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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Dialga G. Level X


Date Reviewed: 02.25.09

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 4.17
Limited: 2.87

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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OK, this is cool.

My son has joined the COTD team…littleduckdrew.

So now you get the review from the judge’s chair, and from the player’s chair, all out of one house!

Dialga G. Level X. Man, how much can you put in a title. At least it is not shining!

The body on this one is the “money”. Stopping all non-SP bodies is huge. Stops the Torterra and Sceptile in their tracks.

120 HP, 2 retreat, average at this time (120 HP for a basic SP…man, has Regigigas gotten us spoiled and demanding).

Weakness to fire is fine. Resistance to psychic can be very helpful.

The attack, even with energy gain, is still WAY too expensive for 4 energy, 2 metal. Flipping to put energy in the lost zone, OK at best.

The under attacks are much better. With energy gain Deafen for 1, stops all trainers…GOOD. (without energy gain for 2)

The other attack on Dialga G, average at best.

This is a card that should be played in most SP decks, or decks that do not rely on bodies.

Level Max is a good way to get it out…if you don’t want to waste time in retreating or switching it.

So, how would I rate it???

Modified 4/5. In the right situation, being able to stop the bodies with this beast, and then stop the powers with Power Spray can stop a deck in its tracks.

Limited 2.5/5…what makes this GREAT in modified, makes it average in limited, where, YES, you will draft it anyway, but the attacks and body are much less effective here.

There you go!

2006 National
Dialga G. Level X

Nothing like another counter card…

A dialgaSP levelX with a poke body that stops all Non-SP pokebodys will fit great in any SP deck. And with a x2 weakness to fire isn’t a problem because fire is going to be seen once in a blue moon in a large tourny. But hey, the psychic resistance is pretty good too.

Hopefully you will never have to attack with this card because a two metel and two colorless attack for eighty damage and a coin flip effect that is decent at best would be good in the time of base set charzard. On the other hand, its Non levelX underling’s attacks are somewhat better, but you still should not be attacking with this card. A one metal and one colorless attack doing 10 damage and an effect that could cripple any speed rampardos deck is not bad, I give it a thumbs up IF you play energy gain, as for its other attack…ehh. A three energy attack for 50 damage (70 if it has 20 damage on it already) seems to be Nintendo’s trend with attacks for these last few sets, for one metal and two colorless I give this one a thumbs down. Because lets face it, if your playing an SP deck, there’s a lot better attacks you could be using.

This card is also a bit of trouble to get out, with the two retreat cost a switch will do just fine. But if your daring and wanting to waste a space on a c oin flip level max, be my guest, but just play switch…please.

I recommend this card to play in any Sp deck, and maybe a few that don’t play Pokebodys and are just need help with beating torterra and a few other decks that bodies are the key.

This is by far the best dialga level X there is out there, well, because the other ones are terrible….and all the same


Modified: I give it a 4/5, when SP decks become big (which they will be at states) this card will beat a torterra deck left and right.

Limited: I give this card a 3/5 just wont be that good against decks that most likely wont be playing a lot of pokebodys (or any good one that is).

This card is supposed to be in a tin so I’d sell the one you have now before the price drops tremendously. But keep one for yourself if you’re a collector, the artwork is simply amazing on this card and in, just a cool piece of a card to play in a deck, or make new kids scream at the top of their lungs at league if thgats how you get your kicks (I know that’s how I get mine).

Get ready for states people, its sneaking up on us. O.o
Hello world, it's Octazookeeper! So... today it's Dialga G Lv. X! Sweet!

Type: Metal

HP: 120 (About average for a basic Lv. X.)

Poke Body: Time Crystal is what makes this rendition of the Temporal Pokemon so spectacular. This Body can wreak total havoc on many decks. It can make Ampharos flee in the other direction! It can make Tyrannitar squeak like a mouse! It can... well, you get my point. Let's just say that it can shut down many decks. Expect to see a lot of this card teched at States simply for this Body.

Attack: Remove Lost costs quite a bit of energy, in a format where energy removal is not prevalent. Then again, you likely won't even bother using this Pokemon as a main attacker anyway.

Weakness/Resistance: Weakness to fire is good, since there aren't very many good fire decks out there right now. Resistance to Psychic is simply fantastic.

Overall: A great card! This will be teched in most decks where bodies are not used. Time Crystal can most certainly put your opponent in a tricky situation!

Modified: 4.5/5
Limited: 3/5

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