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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Aerodactyl Lv. 47


Date Reviewed: 12.09.09

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 2.38
Limited: 2.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Aerodactyl Lv 47


There seems to be a definite trend as far as Aerodactyl in the TCG is concerned: they have wonderful PokePowers, balanced by the fact that it is extremely difficult to get one on to the Field in the first place.


That really is the main drawback with this card. Fossils are hard enough to get in play anyway (no Call Energy, no Roseanne, no Great Ball, and watch out for Trainer-lock!), but Aerodactyl is even MORE of a problem. This is because the Basic, Old Amber, doesn’t have the word ‘Fossil’ in its name, so it can’t even be searched out using Fossil Excavator, which more or less leaves you relying on top decks and straight draw. Not good for consistency . . . not good at all.


So, is it worth all the bother? Well, we should skip over the low HP (80), and the fairly useless attack, and look at that PokePower. Unearth allows you to search your deck for any Fossil Basic (including Old Amber!) once per turn. How ironic. A Power which solves a lot of the problems Fossil decks have . . . but to use it you need to get in play the one Fossil that suffers most from those problems!


There are cards that can help out a bit. Kabuto MD also has a (flippy) Fossil search Power, and you could always run Poke Drawer or even use Farfetch’d SF’s Trainer-search attack. The trouble is, that those cards would then be doing Aerodactyl’s job anyway so, why would you even need it?  The answer is that once it is out, it will add consistency to a Fossil-based deck. It is also essential in any deck built around Kabutops AR, which needs a constant supply of Fossils to discard for its attack.


Outside of the Kabutops deck, though, it is difficult to see this Aerodactyl  being worth the effort, which is a shame . . . Fossils need all the help they can get in a format based on speed and locking.




Modified: 2 (Great power, but very hard to use, just like Aerodactyl MD)

Limited: 2.25 (nice if you pull a lot of Fossils, I suppose)



Let it first be known that this Aerodactyl is being reviewed for its helpfulness to a fossil deck. Second, this card is basically only useful for its power, but it is a good power at that. Unearth allows you to search your deck for an old amber, helix fossil, or dome fossil and put it in your hand. This would be combod with a.) Kabutops so you can discard the fossil with Primal Scythe and do 70 damage for 1 energy, b.) discard it so Omastar can have 10 more damage added to his Primal Tentacles (which lets Omastar do 30 damage plus 10 for each Old Amber, Helix Fossil, and Dome Fossil in the discard pile [it's an middle/end of game attack]), or c.) play the fossil onto the bench. Obviously this power is the draw power for a fossil deck, because when you attach a fighting energy to Dome Fossil or a water energy to Helix Fossil you can search for the Pokemon that evolves from that fossil. With two Aerodactyl on the bench the options become even greater. Bad part about this card though, 1. the attack is shabby at best, 2. it is weak to lightening, and 3. it can be hit by Gengar for 60. At least it is resistant to fighting....it's weird to see a Pokemon that is resistance to its own self. All in all, Aerodactyl HAS to be played in a Fossil deck, but it is pointless in almost any other deck.

Modified: 2.75/5 - simply because of the essentialness of the card to the Fossil deck...but how good will Fossil decks be?
Limited: 1.75/5

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