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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Sableye Lv. 31


Date Reviewed: 01.22.09

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 4.00
Limited: 2.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Jigglypuff13 1/22 Sableye Lv.31 (SF)

Ah, Thursday, and how have we not reviewed this card before? Oh well, means I can review this brilliant card today. Sableye here is really good, but before I get onto why, the basics of the card. 60HP on a non-evolving basic isn't too bad, but being what this card is, this value is important. I'll explain why later. No Weakness is brilliant, perfect, even. -20 Colorless Resistance is pretty pointless. The only Colorless Pokémon played right now is Regigigas Lv.X, and that will always OHKO Sableye, even with Resistance (though the normal Regigigas (LA rare) will need a flip). 1 Retreat Cost is average, and there isn't much to say.

Now, abilities, and this is where the card shines. First of all, it's Poké-Body, and Overeager changes the way we start the game. If this is your active Pokémon when you start the game, you will go first. If both people have this Sableye active, then it does nothing, but if only one person does, then you will always go first. Sometimes, this is good, others, bad. However, for this card, no matter when attack you use from this card, it's brilliant, though there is a chance you will be donked by your opponent's Stage 2 (Machamp (SF) or Kingdra (LA) are the obvious examples here). However, rather than allow yourself to be donked, why not donk them first? Overconfident will happily do this for you. The attack does 10 for D, which sounds pathetic really. However, if your opponents active has less HP remaining than Sableye does, then it does 40 instead. Nice, but there aren't a lot of 40 HP Basics around at the moment. However, 50 HP Basics are running rampant. Step in Special Dark Energy. Attach this, and first turn of the game, you will KO every 50 HP Basic in the game. Donk or be donked I suppose is the case here. Admittedly, if you find yourself against a 60 HP Basic, you won't have quite so much luck, needing a Plus Pow... Oh, right, you can't use it. Zapdos (MD) might work I suppose, or better yet, when Platinum comes out, Crobat G (find the spoiler yourself please), to put them into the 50 HP remaining range. However, if that's impossible to donk them for one reason or another (I'm not going to list them all), then it does have another attack. Impersonate is a great little attack. For no cost, you search your deck for a Supporter, discard it, and use it's effect. How brilliant is that. Search for a Roseanne's Research, and you end up with 2 basics you can play next turn. Might be too late then, but you never know, might survive. Actually, all I've done there is say one of the possible uses. There are loads of effects that make the attack a great set up attack. However, there is one thing I don't like too much, and that is it's quite easily countered. Since all of the cards you get end up in your hand, a TGW or a soon-to-be-released Handsome's Investigation (again, look it up yourself) could get rid of everything useful you just got, meaning you wasted a supporter and an attack. Good, very good, but easily countered.

Combos, and, well, use it as a starter, It may be slightly slower than some others, which give immediate effects, but it's still useful. Also works as a donker in decks that already include Special Dark Energies.


Modified: This is such a great card. It can always make you start the game, it can help set your deck up and it can donk. However, if you end up starting the game, you make yourself more vulnerable to donks if you can't donk, you generally need a Special Dark to donk, and even then, you can only donk against a 50 HP or less Basic, and it's setting up attack is easily countered. Mind you, every card has faults, so while this one does, it's still worth playing. 4/5

Limited: No Special Darks here is annoying, so your donking opportunities are limited. There aren't a lot of supporters here, so Impersonate becomes next to useless. To be honest, there isn't much reason to use it here, since everything that makes it brilliant is lacked here. 1.25/5

OK, it is getting LONELY doing these Cards of the Day every day…but ON WE GO!!!

This is a really good card from Stormfront, whose power is just being discovered.

The Pokebody allows the Sableye player to go first every game. This is really helpful. It allows you to gain the first energy attachment, and have the first (non rare candy) opportunity for evolution.

Having HP of 60 is just enough for Kingdra to take you out on the first turn donk, but most of the time, if it happens, it happens. For those REALLY worried about that, Pachirisu is your starter of choice with 70 HP (but with Buck’s and Pluspower, you are in trouble even then)

The other really interesting play with Sableye involves its second attack, Overconfident, where for 1 dark, if Sableye has more HP, then it does 40 damage instead of just 10. This kills any start with a Gastly, or a non-shining Duskull, and I think has contributed to those decks being played less.

The only thing in this WHOLE GAME worse than a turn 1 Kindgra loss is a first turn Sableye loss where you don’t even get to pick a card!!!! The donker dream!! You auto win the flip, you get to go first, and POW! RIGHT IN THE KISSER!!

The more common use of this card is for the 1st turn Bebe or Roseanne’s to get the cards needed for a very powerful second turn. If this card (and Honchkrow G we did yesterday) get too powerful, then expect a “Wager” to be the play of choice to DESTROY the hand you so carefully create. (or maybe a certain scheme card that is coming out in the next set).

Resistance to Colorless, helps, but not a lot.

On to the ratings…

Modified…4/5 A good setup card. Not the best, but certainly well above average (3). Keeps the Gastly down!!!

Limited…4/5…A lack of a lot of supporters here hurt this card. Going first and donking are fun things to do though!

See you all soon! Only 8 saving days until the Prereleases!!!

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