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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Ninetales Lv. 43


Date Reviewed: 02.04.09

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 2.40
Limited: 3.90

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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OK, let’s look at a fire Pokemon, since we just got done with that Powerhouse Shaymin Level X!

This is a 90 HP stage 1, which is pretty good. Not great in this high HP envio, but over the magic “80” which will hopefully allow him to take at least one hit (maybe)

A no energy flip a coin attack is well, pathetic. Not good at all.

The second attack, 40 for 2, and if you have more energy, it also burns and confuses the opponent, well, OK, maybe.

Not really exciting.

Combined with the Infernape from Stormfront, or some other energy accelerator, you may get up to 40+ for 2, but, really, is that worth building a deck around?

Free retreat is ideal. Needed, and way overdue for Ninetails. A good plus.

All in all, even with the free retreat, I will take Magmortar over this one. Frankly, the new monferno does 40 for 1. Much better Pokemon too.


Modified 2/5 Maybe I am missing it. I don’t think I am.

Limited..3.5/5 With the prevelance of Vulpix available to draft, and the 90 HP, free retreat, low cost attacks, he (she) is much better in this format.


Winner of a Stormfront Prerelease
Nintales (PL36)

Today's card of the day is a real life Mozilla, a fiery fox Pokemon.

Ninetales has only 90 HP, a bit lower then average for fully evolved Stage Ones, but Fire Pokemon aren't generally known for their toughness, so I'll skip over that. The +20 weakness to Water is to be expected, as is the sad lack of a reisstance. Luckily though, Ninetales makes up for the low HP with a freee retreat cost, allowing it to speed up your energy attachment, maybe get off an attakc or two, and then flee to the bench.

Ninetales's first attack is Flame Bash, which allows you to flip a coin until you get tails. Then, you can search your deck for a number of Fire energies equal to the number of heads from your deck, and attach them to your Pokemon in any way you like, all for no energy. If you are really good at flipping heads (or at switching out coins for a double sided coin) use this, and before you know it your Pokemon will be ready to attack. However, the sad part is that there is a 50% chance that Flame Bash will fail right off the bat.

Ninetales's second attack, and only one that does damage is Mysterious Flames. For one Fire and one Colorless energy, Mysterious Flames does 40 dmaage, but if you have more energy in play then your opponent, the attack also confuses and burns the defending Pokemon. This is a nice attack for its energy cost, but I'd stick with the Flame Bash, until you are certian that there are no more nergy in your deck. Then, you can Mysterious Flames Away, or retreat to a Fire Pokemon who can hit really hard.

Modified 2.5/5
An internet buddy of mine siad that he thought that this Nintales would be a good combo for the new Infernape. the main problem that struck me was how to recycle energy, besides the slow Thyphlosion method. If that ever works out, this card will get a higher rating, but until then, I see Ninetales as just an average Pokemon.

Limited 4/5
Here is where Nintales shines! So many people will be running Shaymin, te KO's will just keep piling up. There are also two other Fire evolution lines that can benefit from fire Bash. Not only that, but status conditions are so great, especially when it's two for one.


COTD - Ninetales Platinum

After yesterday's review of one of the best cards to come out since Uxie, Ninetales will have a large pair of shoes to fill today. Unfortunately, it just doesn't compare. I really like Ninetales so it's unfortunate that Ninetales seems to never get a really good card. Oh well, I guess that's life in the Pokemon world...On to the review -

HP: 90 - Decent for a stage 1. You won't be getting one shotted by Kingdras, but you will be getting one shotted by Gigas, Torterra, Scizor (maybe), etc Like I've stated before, it seems that 110 HP is the "magic number" in this format, and 90 just falls a bit short.

Attacks: Flame Bash, Mysterious Flames - Neither attack is particularly good. Flame Bash --seems-- like a decent attack however, nothing that requires a flip is ever good. The card creators tried to balance it out with a no energy requirement, but we pokemon players know better ;) The second attack is probably a little bit worse than average. If you're playing fire you'll most likely have little to no energy in play (unless you're playing Magmortar), which means no effects. However, this attack might be good in a late game situation in a Maggy deck where you have one on the field with 5-6 energy, but still that's a pretty technical situation to have this card for.

Weakness/Resistance: Water +20/na - The water weakness hurts right now. Luckily Kingdra can't one shot it without a PP. No resistance is never good.

Retreat: na - Probably the best part of the card. Free retreat gives a lot of versatility, especially when you're Warp Pointing/Restructuring, etc

Overall, this card falls very short of being playable, if even a little decent. If you want to test your luck with the first attack, go ahead but don't complain to me when you flip tails every time. The second attack is sorta/kinda decent with the effects, but I'm willing to bet you'll never see the after effects. Bad card all around, pretty much (besides the retreat).

Modified - 2.5/5
Limited - 4/5 (Pretty good here with the energy acceleration/attack effects/free retreat)

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