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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Shaymin Lv. X


Date Reviewed: 02.03.09

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 4.25
Limited: 4.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Jigglypuff13 2/3 Shaymin Lv.X (PT)
Tuesday, and we have one of the nice new Lv.X's from Platinum, Shaymin Lv.X, and not any old one, the Land form one! And it doesn't say it on the card, so you can level it up from a Sky form Shaymin, and can only have 4 in any combination of Shaymins in your deck, which is slightly restricting, but it shouldn't matter too much. Why? Well, you'll probably find out during this review (or our review of the other Shaymin Lv.X, I don't know yet). Anyway, enough going on about nothing, it's time for the basics of the card, and first off, it has a rather miserable little 100 HP, which for a Basic Lv.X, is quite low. 110 HP would be better, but we can't have it all. x2 Fire Weakness isn't too bad, with the odd Heatran Lv.X (SF) variant still being played, but other than that, you probably won't find many Fire decks around. -20 Water Resistance is nice against Kingdra (LA) and Blastoise (PT), but because of the resurgence of Grass in this set, they probably won't be played too much (though Blastoise will probably be played more). 1 Retreat Cost is quite nice to have, allowing it to get to the bench quickly.

Not as thought it should be active that long, as the abilities should demonstrate. It's Poké-Body is the reason to play this card. Thankfulness, if you'll excuse the woeful name, is just superb. It gives all of your non-Shaymin Grass types in play +40 HP. +40 HP just gives a whole new level of tanking ability to many Grass Pokémon. Torterra Lv.X (DP) loves this card, since no one likes to be against a 200 HP Lv.X that can do loads of damage and maybe heal. This is just brilliant, making every Grass Pokémon you have so much more survivable is just great. If you play a Grass deck, any sort of Grass deck, you should seriously consider using this card for the HP boost. The attack isn't quite as useful though. For GCC, Seed Flare does 40, which isn't a great start. Then, you get to attach Grass energies from your hand in any way you like to your Pokémon, and do an extra 20 damage for every Grass energy attached in this way. With enough energies in your hand, this can become insanely powerful ad useful, instant energy acceleration, but it's just a shame it's an attack that can, basically, only be used once to be effective. If you can some how use the attack twice in one game for a lot of damage, then you've either got too many energies, or very lucky. Either way, don't expect it to happen.

So, that's what the card does, and it's obviously more of a bench sitter than an attacker (though might be powerful once or maybe twice per game). So, what do you use with it? Guess. Obviously, it's in any sort of Grass deck. Torterra/Sceptile decks are the most obvious, allowing even the normal Torterra to reach the massive total of 180 HP. That's just ridiculous. Then the Lv.X gives it another 20 HP on top of that. I can only think of one Pokémon that will certainly get a OHKO on either of them, and even then, you'd have to build AMU. Shaymin Lv.X can also work in other Grass decks, so Scizor/Cherrim decks will like the HP boost for Scizor, adding a bit more frustration to your opponent, and Rock Band will like having 150 HP Beedrills in play, to keep 120 damage Band Attacks going. The HP boost is nice, but probably not worth being the first thing you get out. You'd be best off get the other parts of your combo out, then getting Shaymin Lv.X out if you have room on the bench.


Modified: Thankfulness is just brilliant. +40 HP to your Grass Pokémon, who are already quite a tanky type, will just make them virtually un-KO-able. However, since most good Grass decks need a full bench, it might be hard getting this card in play, since you'll have other bench sitters you'd prefer to have in play (Scpetile, back-up attackers, Cherrim, Claydol, etc), and this is fairly low down on the priorities list. Get it out though, and you will love it. Just watch out for 100 damage snipers and Dialga G Lv.X (PT), since they will disable/KO Shaymin Lv.X. 4/5

Limited: If you can play this card, then it will probably be worth it. This is because there are a lot of Grass types in Platinum, so you should get a fair few Grass types from your packs to benefit from Thankfulness. Getting it out might be quite tough, but it's going to be worth it. Seed Flare is still not that great, but it can be useful due to the amount of energies you will be playing here, so giving a lot of instant energy acceleration. 3.5/5

OK, finally a card worth looking at!!!

This is the little hedgehog we have all been waiting for, and FINALLY a card that was worth the wait!

100 HP, low for a Level X basic in this envio, but OK.

Weakness to fire, almost a non-issue for now, but maybe not for long with THIS little guy seeing play!!!

Resistance to Water, still good. If this guy would ever have the urge to attack.

Pokebody, Thankfulness – all Grass non-Shaymin Pokemon get +40 HP! WOW! 200 HP Torterra Level Xs!!!

Yes, I know it gets shut down by the new Dialga G Level X, but really, really. How cool is THIS!

Not only Torterra, but 100 HP basic Turtwigs! 150 HP Tangrowths! 140 HP Sceptiles!!

The list goes ON AND ON!!!

The attack, the attack. 3 for 40 and allowing you to mass attach energy to your Pokemon would be good.

Doing 20 extra damage for each energy you attach that way, is, simply GREAT! Attaching them to any pokemon, not just Grass Pokemon, is, too good!

1 Retreat Cost. Works just fine.

So, we have a Pokemon that can sit back and relax and help his grass bretheren, or, late game, be the PERFECT restart Pokemon to attach mass grass to restart an entire field!!

Please give me a drawback for grass decks. PLEASE.

Ratings. Modified 4.5/5 You have to love this Pokemon. I may review this later and go, why no 5??? I might.

Limited…5/5. Plenty of Shaymins to draft. This is a GAME BREAKER if you get it out.

See you TONIGHT at the Neutral Zone in Mid Rivers Mall, Tomorrow at B&B Games in St. Peters, Friday in Evansville Indiana, and Saturday at the Gathering Ground in Valley Park!

We are going to have a “mass draft” to get rid of the remaining product at the Gathering Ground. Any boxes leftover WILL be used for an after-draft. If we have 6 boxes, and 12 players, we will offer a 12 or 16 pack draft with elite prizes!!!

Have a great day.

Winner of a Stormfront Prerelease
Shaymin Lv. X (Plt126)

Today's card of the day is one of the Level X Shaymin, specifically, the Land Form one.

This Shaymin has 100 HP, a decnet ammount for a virtual Stage 1, but its too bad that Thankfullness doesn't affect it. The x2 weakness to fire isn't as good as it once was, seeing as how Heatran decks are becoming more popular, at least it's not as crippling as a weakness to Psychic. The -20 reissitance to Water is nice, and it might hold off a Kingdra for an extra turn. the retreat cost of one isn't horrible, more like average.

The Land Form of Shaymin Level X's PokeBody is Thankfullness, which gives all of your non-Shaymin Grass type Pokemon 40 more HP. With this, Shaymin will easily find itself splashed into Grass decks everywhere. Even Scizor can benefit, since Thankfullness is a Pokebody, and it will improve how long HoneyComb Defender will keep that crimson ninja bug alive.

Shaymin's only attack is Seed Flare which starts out as 40 damage for one grass energy and two colorless. But it gives you the option of choosing as many grass energy cards from your hand and add them to your Pokemon in any way you want, and doing 20 more damage for each energy. This attack is awesome if you have a bunch of Pokemon that need powering up, and a Claydol. You can just put the non energy cards on the bottom of your deck and keep dealing 60-100 dmaage each turn. That alone will make Shaymin great for energy hungry Grass decks, like the old Torterra. If only energy flow from the old Gym Heroes set was still legal, you could return all of your energy to your hand, and then reattach it all with Shaymin.

Modified 4.5/5
Shaymin has now replaced Shadow as my favorite hedgehog of all time. Shaymin can find its place in almost any Grass deck, and with the right support, can be a major powerhouse.

Limited 3.5/5
There aren't very many superb Grass Pokemon in this set, and the fact that there are two full fire evolution lines spells bad news for our favorite hedgehog.

Hey! Eevee here once again to review one cute little pokemon! That's right! We're reviewing one of my all time favortie pokemon! Shaymin Lv.X! (Pl-126/127)
Let's take a quick look at it's stats and attacks! ^^

Poke'Body: Thankfulness - Each of your (Gs) pokemon (excluding any Shaymin) gets +40HP. You can't use more then one Thankfulness Poke'Body each turn.

(Gs)(C)(C) Seed Flare - 40+ - Choose as many (Gs) energy cards from your hand as you like and attach them to your pokemon in anyway you like. If you do,this this attack does 40 plus 20 more for each (Gs) you attached in this way.

HP: 100 - Weakness: (Fr) x2 - Resistence: (W) -20 - Retreat Cost: (C)

Ok, onto the reviewing! Let's look at it's Poke'Body First. Wow! This is amazing! Being able to add +40HP to ALL grass pokemon (excluding shaymin X.x) is a must have for ANY grass based deck! This PB would put the DP Torterra Lv.X at a whopping 170HP monster! Then they'd really have a reason to call it tor-TERROR! ^_^ But really, this is an amzing ability that would be a great combo with any grass pokemon.

Now let's look at the attacks. Or should I say attack? Shaymin (Land) Lv.X only has one attack but luckily you can level it up from the land or sky forme shaymin so it in fact has a pretty wide range of attacks. The attack it does have is Seed Flare. For one grass and two colorless this attack isn't bad! But the key to this attack is all in the timing! With the right hand and the patience to use it correctly you could OKO just about anything put in Shaymin's path. Or, if you're in a tight spot you could OKO your opponents pokemon and also use it to hlep boost the rest of you pokemon! But that's the trick to this card is knowing WHEN to devistate your oppenent.

Onto the stats. 100HP on a Lv.X is a little disapointing but you've got ot take inot account that any card with an attack as good as Seed Flare has a catch. (No pun intended ^^) To bad Shaymin can't help itself with it's Poke'body! As long as you time your attacks right tho this shouldn't be much of a problem. But I would add in some Potion or another pokemon that can help Shaymin out. It's x2 weakness to fire wouldn't be much either. Just add in some Bubblecoat and Switch. It's resistence to water is perfect in an area that's sees more kingdra then it does anything else so that should give your deck a boost too. It does have a (C) retreat and adding in it's lower HP is why I suggested Switch.

Overall I think this is one of the BEST Lv.X's I've seen in a while. While it may not have the diversity in attacks like Magmortar Lv.X it can be devistating to ANY deck! Even fire if you play it right! And I would DEFINATELY combo this with Sceptile from GE! Think about it! All those energy giving you 2 grass instead of one?!?!?! That play would be so devistating to your oppenent it's ridiculious! I to think, everyone was saying that the little white and green puff wouldn't be any good. ^_^

Modified: Wo! This card could really devistate all in it's path! But it's lower HP is a slight downfall. I'd still give it a 4/5 tho!

Limited: Again, wow! This card could stand up to just about any thing. I'de give it a 4/5 here as well! ^^

Shaymin Lv.X #126 COTD

Thank you for finally letting me review this card, Mr. Pojo. This is probably my favorite card in the set and if you see me at a tourney, will probably find me playing this with something grass. This is just my subjective opinion, but this legitimizes sooo many decks in the format. On to the review!

HP: 100 - Mmmmm. This is about decent/subpar for a basic LvX. This little guy probably will never see the active position (besides to level up), so don't worry about it too much.

Body: Thankfulness - This is what makes the card. Giving an extra +40 HP boost to all of your grass types means having 140 HP Scizors, 200 HP Torterra LvX's, even 100 HP Turtwigs. How can you say a card that gives Turtwig 100 HP ISN'T good? Exactly. Because of this power, we will see soooo many grass decks in the near future. Say hello to Scizor, Torterra/Sceptile, Beedrill, Butterfree, etc because you will be seeing them a lot.

Attack: Seed Flare - This actually isn't a half bad attack, however with the low HP I wouldn't waste 3 energies on this guy for energy acceleration. If the energy cost was 2 I might attack here and there but 3 energies is just too much to chance leaving him out in the open, not with the great body.

Weakness/Resistance: Fire x2/ Water -20 - Don't worry about the fire weakness just yet. Even though fire is actually a decent type, the domination of Kingdra means fire is just nowhere to be seen nowadays. However, the water resistance is great for the exact same reason. Here's the only spot where I might power this guy up to attack, and it's only because he can survive 3 hits from a Kingdra.

Retreat: 1C - Pretty good. His retreat cost actually matters since you'll most likely want to retreat him right after he gets leveled up. 1C won't set you back too far.

Overall, I am in love with this card. Those of you who know me know that I constantly complained about the Gigas matchup for Scizor/Cherrim. Well, this answers it...plus some. This card instantly gives a lot of grass decks credibility for States. However, a strong Dialga LvX showing might ruin Shaymin's parade, but we'll see how that turns out soon enough.

Modified - 4.5/5
Limited - 5/5 (Awesome here too)

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