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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Dialga G Lv. 79


Date Reviewed: 01.26.09

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 4.25
Limited: 4.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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OK, here we go! Perhaps the first of the new “power” cards from Platinum (depends on what the level X does, eh kiddies??)

This is a 100 HP monster, weak to fire (still fine in this envio) resistant to psychic (still good) with 2 attacks.

One for 2 energy (1 if a certain trainer is released), does 10 damage and stops your opponent from playing trainers or stadiums…wow, no rare candy, no Galactic’s Inventions, no switch, no warp point…can’t drop the “everlute” stadium…could really hamper a setup deck and put them one full turn behind.

Second attack for 3 energy (2 if a certain trainer is released) does 50, or 50 if the defending Pokemon has 2 or more damage counters on it.

Nice, but the money is in the first attack here. Maybe to setup the second attack, but keeping the “lock” on is VERY VERY valuable in this envoi, in that nothing can get the trainer restriction off. Not unown G, not evolving, not retreating, nothing.

Makes me wonder if a deck much like the old Mewtric (Manectric EX) deck is going to make a comeback. Trainer denial=fun.

My ratings.

Modified. So many reasons to use this card. SOOO MANY…4/5

Limited..100HP big basic pokemon with relatively cheap attacks. 4/5

Here we go! Stay tuned tomorrow for EVEN MORE!!

Eevee Hey! First of all I'm Eevee! Onto today's card! ^^ Ok, so, today's card is Dialga G from the Platinum expansion. It's number 7/127.
Now, let's take a look at it's attacks and stats.

(M)(C) Deafen : 10 damage; Your opponent can't play any Trainer or Stadium from his or her hand during your opponents next turn.

(M)(C)(C) Second Strike : 50+ damage; If the defending Pokemon already has 2 or more damage counters on it the attack does 50 plus 20 more damage.

x2 Weakness to Fire, -20 resistance to psychic, and (C)(C) retreat, 100HP

Ok, as far as attacks go this Pokemon has two sides. It's first attack, Deafen, isn't all that great when it comes to damage. However, the ability to keep your opponent from playing any Trainers or Stadiums for one turn could come in handy. Especially with the Poke'+ cards that came out in Stormfront. It's second attack, Second Strike, sounds like a pretty good attack for decks that spread damage or to use one or two turns into the round. With the ability to do up to 70 damage in one turn it's definitely a hard hitter for a basic Pokemon.

Ok, onto stats. With 100HP and the fact that it's a basic I would suggest it right then and there. Most basic Pokemon are lucky to have 80Hp let alone 100Hp. It also has a great resistance to Psychic Pokemon which is a plus considering all the pixie (mesprit, azelf, uxie Lv.X's) and Mewtwo decks going around. It does however have a x2 weakness to Fire Pokemon. Generally this won't be too big of a problem considering you don't see as many Fire decks as we did when Magmortar Lv.X first came out. You do still see some tho so you might want to combo this with a few copies of Bubble Coat (LA-129/146) to protect it. As far as retreat goes, it is a little high at 2 colorless energy but considering everything else I guess it's not a bad trade off. I would however keep your basic Switch trainer on hand or something else that will let you switch it out for a lower cost.


Modified: 4.5/5 On a hole this is a pretty good card but it's higher retreat and double weakness to fire does take away a few points. Overall tho I would definitely recommend adding in this card to your decks!

Limited: 4/5 Basically the same for limited as for modified. just watch out for it's fire weakness.

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