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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Electivire FB Lv. 50

Supreme Victors

Date Reviewed: 08.27.09

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 2.00
Limited: 3.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Baby Mario
Top 4 UK Nats

Electivire FB


One of the things that has made a lot of the SP LV X Pokémon playable (apart from the brilliant support cards) is the fact that many of the Basic forms are good cards in their own right (Dialga G, Luxray GL, Blaziken FB). There have been a few exceptions though (Alakazam 4 and Rayquaza C come to mind), so which category does Electivire FB belong in?


Well, its first attack, Dump and Draw, offers excellent support to its LV X. For a single Colourless Energy (or an Energy Gain), you can discard up to two Energy Cards from your hand (which provides fuel for the LV X’s  Energy Recycle Power) and then draw two cards for each Energy you discarded. Draw is always good in Pokémon, getting your options into your hand and helping you to set up faster. The second attack, Electric Current, is a rather underwhelming 40 for [L][C][C] with a forced switch of a [L] Energy to a benched Pokémon. Really, you are going to want to use this for emergencies only and prefer to attack with the LV X.


Electivire FB has a solid 90 HP, a Resistance to Metal (not totally useful, but better than nothing), and the expected X2 Weakness to Fighting. This is a potential problem as there are quite a few Fighting techs that see play (Toxicroak G Promo, Lucario GL, Relicanth SV). The Retreat cost of 3 is a considerable drawback . . . how Electivire is slower to get out of the way than a Palkia or a Dialga, I’ll never know, but all Electivires have this problem, it seems. If you play this, you had better be prepared to use your PokeTurns on it.


Electivire FB is not a bad card, and does at least have some synergy with its LV X form. Ultimately, though, its playbility is decided by how good that LV X form is, and right now I’m afraid the LV X is a bad card for the format: slow, utterly destroyed by Power Locking, and easily KO’d  by Fighting tech (it is a OHKO for Mankey SV!).




Modified: 1.5 (decent Support for a useless LV X)

Limited: 2.5 (the draw alone makes it somewhat playable)

League Leader

Electivire FB
Supreme Victors
Holo Rare

Once again, we're covering a card that's already had its Level X card reviewed. Honestly, that's pretty interesting, mainly because when I picture a Pokemon with a Level X, I don't really separate the two in my mind, so it's kinda cool thinking about just the original card, and its strengths and weaknesses WITHOUT the Level X involved. I've realized that some cards really do have potential without their Level X (Gardevoir SW anyone?), but some really rely on their Level X in order to be seen as good cards. Is Electivire FB one of those Pokemon?

Pretty much.

So the basics of this card are okay, which has been pretty common lately. It's got 90HP, which is pretty good for a non-legendary SP, great for a Basic in general. The 2x Weakness to Fighting is so dangerous in this format, with Machamp, Relicanth, Primeape, and all of those other fighting types running around. The -20 Resistance to Metal is okay, although you don't really see many Metal Pokemon with the exception of Dialga G and the occasional Aggron. The Three Retreat Cost is absolutely horrible, especially compared to good Electric Pokemon like Luxray GL. Thank God for PokeTurn, right? Right?

Anyways, the attacks are what make this Pokemon tick, obviously. The first attack, Dump and Draw, for one Colorless, allows you to discard up to 2 energy cards from your hand and you can draw a card for each energy you discarded. Like the Rayquaza C the other day, this attack is GREAT when used with cards that retrieve Energies from the discard, and convieniently, Electivire FB Lv. X is one of those cards. However, without the Lv. X, this attack lets you get some small draw support while placing energies in the discard for cards like Electivire SW and Typhlosion MT (or even Rayquaza C!). While draw power is always nice, I don't really like this attack too much, ESPECIALLY if you're not running the Lv. X along with it. Keep it for the Pre-Release.

The second attack, Electric Current, does 40 damage and makes you move one Lightning energy from Electivire FB to one of your Benched Pokemon, but it does all this for 1 Lightning and 2 Colorless. Pretty worthless attack, in my honest opinion. Might be nice if Electivire's going to die and you can get a KO real quick, but otherwise, why don't you just go ahead and PokeTurn? Once again, it works much better if you're using the Lv. X, but if not, you're better off using this card only in dire situations.


Modified: 2.5/5 It's an okay card, but don't run it without the Lv. X. It can work okay in a deck where you need to get cards in the discard, but honestly, why not use Rayquaza C if you're not running Electivire FB Lv. X? You actually get to do damage! I have mixed feelings about this card, and hopefully I'll start seeing it used in creative ways...but for now, it's pretty normal. Too many weaknesses.

Limited: 3.5/5 Better here, mainly for the draw support. The second attack could be a lot more useful, mainly because you can power up stuff on the bench since you don't have PokeTurn. If you can get the Lv. X here, you're pretty much set until they get Mankey out.

So pretty much, the normal Electivire FB is a pretty average card with average abiliites. If you agree, disagree, or have some cool ideas, just e-mail me at drtomoe123@gmail.com.


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