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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Turtwig GL Lv. 20

Rising Rivals

Date Reviewed: 08.20.09

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 3.00
Limited: 4.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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OK, the card is a limited God and a Modified Clod

90 HP basic. WOW.

Body that states after 30 damage is done to this beast, the base damage for the attack goes to 60 and its healing power RISES.

A 3 energy attack that does 30,and then heals a damage counter for each damage done to the defending Pokemon. WOW.

Weakness to fire x 2 is the killer here.

Resistance to water makes Kingdra a joke against it.

People were contemplating using this as a Kingdra protector…but what a costly one.

In limited, if you couldn’t take this down in one shot, it really became a problem.

Once you had patience, allowed it to swing for 30 damage, and took it out in a shot, it became much easier to play against.

Ratings…Modified 2/5

Limited 4/5

There you go!

Steel_Winger Welcome back to the Pokemon COTD!

Today's card is Turtwig GL, who is very unique because it is the only SP Pokemon that is suppossed to have an evolved form, but it doesn't evolve like regular Turtwigs. Let's look at the basics... 90 HP on a basic SP is a tad bit above average. A x2 Weakness really hurts it against Infernape 4 (RR), Ninetales (MT) and the various Blazikens. A -20 Resistance to Water is pretty good right now; it can really hinder Kingdra and even give Palkia G a little trouble. A Retreat Cost of 3 is ridiculous. Turtwig GL's not THAT heavy... Use Switch/Warp Point/Poke Turn. It's an SP, so it can utilize all of that support.

Turtwig GL's Poke-Body, Overgrow, lets it do 30 more damage to the opponent's Active when it has 60 HP or less remaining. This is a major part of what makes the card good. Turtwig GL only needs to take 30 damage total for a power up! Awesome!

Turtwig GL's single attack, Giga Drain, does 30 damage for 3 energies (2 with Energy Gain), one of which must be Grass. That seems very overpriced. However, you get to heal Turtwig GL by the amount of damage done to the opponent. If Overgrow is activated, that means the damage done by this attack is doubled. Healing 60 damage while doing 60 damage is a real pain to opponents and makes for a good stall.

Combos? Do you really have to ask? What goes great with Grass-type Pokemon? Sceptile (GE) and Shaymin (Land Forme) LV. X. Sceptile doubles your Grass energy output, so with it out and an Energy Gain, you only need to attach just 1 Grass energy for Turtwig GL to attack. Shaymin LV. X can be good and surprisingly bad for this guy at the same time. Nobody can really complain about +40 HP, but Turtwig GL needs to be able to have 60 HP left for Overgrow to activate. Otherwise, it won't be doing that much damage. There's also talk of combining it with Rampardos GL. In this case, Turtwig GL wouldn't mind getting hit by its Trample attack, which puts it at enough HP for Overgrow to help it deal extra damage. I've never seen anybody try it out though...


Modified: 3.5/5 This card is excellent for stall. It also gives Kingdra players a really hard time. Just watch out for Machamp (SF).
Limited: 3.5 It'll take a bit of a while to power up Turtwig GL here. Watch out for Fire-type Pokemon. Infernape 4 can OHKO it with High Jump Kick but it'll do a decent job against everything else.

This is Steel_Winger, wishing everyone luck at Worlds (I wish I could go) and/or the Supreme Victors Prereleases (I'll definitely be at one) in 2 days!
League Leader
Turtwig GL
Rising Rivals

Most of the time, when people complain about SP Pokemon, they usually question the concept of cards that portray normal Stage 1 and Stage 2 Pokemon as Basic Pokemon. Earlier this week at my league session, we had a player come by who had just restarted after ending in the e-Reader era, and he was amazed that I was playing a Basic Crobat and Gallade, "...but, don't they evolve from Golbat and Kirlia!?!" Anyways, the reason for that little diversion is because we have an oddity today: Turtwig GL! It's one of the few "true basics" from the SP set (I mean, even though Dialga and Palkia are basics...you can't compare them to a lowly Turtwig, right?), and it manages to be one of the more widely liked SP Pokemon.

So onto the card itself. Turtwig GL's HP comes in at 90, which is still average, but on the higher side (higher than Aerodactyl GL and Rapidash 4 from recent CotDs), so Turtwig GL can be pretty sturdy against anything other than its major weakness, a 2x Weakness to Fire (yeah, I'm looking at you Infernape 4, Ninetales, and Blaziken FB). Its -20 Resistance to Water is nice, so it might save you against a Floatzel GL and a Palkia G, and if you run into it, it'll help weaken the damage from the stray Kingdra that's still running around. Now, its retreat cost is where things get really bad...this poor thing has a Retreat Cost of Three! This thing isn't Grotle or Torterra, and it still manages to have a Retreat of 3!?! Honestly, that just sucks, and aside from Sceptile, there's no real way to work around it (except for the obvious Switch, Warp Point, etc...). At LEAST it can use PokeTurn, so that softens the blow a little bit.

So now we've got this thing's attacks. It has a Poke-Body, Overgrow, which makes this card interesting. Overgrow boosts Turtwig GL's attack by 30 whenever Turtwig GL's got 60 HP or less remaining. And then, for One Grass and Two Colorless (or a Grass, Colorless, and Energy Gain), that can be paired with Giga Drain, which has a base of 30 and it has the added effect of removing damage counters from Turtwig GL equal to the amount of damage it did with the attack. Obviously, these attacks are meant to complement each other. So the way it works is that Turtwig has, lets say, 40 HP left, and it attacks with Giga Drain. The attack does 60 Damage (before Weakness and Resistance), and then Turtwig would go back to full HP. So as long as you can use it's Poke-Body, and you pull off a 60 Giga Drain, Turtwig will be healed to at least 70 HP, so this card is relatively hard to take down. Of course, then you have to take Weakness and Resistance into account, and you realize that you can do up to 90 on a stray Rampardos and around 120 to any SP Pokemon weak to Grass (which, unfortunately, don't get played too much). Unfortunately, this also works in the opposite direction, with Grass resistance, but to the best of my knowledge, there's not a single Pokemon in DP-On that has a resistance to grass, amazingly. Overall, its attacks are solid and it's sole attack and Poke-Body work great together...but what can you do with it?

Twiggyzam is usually where you see Turtwig GL. It's a combination of Alakazam 4 Lv. X (RR) and Turtwig GL. Alakazam 4 Lv. X has the ability to move Damage Counters from one of your Pokemon to another as many times as you like during a turn (so no being Power Sprayed!), which is cool, because it's like an upgrade to Base Set Alakazam, but with a SP update. So you get some damage on something like Crobat G (which has free retreat!) and build up Turtwig, switch out the damage to Turtwig with Alakazam, and then you're good to go. Of course, the only problem is that you have to rely on your opponent in order to give you the attack boost that you need. Once you've moved around all the damage counters you can, if it's not enough to trigger Overgrow, you're left with dealing a puny 30 damage while healing yourself, but keeping you away from using Overgrow. While you continue your measly 30 output, they can get some really heavy hitter to come out and KO you in one or two turns. That's the only problem I see with this deck, is that if you don't have Overgrow activated, Turtwig GL is really a light hitter, and you're just waiting for a fire type or a heavy hitter to come in and clean up (and you do NOT want to attack with Alakazam). As long as you can keep damage on Turtwig, you should be golden. You could even combo it with Unown P from Majestic Dawn, which places a damage counter on one of your Pokemon every turn, but just be careful, because strategies like this could always backfire with a few PokeTurns and Crobat Gs, putting you in complete KO range.

Of course, there are the normal combos for a grass Pokemon, which turns Turtwig GL into more of a staller. If put in a usual Sceptile/Shaymin deck, you could end up with a Turtwig GL with anywhere from 130HP to 150HP (with Snowpoint Temple in play). Of course, this may keep you far away from Overgrow range, but if you do pull it off, you could heal a LOT while stalling a little bit. A 130HP basic that heals is NEVER easy to get rid of. Of course, unless you're Machamp. ;D


Modified: 3.5/5 Part of me feels like I'm rating this about .5 too low, but that retreat cost kills me...but I really, really like this card and the various combos it can be a part of. As long as you play it right, Turtwig GL could be an annoyer, staller, and medium-output attacker all at the same time. It has all the advantages of SP Pokemon which ALMOST makes up for that horrid retreat cost. Go try out a Turtwig GL/Alakazam 4 deck and see how it is...find other combos, because this card deserves it! Its a shame, though, because Fire is becoming a VERY popular type, and it MURDERS Turtwig.

Limited: 4/5 Healing and boosting attack when your HP is low in a format where heavy hitters aren't as common? This card is gold. Give it a while to build up on the bench and attack/heal over and over. You're great until something big shows up.

Now could we get a super awesome Chikorita GL, Cyndaquil GL, or Totodile GL in the HeartGold/SoulSilver expansion? I'd be happy!

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