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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Aerodactyl GL Lv.62

Rising Rivals

Date Reviewed: 08.05.09

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 2.25
Limited: 3.25

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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8/5 Aerodactyl GL Lv.62 (RR)

Hello, and welcome the the third day in our random Rising Rivals card week (well, bar Cynthia's Guidance at the beginning of the week), and it's a card that had absolutely no hype at all, which is Aerodactyl GL! Basics of the card first, and it has 80 HP, which is about average for an SP Pokémon, or maybe slightly below, but either way, it's not bad. x2 Weakness to Lightning is annoying with Luxape being quite popular at the moment. -20 Resistance to Fighting is only really going to be used if you face Machamp (SF) and have Unown G (GE) attached, otherwise, it's slightly pointless. No Retreat Cost is obviously perfect, there is nothing else to be said about it. Finally, it's an SP Pokémon, so gets all the usual SP support, which is nice.

Abilities now, and after those frankly average basics all in all (alright HP and Resistance, bad Weakness and good Retreat Cost), you may be thinking the abilities are going to be the same, and you are right. First, for C or an Energy Gain, we have Collect, which draws you 2 cards. Great, but it's an attack, so it isn't really. It's a starting sort of attack, but because it's random what you will get, unlikely with something like Sableye (SF) or even Pachirisu (GE), it's not as good as them. Still, at least it doesn't have to cost much.

It's second attack, Primal Breath, is slightly interesting. It costs FC or F and an Energy Gain, and does 30 damage. Nothing particularly interesting or exciting there. However, it's effect is. It stops the Defending Pokémon from evolving or leveling up during your opponents next turn. Now, it might be disruptive, but it does depend upon what you have just attacked. If it's their main attacker's Basic form or Baltoy (GE), it might be brilliantly disruptive, stopping them from getting their main attacker or Claydol (GE) out. However, if it's against your opponents starter, or some SP Pokémon, it's pointless. It's not the worst attack ever, but it does have to be used correctly to get the most out of it.

Combos? Well, if I'm honest, there aren't any real ones really. You could use it for disruption in an SP deck, but there are plenty of better disruptors available to them (I would start listing them, but I would double the length of this review if I did, so I won't), so isn't very useful there. You could try it in Machamp (SF) decks to try and keep as many of your opponents Pokémon in their Basic form for as long as possible, or until you get Machamp out, but if you are doing that, then you really need to speed your deck up. And no, Collect isn't good enough.

Counters, well, smart people who will give you something that can't evolve for you to Primal Breath, and thus make it do esentially nothing to them, or just use Machamp and Take Out Aerodactyl GL. If you want to conter Collect (and oh dear if you do), just make your opponent shuffle their hand into their deck. Simple.


Modified: It's not a bad card, but it's not a playable one either. Collect seems nice, but it isn't as good as other starters attacks or good drawing Poké-Powers, and Primal Breath is nice at disrupting your opponent, but only if you use it correctly. It's a bit too easy to counter, and very easily over-shadowed by other Pokémon, so won't stand out when you want to make your deck, but that's mainly because it isn't as good as those Pokémon. Not dreadful, but there are better choices. 2/5

Limited: Better here. Collect is nice since it draws cards, and there aren't many cards that can do that here. Primal Breath is a little more circumstantial here, since just because a Pokémon can evolve/level up, it doesn't mean your opponent is running them, so why you may think it's being disruptive, it really isn't. Still, worth at least 1 or 2 slots in your deck if you get the chance, just because of Collect. 3.5/5

League Leader
Aerodactyl GL
Rising Rivals

In the history of the Pokemon TCG, Aerodactyl has had some very interesting cards. Back in the Fossil expansion, Aerodactyl had a Pokemon Power that prevented any Pokemon from being evolved, which was pretty gamebreaking at the time. Interestingly, Aerodactyl GL has a similar effect, but does it manage to live up to the standard created by the Fossil Aerodactyl?

Not really.

Looking at the stats of the card, 80 HP is a pretty average amount for a SP Pokemon. Unfortunately, it's 2x Lightning weakness makes it extremely vulnerable to Luxray, but its -20 Resistance to Fighting could potentially be useful against Machamp's Hurricane Punch (because Take Out kills Aerodactyl GL regardless) or the Fighting Toxicroak G Promo that's been showing up in quite a few decks, lately. However, the most important stat here is the free retreat, which is GREAT, especially on a card like this Aerodactyl GL. In addition, the SP aspect of this Pokemon helps it a lot, allowing it to use Energy Gain, PokeTurn, SP Energy, etc...

Now when it comes to actually using this Pokemon, its attacks make it obvious that this card is best used as an attacker. If you're stuck going first, throw an energy down and use Collect to add another 2 cards to your hand and hopefully improve your setup when you get to use trainers next turn. Its other attack, Primal Breath, the one that channels the spirit of Fossil Aerodactyl, costs one Fighting and one Colorless (or a Fighting plus Energy Gain) and does 30 while preventing the defending Pokemon from Leveling Up or Evolving from the hand during the opponent's next turn. In theory, this could be great, especially during the first or second turn, or possibly even later in a game. You can keep the opponent from getting out of KO range next turn by keeping them from evolving, or you could keep them from bringing out a Lv. X (especially when you're playing against LuxNape). Unfortunately, this effect is prevented by Unown G. In addition, if the opponent switches, the restriction disappears. To make things worse, it only keeps the opponent's ACTIVE Pokemon from evolving...the bench is fair game. So, on paper, the effect sounds great, but honestly, I don't really see it doing too much in a real game. Your opponent should and will find a way around it.

Of course, like I mentioned earlier, Aerodactyl GL can make a solid starter. 80 HP is still solid, and the ability to draw two cards is great, especially when you're not able to use trainers. Then, take advantage of the free retreat and send out something else to start the beat down. I could see a combo with this in Machamp decks, especially to keep the opponent in Take Out range, but unfortunately, Primal Breath just doesn't do enough. You're better off just sending out Machamp to get the first or second turn donk most of the time...but still, I could see this card being useful in some situations. That's just it, this card's effect just has too many loopholes...it's not consistent enough.


Modified: 2.5/5 It's really similar to yesterday's Tropius RR...it's a pretty good starter, but that's about it, and unfortunately, starters aren't really even played that much nowadays. Look at it this way, though...I'd much rather have this as my starting basic over Baltoy, Uxie, or Unown G, right? It's attacks are solid, drawing is always nice and the possibility of stopping evolution is too, but they most likely won't live up to most expectations.

Limited: 3/5 Draw support is very helpful in this format. The second attack does okay damage if you can get an Energy Gain attached, but in RR and SV drafts, most people play SP Pokemon over evolution, so I doubt that the no-evolution effect will help too much. Free retreat is great, though.

Part of me likes this card, but I doubt I'll ever really use it, and I really haven't seen decks that have found a way to take advantage of it...I'd just stay away from it for now.

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