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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Giratina Lv. 63


Date Reviewed: 01.19.09

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 3.00
Limited: 4.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Jigglypuff13 1/19 Giratina Lv. 63 (PL)
Hello, and welcome to another new week of cards, and a very exciting week as well, with new Platinum preview cards! Today, we start with one of those cards, the new Giratina Origin Forme! It doesn't say it on the card, but it's obvious from the picture (just compared this Giratina to the one from LA and you'll see what I mean). Anyway, while that is a nice picture, I would prefer analysing how the card itself plays. First, the basics, and 100 HP on a non-evolving Basic is tremendous. Since it's a legendary, it was going to be big, but it's a nice amount, even for a legendary. x2 Dark Weakness is a little harsh really, since Weavile (SW) can be easily teched into any deck, so you could face a x2 weakness at any time without knowing it. Pure dark Pokémon are probably going to be slightly hard to find, though the new Honchkrow (which will be reviewed soon), along with other dark types you can find from looking at the Japanese spoilers (though, if you can't be bothered to find them, so to look out for include a new Mightyena and Weavile, though there are probably more I've missed) that might be quite widely seen, making it quite a bad weakness. -20 Colorless Resistance isn't that great really, there aren't that many/probably won't be that many Colorless types being a main attacker in a deck. You might see the odd Regigigas Lv.X (SF) deck (if it survives the entrance of Platinum into the format), or Togekiss (GE) acting as an energy accelerator in a deck, but you probably won't find many. 3 Retreat Cost is just massive. Switches/Warp Points/Moonlight Stadium will help out there, so make sure you pack at least 2 in any combination really.

Abilities next, and I have 3 attacks to wade through here. First, Over Slash, which isn't too bad actually. CC for 10 spread is a little on the pricey side, but it is guaranteed, so it isn't too bad really, and it's hard to find something similar and better on a Basic that can actually survive some hits. Bench damage prevents will be annoying, but they are for all spreaders, so what's new? Unfortunately, I can't be so king about Dark Wing Flaps. PP for 20 is poor, and the effect of shuffling a random card from your opponents hand into their deck isn't that great with Claydol (GE) and Uxie (LA) being such great hand refreshers, they will actually benefit from it, and you don't want to do that. Wrack Down is rather average. PCC for 60 is just that. It's the cards main beatdown attack, but since it's so average, it probably shouldn't be used as often as Over Slash, which is a good little spreading attack.

Combos, and it works quite nicely with Giratina Lv.X, but I'll let you look at the spoilers and find out why for yourself. Over combos, well, might work in hand disruption decks, but Absol (SW) already fulfils the basic disruptor role nicely, and Giratina here isn't going to disrupt it any time soon. Might work in spread decks, doing 10 to everything for CC from a Basic isn't too bad and should survive for a turn or two more than your average spreader, but you may prefer other spreaders, even if they are Stage 1, and there are plenty to choose from as well.


Modified: It's not bad at surviving a few hits, just so long as you don't encounter any Dark types. It's attacks are generally sub-par, making only a reasonable spreader that's easily surpassed. The only use for this card is for the Lv.X, which I shall talk about as soon as we review it. However, the reason why this card would be useful for the Lv.X, the Lv.X just does better, so once you level up, there really isn't any point in even considering using the normal forms attacks. 1.5/5

Limited: It's a tank (100 HP is very nice here), it's a Basic, it can spread, weakening everything to be KOed by Wrack Down, and does hand disruption from Dark Wing Flaps. Everything I just mentioned there is the reason why, if you only care about winning your Limited event, I would suggest using this card. However, it will be useless afterwards, so use it with that in mind, and don't say I didn't warn you. 4/5
Octillery49 Giratina is a pretty good card when combined with the new Lv.X that it will get. It's first attack Overslash is great and combos well with many cards. Dark Wing Flaps isn't very good I can't imagine using it over Over Slash, finally, we get Wrack Down. Wrack Down is a pretty good attack, especially for a basic, normally, you'll still be using Over Slash though. The more I look at this card, the more I like it.

I'll give it a 4/5 (If played with the level X.)

New set YAY!!!

OK, this is one we can expect to see played. The hype around this card, and the fact that “kids and adults alike” are attracted to this…add to this a “Lost Zone” issue with the Level X potentially, and get used to this card people!!!

First – HP 100. With weakness to darkness, that could be a problem, but not so much right now. (Double weakness REALLY hurts). Resistance to colorless. Good with respect to Regi and the other big hitting colorless monsters out there right now. No telling if Regi has ANY staying power in the post-platinum world, but given its success in pre-Platinum, you can expect to see some stragglers, even if it goes completely out.

3 retreat – Moonlight, switch, warp point, or “let it die”

Attacks…Over Slash 2 for 10 to everyone. Very nice. Colorless cost, makes it very “Prinplup like” Combo with the new Amphy (if it is released) and…yeah.

Dark Wing Flaps – 2 Psychic for 20 damage and shuffle a card away? Cute but, really? Kind of worthless in my opinion. For 1, OK. For 2…no.

Wrack Down – 3 for 60 is undervalued in this current envio. Way undervalued. Maybe to hold on until you get the Level X out, but still.

Lotsa combo potential here, but by itself???

Modified – Early to tell, so I am going 3/5

Draft – Yes, High HP, colorless attack, good. 4/5

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