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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Shaymin Lv. 56


Date Reviewed: 01.27.09

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 3.00
Limited: 3.25

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Eevee Hey! Eevee here and I'm back to review one of my all time favorite Pokemon! Shaymin Lv.56 PL-15/127 Ok, let's take a look at it's attacks and stats.

(x) Growth : Attach a (G) energy from your hand to shaymin.

(C)(C) Air Slash : 40 damage; Flip a coin. If tail discard an energy attached to shaymin.

+20 to fire, -20 to fighting, (C) retreat, 80HP

Ok, for once I'm a little disappointed here. It's first attack, Growth, is pretty good allowing you to add a grass energy for free. It's second attack, Air Slash, requires two (C) energy but can only do 40 damage. Not to mention a 50-50 chance of discarding an energy. It's HP isn't bad for a basic at 80HP but adding in it's +20 weakness to fire means that it won't last more then 3-4 rounds unless you know how to keep it's HP up. It does have a -20 resistance to fighting which could come in handy to counter the Stormfront Torterra and Machamp Lv.X. It's retreat isn't too bad either at only one (C) energy. Over ll tho I have to say that this isn't one of the better legendary cards. If you ask me you would definitely need Shaymin (sky forme) Lv.X to make this card worth adding to a deck.


Modified: 3/5 As much as I hate to say it this Shaymin just can't quite reach the mark when it comes to a great card. It's not bad tho if you can pull it's Lv.X forme.

Limited: 3/5 Unless you were playing against the lower HP cards this probably wouldn't be your first choice.

COTD's 1/26

Whatsup guys!

Looks like COTD #2 for me is going to be Dialga G from Platinum. Since the cards from the set haven’t been released yet (nor fully tournament tested), this review is basically just going to be my subjective opinion. Henceforth we begin!

HP: 100 - Obviously this is very good for a basic. You won’t get donked by Kingdra or Rampardos if you start with this, so the only thing to watch out for is Machamp.

Attacks: Deafen; Second Strike – Deafen is a really great attack. Being able to trainer and stadium lock your opponent means being able to hinder their setup a lot of different ways. Of course, I could see this being played in Dusknoir decks to keep the Dusky Lv.X out there for awhile to keep the spreading going on, but with a MC energy cost, it means adding in either a Multi or a basic Metal, neither of which are usually added to the deck to begin with. Otherwise this is a decent early game attack. The second attack, Second Strike, is a possible 70 for 3 which is becoming pretty average nowadays. It’s not something you’ll be striving to attack with so it’s really pointless anyway.

Weakness/Resistance: Fire x2/Psychic -20 – The fire weakness is really a moot point considering fire decks barely see any play besides the occasional Magmortar here or Infernape there. Don’t worry about it. The resistance, however, is a very good type to have since so many Psychic decks see play. Unfortunately, most of the decks place damage counters so it won’t make much a difference. Still, it’s nice to have.

Retreat: 2C – Not a big deal. 2 is about average and you’ll be warping him out of the active spot more than likely.

Overall, the card obviously should really only be played only to level up to its awesome Lv.X counterpart that will see TONS of play in the upcoming months. I wouldn’t suggest playing this by itself, so the ratings won’t really reflect that.

Modified – 3/5
Limited – 3.5/5

COTD #3 time!

Today’s card of the day is Shaymin, which I never knew existed until last week ;/
Apparently the old 150 Pokemon don’t get any love from the current PUI team since they make new ones faster than I can remember them. Anyway, onto the card!

HP: 80 – This is decent for a basic. You won’t get Kingdra or Rampardos (resistance) donked, but there’s still a chance of getting Machamp donked. Either way 2/3 ain’t bad.

Attacks: Growth; Air Slash – Growth is a pretty useful little attack – if you were going to attack with Shaymin. Unfortunately, this Shaymin should only be in the active position to level up to the much beefier and more benevolent Shaymin Lv.X. However, if you end up with a bad start it’s still not a bad attack to help speed things up. Air Slash, on the other hand, is pitiful. 40 for 2 is on the lame side in today’s format, and discarding an energy goes against the first attack. This guy’s attacks are definitely not his best part.

Weakness/Resistance: Fire +20/Fighting -20 – Don’t worry about the fire weakness. The fighting resistance is extremely useful considering Rampardos cannot OHKO this guy. Also, now a Machamp needs 4 Hurricane Punch heads for a OHKO. Very useful resistance.

Retreat: 1C – This means that it’s retreatable in a dire situation. Pretty nice retreat cost.

Overall, if it was up to personal opinion, I would probably end up using the other Shaymin (14/127) over this one. It depends on your metagame though. If you see tons of Kingdra/water then play the other one because 20 resistance to water plus a healing attack means Kingdra isn’t winning. However, if you see tons of Machamp/Rampardos play this one because he can’t be FTKO’d by either of them.

Modified - 3.5/5 (if you play Shaymin lv.X)
Limited – 3/5 (energy acceleration is always good here)



OK, The “Sky Forme” presents itself…both here and on the COOL prerelease fliers for the event!

80 HP. Good.

Weakness to fire. Not bad

Resistance to Fighting, very good.

Attack for 0 allows you to attach a grass energy from your hand to Shaymin. Kind of an energy accelerant? Kinda?

Then for 2 you get to do 40, and flip, if tails, discard an energy.

Way to high priced of an attack for this. 2 for 40 is all but normal now. No need for the discard chance here. Therefor, it is an overcosted attack.

I have a funny feeling if a certain Pokemon that rhymes with “Mampardos” becomes popular, this will be THE play.

1 Retreat cost. Not bad, but really? Shouldn’t a “Sky Forme” have a 0 retreat cost? I think so…but hey, I don’t work for Creatures (yet)


You know, you need to use SOME Shaymin to get to the level Xs…so…

Modified 3.5/5 Less damage potential but better resistance. If Rampy becomes the play, this rating improves.

Limited.4/5..Lotsa reasons to LOVE this guy!

Only 4 more days Until the Prerelease parties begin!!! I KNOW I will see you all there!

Saturday, South County Mall in St. Louis 11:00 am starting time. Sunday, Belleville, Illinois at Fantasy Books!!

More to come next week!!!


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