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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Weavile G Lv. 48


Date Reviewed: 02.27.09

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 4.25
Limited: 3.50

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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OK, this leads us all into the great debate for all SP decks….

Which would you rather start with….Honchkrow, or Weavile???

Could the simple answer be…both?

The ultimate start would be a Weavile start, to get the Honchkrow and one other SP on your bench, and then, poof, free retreat for Honchkrow to get the needed pieces in your hand, all while you are energizing whatever you plan to use as your big threat???

I think that could be the answer.

Could the problem then be having too many wasted spaces used on your bench? Um, no. That is why there are trainers out there to clear your bench of SP pokemon back into your hand!

OK, then, let’s discuss the bottom stats of this beast.

Free retreat. Good.

80 HP on a basic, good.

Weakness to fighting, not bad, but not great. Usually any fighting pokes out there will knock an 80 HP pokemon out in a hit, weakness or no weakness.

Resistance to Psychic. Useful in this environment. I like that.

The attacks, 0 for get 2 SP Pokemon on your bench. This does not allow you to use the “coming into play powers” such as SP Crobat, so don’t get him. Get others (Dialga SP, Skuntank SP, Honchkrow SP, other friends!)…

The other attack, for 1 dark 2 colorless, does 10 damage plus 10 more for each SP Pokemon you have in play. With energy gain, that can be 2 for 70 with a full bench. This was great back in the base2 days of “Do the Wave” but today, good hitter for an SP Deck, but may be UNDERPOWERED. How sick is that, 2 for 70 underpowered??? Not bad though.

Ratings – Modified 4 out of 5 Good card. Useful.

Limited – 5 out of 5 Perfect draft card with the number of SP Pokemon in this set. In the draft, 2 for 70 is BROKEN.

There you go!

2006 National
Another great twist to the great card game we call Pokemon….Pokemon SP

80 HP basic dark type Weavile with a free retreat cost is happiness to any player playing a SP deck.

The x2 fighting type weakness is a semi problem with fighting being played only a bit in this type of format and the psychic resistance is always a good thing (like a resistance is ever a bad thing).

I personally love this Pokemon in a SP deck because of its first attack and its free retreat cost, Its first attack is a god, a 0 energy search attack of any basic Pokemon SP and put them on you bench is a major win, if I had a third thumb I’d put it up, but I only have 2 so that’ll have to do. Its second attack falls in the old wigglytuff category, a “a do the wave” type move called team attack that does for 1 dark energy and 2 colorless energy and does 10 plus 10 more for each Pokemon SP you have in play. I like it, a possible 70 damage for 3 energy ( 2 if you have a energy gain, needed in any SP deck) is a good hitter card in a deck where one of the highest hitters is 60 damage, one thump up, speed is a factor in this deck, and that move is better late game then early, but if you can get this move out early, its amazing.

This card will fit in any SP deck, and only an SP deck, another reason that makes it so broken. Why broken? Because it wont be a dunsparce where it’ll be played in every single deck there is. But then again, there is call energy, but I’d really rather play this card then that one, well the fact with this card you wont be stuck with anyone you don’t want active and the free retreat, AND the second attack. Its just plain better in a SP deck.

The moment you’ve been waiting for….Ratings!

Modified: 4.5/5 this card is great for any SP deck, and only an SP deck…but that’s what makes it so amazing, it wont be in any other deck you see but a mirror match.

Limited: 2/5 you get enough SP Pokemon to make this card good in a draft, but if you can its good, but its like a levelX in draft, to hard to get the card and the underling (Other SP Pokemon in this situation)
This card is great in a SP deck, that all I need to say.

Only a few short weeks till states, Be Ready

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