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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Top 10 Pokemon Cards of 2008

#2: Uxie Lv. 55

Legends Awakened

Date Reviewed: 01.15.09

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 5.00
Limited: 5.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Jigglypuff13 1/15 Uxie Lv.55 (LA) 2nd place

Here we are, Thursday, and the second best card of 2008. Second best, but that isn't enough reason not to use it, today's card is everyone's favourite pixie, Uxie! This card provides the essential basic Pokémon for the draw engine we reviewed earlier in the list, Uxie Lv.X. Anyway, Uxie, and lets start with the basics. First off, 70 HP. If this was a normal Pokémon, considering the fact that it doesn't evolve or anything, that wouldn't be too bad. However, this is a legendary, and they always have a reputation of having a slightly higher HP than normal, so this 70 HP is actually slightly low. Still, no one actually cares that much about this. It's Weakness could have been better. +20 Psychic Weakness in a format with 2 big Ghost decks (that's Dusknoir and Gengar (both SF) for those who somehow don't know) means that probably even the weakest attack from any of those 2 will hurt a lot. Still, no one really cares about that. No Resistance is usual, so again, no one cares. 1 Retreat Cost is actually quite good for a legendary, and quite helpful so this card can get to the safety of the bench, where it generally belongs.

Now abilities, and this first one is what everyone cares about and why it is a rightly deserved second on out list. Set Up allows you to, when Uxie is played from your hand onto your bench, draw cards until you have 7 in your hand. That's just, wow. It may be a one use only Poké-Power, but when it refills your hand to such an extent, who cares? However, timing is important, but I doubt anyone will play this if they know they will only get 1 or 2 cards when they use it. Instead, they will always use it when they know they will get 4 or more cards using Set Up. Basically, use everything you can from your hand, play Uxie, then use everything you draw with Set Up after that. Get another Uxie, and you can keep repeating this process, though playing more than a couple of Uxie in one turn is pushing both your bench space and your deck to it's limits, though I'm sure you would get set up quite quickly by doing so. It's brilliant, but a little bit of a shame that you can't use it every turn, so if you use this card, you will probably need another draw card to be a main engine. Uxie Lv.X can do that just fine, but Claydol (GE) could do as well (in fact, many people have started using both Claydol and Uxie in their decks. Claydol is their standard draw engine, but Uxie is for instant hand refreshment when needed). So, yeah, Set Up is brilliant, but is only one use, which limits it. You could use Super Scoop Up to try and re-use it, or Uxie Lv.X to give it a reason to stay on the field, or you could use the attack that everyone ignores. Uxie's Psychic Restore does a fairly respectable 20 for C, and then gives you a choice that, if you want, you can place Uxie and any card attached to it on the bottom of your deck. Normally, there wouldn't be much point of this, but because of that brilliant Poké-Power, it's often helpful to place Uxie back onto the bottom of you deck so you have Set Up available to you later on in the game. Also has a secondary use if you ever find yourself up against a Gengar deck. Fainting Spell is quite nasty, flipping a coin when it gets KO'ed and KOing the attacking Pokémon on a heads. However, if you use Uxie's effect from Psychic Restore, they can't KO Uxie because it's not in play any more. That's quite a nice little idea there, but just make sure you've done at least 90 damage to Gengar first, otherwise you may find your Uxie gets KO'ed by an attack instead.

That was a rather large paragraph, so I'll reward you all with a short paragraph for combos. What deck should use this card in? Well, almost every deck really. Only Scizor (SF) decks and maybe T2 decks won't need him (though it's not always a bad idea to include it here, just in case). There maybe other decks that don't really find Uxie useful, but there aren't many more. It's just so useful for being an instant hand refresher that few decks aren't playing Uxie.


Modified: Uxie is brilliant. Set Up is brilliant, for instantly refilling you hand. Drawing up to 7 cards with a Poké-Power is just brilliant, and at least 1 should be used in most decks to be honest. The rest of the card is never really that great, with Psychic Restore being useful in certain situations. It may cost you a bench space, it may be a one use only Poké-Power and it may end up being a rubbish start, but no one cares, since the advantage of drawing so many cards with just that one Poké-Power out weighs all of those disadvantages by such a vast margin that it's easily the second best card. 4.75/5
Not perfect, but it's pretty close.

Limited: It's brilliant here as well. It's a great way of stopping yourself from decking out from Psychic Restore, is the best draw you can get here from Set Up, and probably isn't too bad if it has to stay in the active spot for too long (20 for C and 70 HP aren't too bad here really, especially considering that it's on a Basic). This is probably one of the best cards you could pull here, and one of very few cards that I will ever give this score to. 5/5

Figured out what number 1 is yet? If you haven't then you will have to find out tomorrow, but to be honest, I hope you will be able to figure it out before then.

OK, now we are to the Card. THE CARD of 2008 (Ok, #2, but…)

Uxie LA.

Let’s take a card, and see how much power we can give to it…shall we.

Pokemon Power…when you play the card you draw until you have 7 cards in your hand. WOW.

Attack – for one colorless, 20 damage and the option to send Uxie and all cards attached to the bottom of your deck, to avoid nasty Gengar Powers, and to reuse the power, shrink your bench, remove damage, YOU NAME IT!

Evolves into Uxie Level X, which is a great card too!!!

1 Retreat cost is manageable.

Weakness to Psychic (20) can be problematic…but hey, you have to have SOME drawback here!

Either you have to be playing this card, or have a REAL good reason why you aren’t.

I love UXIE.

Modified 5/5 Every deck for me. All this and only a rare too? WOW.

Limited 5/5 Not letting this thing EVER pass me by. Only a Rare too? WOW.
Arbok14 01/15/09

Hello, today we will be reviewing the Uxie from Legends Awakened!

Name: Uxie Lv. 55

Set: Legends Awakened
Rarity: Rare

HP: (70) - Not bad for a unevolvable basic.

Weakness/Resistance: (Psychic+20/none) - Really not a big issue, as it should remain on the bench.

Retreat Cost: (1) - You should never have to retreat this guy, because after the turn it is played, it is a waste of bench space, just use the attack to send it back in the deck to reuse the Power.

Poke-POWER: (Set Up) - This is a better Professor Birch. And the reason it is ranked so high. You can use this multiple times, because the attack allows for it to get recycled.

Attack #1: (C - Psychic Restore) - This is great because it allows you to put an early Uxie back into the deck for another crucial point in the game.

Final Analysis: This is one of the year's best draw cards, and you should certainly put at least one in your deck.

Modified: Use it! (5/5)

Limited: Use it! (5/5)

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