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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Shaymin Lv. 44


Date Reviewed: 02.24.09

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 3.33
Limited: 4.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Yay! Flower POWER!

Happiness is an 80 HP Shaymin with a 0 energy attack, and a resistance to water.

I also love the 1 retreat cost.

The 3 energy attack appears to be largely situational, but could single handedly counter a lot of Spread/Bronzong decks that are out there. Removing 20 from EVERY pokemon, regardless of type, is something to be really considered. Even the great healing Torterra only helped his grass bretheren.

Fire is not a huge type right now, so this may be THE little guy to play.

We appear to have left the “Age of Apocolypse” where one hit knock-outs are the norm (no offense Machamp or Rampardos). It appears that building to knockouts is the way to go, and this little guy causes that strategy problems. Add to the fact that when comboed with Tangrowth (which heals itself), this Pokemon may cause problems all over the board.

Also, it ramps into a Shaymin Level X, either Shaymin Level X, which are great cards in their own right for Grass decks.

So be it Scizor, or Torterra, or Tangrowth, this little guy may find a good home in a deck.

Do I like it better than the Sky forme basic Shaymins? Definitely?

Do I like it better than the Land forme holo? In certain decks, definitely.


Modified - I will go 4/5 with this little guy. His power will be felt.

Limited – 4.5 out of 5. There are NOT a lot of bad things to say about this card, even without the level X, a good draft selection.

There you go.

And for you collectors of the rare promos, and other Pokemon Items…Did you notice the Trainer Deck B on e-bay? First one up in a year, the first deck ever released, and the only deck (with Trainer Deck A) ever released with Red Backs on the cards.

Even if you are not bidding, check this out, as there are pictures and a set list of all cards. Cool piece of Pokemon History.

Really, only 18 days until States? REALLY?
Winner of a Stormfront Prerelease
Shaymin (PL38)
Today's card of the day is another one of the new Shaymin. This is the one from the Theme Deck, so it will be the easiest to get.

This Shaymin has 80 HP, tying it with the Sky Forme one for highest HP. The +20 weakness to Fire is average, at least it's not x2 like some other legends. The -20 resistance to Water is quite nice against Kingdra, especially if you end up with Shaymin as your active. A retreat cost of one means that getting Shaymin out of the fight isn't that hard.

This Shaymin's first attack is Energy Blow., which basicly does 10 damage plus 10 damage for each energy on Shaymin. Energy Blow is a mediocre attack at best, because dumping all of your energies on a Chia Pet isn't usually a good idea, although if you have a Stormfront Sceptile, and a Leafeon Lv. X, I can see it being a major powerhouse.

The other attack is Aromatherapy, which does 40 damage and heals all of your Pokemon 20 damage, for a grass energy and two colorless energies. This attack can be used to stall...if your opponent can only dish out 20 a turn, like Abomasnow? Actually, I suppose that this Shaymin can be used as an anti-Abomasnow tech. But if you attach another energy, then Energy Blow does more damage.

Modified 3/5
Other then being used as an anti-Abomasnow tech, the other Shaymin are much better.
Limited 4.5/5
Healing and high damage attacks are always great, not to mention that there are two Lv. X's for you to use.

Hello world, it’s Octazookeeper! Today, we are reviewing one of the many Shaymin in Platinum (38/127). First of all, why does everyone refer to Shaymin as a hedgehog? He looks more like an armadillo to me! The flavor text on the card even states that he curls up to look like a flowering plant! I suppose I should stop the rambling and get on to the actual review of the card.

Type: Grass (Grass has some good support.)

HP: 80 (Alright)

Attacks: Energy Blow- An interesting attack. The other day, I had actually played against an interesting Leafeon/Shaymin/Sceptile variant that actually used this attack as a last-ditch effort… And knocked out my T-tar with it. Still, it is generally not a good idea to keep Shaymin in your active slot for long, as it is the best idea to level him up and retreat him. Or better yet, keep him on your Bench from the start and use Level Max.

Aromatherapy- Too much cost for too little benefit.

Weakness/Resistance: +20 Weakness to fire is alright, due to the lack of good fire decks in the format. -20 resistance is brilliant against the ever-so-spectacular Kingdra.
Retreat Cost: One is always good.

Overall: The main reason anyone will be playing this Shaymin is to bring out his Level X, (Land Forme) and to keep him on the Bench for the extra HP. In terms of non - Level X Shaymin, I would recommend making your selection based on what is currently popular in your area. If your metagame is dominated by Kingdra, use either this one or the one with Damage Aid/Flower Aroma (My personal favorite.) If Rampardos or Machamp are played often, use the one with fighting resistance..

Modified: 3/5 (Good for getting out the great Lv. X)

Limited: 2/5 (Unless either Lv. X is pulled. Then it’s a 5/5)

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