vulnerable to the “basic only” decks that are out there (AMU, Regigigas) then you may want to consider this card.

The attacks are quite good, with 120 for 3, discarding all energy. The good news is, there is a Mewtwo that allows you to recharge, getting those energy back.

The most common use of this card is as a wall for the basic only decks, forcing them to attack with the feeble Claydol, which just gets blasted for its trouble.

The card was highly valued until the “tin version” came out, which made players everywhere rejoice, as they were able to get this card for near nothing (under $10).

Double weakness to psychic is bad in this envio. 2 retreat cost is easy enough to work around.

Overall, a well designed, well balanced card for play today.

Modified 4/5 Good, but not great. Still limited in its uses

Limited 5/5…Take it or regret it. This card can change games.



See you all in South County Mall this week on January 10th at GameNite for the finale of my 8 City Tour!!!(In St. Louis, MO)

Happy Monday, and HERE IT IS!!! The moment you all have been waiting for! What moment is that, you ask?  2008's top ten cards of the year! Well. . . top ten pokemon anyways (I was the guy dumb enough to include trainers on his own votes -__- ). Without  any more to worry about here it is! Drum Roll Please!


yeah. . . you probably already know who it is because of the reviews above me. Moment ruined. 


Who do we have here? Mewtwo lvl X!

Type: psychic-- I can think of two big advantages here. power vs. Machamp and Gallade, just enough for a OHKO with no pluspowers. cool.

Weakness: psychic-- The only problem here I can see is Gardevoir (OHKO!) and the versions of dusknoir that are bad that do damage instead of placing damage counters (ALSO OHKO!). Another problem with this weakness is Uxie lvl X, who can OHKO Mewtwo X with Zen Bl--- OH THAT'S RIGHT! YOU CANT BECAUSE OF---

Pokebody--Psybarrier-- you know that phrase "pick on someone your own size!"? Mewtwo doesn't care about that phrase. Mewtwo is the ultimate bully, and he loves picking on the little guy. He shuts down two powerful decks: Regigigas and AMU. For this reason alone, he's teched in several decks that run psy energy (aka stuff with bronzong, dusknoir, gengar) and even in several decks that don't even use him to attack. Invulnerability is sweet.

Attack: Giga Burn. While mewtwo X only scored number 10 on top pokemon of 2008, he dominated the pools and won number one in Pojo's yearly "top 10 coolest attack names". Giga burn is a completely powerful move that, when apropriately used, can provide some serious problems. In combination with the MD mewtwo's first attack, you're doing 120 every other turn. You will rarely be attacking with him, but the high cost high power option is always cool.

HP: 120 isn't half bad at all, considering he's a basic lvl X. providing a psychic pokemon isn't hitting him, he'll take 2-3 hits. 

Retreat cost: 2-- not so bad, not so good. Compatable with Moonlight Stadium for 0 retreat. You'll definitely want to do that if you plan on lugging this guy to the bench. 

Combo's. combo Mewtwo with your AMU/Regigigas infested local metagames. You'll prevent some jerks from making top cut!

Final words-- Mewtwo lvl. X is a wonderful wonderful tech today that combats the best basic-heavy decks. By himself, he's not the best card ever, but he makes a wonderful suprise against the decks that don't expect him =D. 

Modified-- 4/5

Limited-- getting him and mewtwo would be tough, and the mewtwo in this set doesn't get you energy back -__- 3/5

One down, nine to go. Who will emerge victorious? Stay tuned to find out!

Arbok14 01/05/09

Hello everyone. This is an exciting time, because we get to evaluate the top ten cards from 2008! This means any card from Great Encounters to Stormfront. All of the reviewers here voted and now we have an overall list. Today, #10 is Mewtwo Lv. X!

Name: Mewtwo Lv. X
Set: Legends Awakened
Rarity: Ultra Rare

HP: (120) - Wow, this is great HP for a basic, I think only surpassed by Regigigas.

Weakness/Resistance: (Psychic x2/none) - When it was big, the only real psychic threat was AMU, which this could obviously get by because of its Body.

Retreat Cost: (2) - Not fantastic, but not terrible. Moonlight Stadium is a great companion.

Poke-BODY: (Psybarrier) - This Body is what made Mewtwo so good. AMU was so strong at the time, and Mewtwo could easily get around them. Also, with the popularity of Regigigas, Mewtwo can be used to get around it.

Attack #1: (PPC - Giga Burn) - This really packs a punch. Discarding all energy is OK, especially since the normal form (the one from Majestic Dawn should be used with this, never ever the one from this set) can bring back energy for free. Ideally you would want this for one pivottal turn, because there is always a chance of getting OHKO'd.

Final Analysis: Mewtwo, by itself, could make a strong deck. However, it was used mostly as protection from AMU and in other Psychic decks. It was and still is a strong play. I have seen it used in Dusknoir and you could certainly use it with Gengar.

Modified: Good attacker, great tech. (4.25/5)

Limited: Difficult to be able to get the line, but if you manage to, Mewtwo would be a strong play. (3.5/5)

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