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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Lucario Lv. 42


Date Reviewed: 02.06.09

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 3.50
Limited: 4.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Another Lucario? Really? Better be special.

This one is actually “Not Bad”

Metal Type weak to fire, which is an interesting balance from the “Fighting Type weak to Psychic” that we are used to seeing from old Luc.

90 HP used to be great for a stage one. Now it is just very good.

The attacks, are pretty consistant with a Lucario.

1 Metal for 30 and 10 to one of their bench.

2 for 20+10 more for all of your benched Pokemon. Up to 70 for 2. Not bad at all.

Free retreat, makes this little guy pretty splashable in Lucario decks, you just have to be willing to play Metal Energy (or rainbow)

Could this be a new way to get to Lucario Level X???

There are weaknesses. Do the wave just is ASKING to be countered with DP Dusknoir, or Palika G Level X.

Ratings…Modified 3.5/5 Better than your average Lucario

Limited. Only one underling (Riolu) but I like it. 4/5

See you tonight in Evansville, Indiana – or Tomorrow at the Gathering Ground in St. Louis, Missouri where we may have an afterdraft where every player gets 18 packs to draft!

WOW! Now THAT is an afterdraft!!! If we go 18, I will give a report on Monday!


COTD - Lucario Platinum

Hey guys,

Let me just start by saying that I never knew Lucario was a metal type, also (guess that shows how much I play the video games, right lol). Anyway, wouldn't his metal type cancel out his psychic weakness? Hmm... I smell conspiracy... or not. Anyway, on to the review!

HP: 90 - This is OK for a stage 1. Actually, I take that back - it really isn't. Not with some of these basics and LvX's we've been getting recently. Anyway, 90 isn't going to last very long in this format so count this as the first negative against good ol' Lucario.

Attacks: Aura Sphere, Do the Wave - I love Aura Sphere, especially on an uncommon. This is basically a 40 damage attack for 1 energy. Even though it may seem pretty low, it adds up after awhile and is reminiscent of the old DP Lucario. The second attack is actually pretty good. Like the nostalgic first attack, Do the Wave is reminiscent of the old Wigglytuff decks back in the day (Dang I'm getting old). The fact that it costs only 2 energy instead of 3 means that Lucario is going to become a pretty swarmable deck in the future. I think a lot of testing will be going on witht his card to see if it actually works as a swarmable attacker. The energy requirements are just too good for the attack damage to not test this thing out.

Weakness/Resistance: +20 Fire/na - Well, like I've said 5 million times before, fire is not a factor YET. However, that might and most likely will change pretty soon. +20 isn't that bad, however.

Retreat: 0 - No retreat adds even more to this little guys claim to swarmability. 0 retreat gives so much flexibility to a deck, which is why I loved Infernape so much. Anyway, this is awesome.

Overall, I really do like this card. Time will tell if it makes it into people's decks or not, although I do see some people trying this out as a T1/T2 decks. Combo this with a bunch of cheap attacking basics (like the G pokemon, perhaps?) and you got yourself a good old haymaker deck. Either way, the cheap attacks are awesome and the fact that you can do up to 70 for 2 is great, too. Definitely play this with the Uxie engine.

Modified - 3.5/5 (as of right now)
Limited 4.5/5 (great card here)
KFT Lucario (PL53)

Lucario has 90 HP, an average amount for a Stage 1, a new +20 weakness to Fire, no resistance, and surprisingly enough, a free retreat cost. One thing I love about Pokemon with different types in the TCG, is that, let's say you're playing against an Eeveelutions deck with this Lucario. It's their turn and they've evolved all of their Eevees, but one. They evolve it into Flareon, seeing Lucario's weakness, and prepares to attack the next turn. then you Level up into Lucario Level X, with a whole new weakness.

Moving on, Lucario's first attack is Aura Sphere, which does a 30-10 spread for one Metal energy. Like a cheaper and less damaging version of the DP Lucario's. But that's not what got some people excited over this card, that would be...

Do the Wave! Anyone who has been in Pokemon around the time it started, like me, Knows how deadly Wigglytuff's Do the Wave attack could be. For three colorless energy, Wigglytuff did pretty much 10 damage for each Pokemon you had out. Lucario made it a Metal and a Colorless and improved the base damage by 10. Not only that, but Pachirisu GE can help fuel the Wave fast by grabbing you three basic Pokemon for no energy.

Modified 2.5/5
Might make a nice Rouge Deck with Pachi, but it pales in comparison to other decks in this format. (That's right Kingdra, you.)
Limited 3/5
Okay card, since it's basic is splash-able and there are some nice Metal types around. Watch out for the Infernape/Blazekin though.

I probably should have mentioned that I hate Lucario with every fiber of my bing since he replaced Mewtwo in the SSB series, but I amazingly didn't give him 1's all around.


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