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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Giratina Lv. X


Date Reviewed: 01.30.09

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 3.67
Limited: 3.87

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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For those about to ROCK!!

This is the one we have been waiting for.

130HP Level X Basic.

Weak to Dark…not bad.

Resistant to Colorless – really good in this envio.

3 Retreat cost can be gotten around, and will never be taken care of.

Pokebody. Forcing your opponent to discard cards is, um…good.

Problem is, some decks (Regigigas) want to discard cards, so you may find yourself HELPING your opponent at some times.

Attack 4 energy for 30 to everyone, and send all cards to the LOST ZONE instead of the discard if knocked out is, well, just OK. Make it a 3 energy attack, and you have a powerhouse. Will unown G stop the Lost Zone trip? I think so. It is an effect of an attack, so this got a LOT less powerful, ya?

Hmmm, a “heh” Pokebody, a “bleh” attack, not too good for an overhyped card.



Modified 2.5/5 Maybe someone will come up with something better.

Limited..you HAVE to draft it…but, even with all the Giratinas in the set, only a 3/5.

There you go. See you ALL tomorrow, and all week at my prereleases!!
Winner of a Stormfront Prerelease
Giratina Level X (Plat124)

Today's Card of the day is Giratina Level X, another card from the upcoming Platinum set. Let's take a look.

Giratina has an impressive HP of 130, meaning that it shouldn't be OHKOed except in extremely rare situations. Not only that, but the Pokebody helps improve his survivability. The x2 wekness to dark means T-tar will probabaly kill him in one or two hits. -20 reistance to Normal is good, seeing as how Regigigas is becoming quite commonplace. A retreatcost of three is suprising (this is a flying snake right?), nut it can be remedied with a simplemoonlight stadium.

Giratina's Poke-Body, Invisable tentacles, is amazing. Every time your opponent tries to attack, they have to discard a card. Nothing is more disrupting then forcing your opponent to choose between discarding an integral part of their strategy, or attacking. If you combo it with the new Giratina's second attack, Dark wing Flaps, you can easily wipe out your opponent's hand, and remove any chance of having card advantage that they might have. The best thing is that the Body works while Giratina is on the bench, meaning you can constantly throw up high HP Pokemon to frusturate your opponent. The sad thing is that it doesn't stack, but that would obviously become way to powerful.

Now for Giratina's attack. For two Psychic and two colorless, Darkness lost lets you do 30 damage to each of your opponent's Pokemon, and if any of them are knocked out, they are put in the lost zone. This attack will make Giratina an integral part in psychic Spreader decks. Hititng every opponent for 30 is just too awesome to pass up.

Modified 4.5/5
Giratina is the face of the Platinum game, and he might become part of the face of the Platinum era Metagame. There are so many wonderful things about this card, from a killer Pokebody, to an awesome attack, to two (or more) excellent basic forms to Level up from. Giratina will be a welcome addition to many psychic decks, just watch out for T-Tars.
Limited 4/5

There are quite a few Dark Pokemon, but also some excellent Psychic supprot Pokemon. Best of all, Level Max can get you a Giratina Level X really early in the game, so you can start using theInvisable Tentacles asap.

COTD - Giratina Lv.X Platinum

Let me begin by saying how much I love this card. It's definitely one of the better cards coming out of Platinum and will probably see a lot of play before states, if not at states. The body is amazing, the attack is very good, and it has 130 HP. Not to mention it has a very good resistance right now. Review time!

HP: 130 - As I mentioned above, 130 HP is pretty amazing for a basic Lv.X. I think the only basic Lv.X with a higher HP is Gigas, and we all know how hard that thing is to bring down. You'll probably survive 2 attacks with this guy, but definitely 1. However, I'm not too sure how often this guy should be in the active spot.

Attack: Darkness Lost - The only thing stopping this attack from being broken is the 4 energy cost needed to use it. 30 spread to everyone is extremely good (maximum damage output is 180) and the second effect is awesome. The Lost Zone is a new conceptthat Platinum brings to the game. I'm not too sure of the rules regarding it, but it seems like the only thing that can stop it is Unown G. Anyway, I think you'll see this used in a lot of Dusk/Obama/spread decks that will use Gira LvX as a mop up spreader to remove a bunch of guys into the Lost Zone.

Weakness/Resistance: Dark x2/Colorless -20 - The darkness weakness is sort of a problem right now with the widespread use of TTar and Weavile SW techs in a lot of decks. However, the colorless resistance is very good with the abundant use of Gigas.

Retreat: CCC - Not going to be retreating this guy. You'll probably be playing Moonlight Stadium in this deck anyway, so it won't matter too much.

Overall, this is a very good card. It's definitely playable in a lot of decks and has so much potential. Gira LvX is easily techable into a lot of decks (Dusknoir, Obama, TTar) and can be used in conjunction with Weavile to speed it up. Also, the Lost Zone is a new concept that will definitely be tested in the coming months as to how effective it is to the game. We'll see how pragmatic Gira LvX is in the very near future, but until then this card has tons of upside.

Modified - 4/5
Limited 4.5/5 (Amazing here)

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