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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Rayquaza C Lv. 73

Supreme Victors

Date Reviewed: 08.25.09

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 1.87
Limited: 3.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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OK, here is the “stepping stone” to Rayquaza C Level X…let’s discuss.

100 HP weak to colorless (double) which is becoming more and more of a problem.

Resistance to fighting is near meaningless, as the only fighting knocks out basics in a hit.

3 Retreat is tragic for this card. What a horrid starter this makes.

The attacks, 1 for discarding up to 5 energy cards for damage ranging from 10 to 60. OK, not bad for a 1 (or 0 with energy gain) attack.

Second attack, 4 for 50 with a chance to discard energy, or a chance for the attack to fail. Don’t like it at all.

Put 100 or 120 damage on there for 4, and I just might take the chance.

Ratings…adding a point due to being a “stepping stone”

Modified…2.5/5 Not great, but you need her to get to the X

Limited…3.5/5 Much more energy to discard here, and I might be tempted to run at a 39/1 deck here, so I could go for the quick knockouts….if there was ONLY any good hand refresh in this set!! You usually leave big pokes like this up to rot while you set up a benched poke. You certainly are not paying a 3 retreat cost!!!

There you go! Good luck
Baby Mario
Top 4 UK Nats

Rayquaza C


Ok, I know there are going to be people out there who will TRY and make Rayquaza C LV X work. That 200 damage is tempting, even if the Energy requirement is hilarious. Really, if they are going to attempt that in Modified, they need all the help they can get, so will they get any from the Basic form of Rayquaza C?


 . . . ummmm . . . . no.


Rayquaza C DOES come with a nice 100 HP and a Resistance to Fighting, but it also has a Retreat cost of three, X2 Weakness to Colourless (making it a nice breakfast for Flygon, Ditto, Ninetales MT, or Garchomp C), and, worst of all, two attacks that are terrible in Modified. Trash Burst requires mass Energy discarding, and Twister does an unimpressive 50 for four Energy, and can fail on coin flips. Ok, there are ways of using the discarded Energy to power up the LV X (such as Rotom MD) but, just like with yesterday’s card, the amount of work this takes, combined with the fragility of the Pokémon involved, makes Rayquaza a bit  . . . well, rubbish really.


In Limited, though, it’s a different story. Here, Trash Burst can be a great attack as hands full of useless Energy are common. If you pull it, try a deck with 1 Rayquaza C and 39 Energy . . . I dare you!




Modified: 1 (does its LV X no favours)

Limited: 3.5 (could actually work here)

League Leader

Rayquaza C
Supreme Victors
Holo Rare

As we saw, Rayquaza C Lv. X has the potential to be an extremely dangerous card. In a deck that's based completely around it (and runs well), the card can consistently do 200 damage! While its HP may not have been the most amazing thing in the world, causing the card to lose value in a format where its ability to stick around for a few turns is key, it really poses a threat in the current metagame. That's the Level X card, however. Now, we're going to talk about the original card, Rayquaza C. If it's not paired with the Lv. X, is it really worth any hype whatsoever?

Not really.

Sure, the HP is right up there with other SP legendaries like Dialga G, coming in at a nice, healthy 100HP. It's x2 Weakness to Colorless can pose some problems (looking at you Flygon...and even Staraptor FB Lv. X...and yes, you too, Porygon Z!), but it isn't as hindering as say, a weakness to Lightning or Fire right now. (Blazeray and LuxRape, I'm looking at you). The -20 Resistance to Fighting is pretty normal...protects against Machamp's Hurricane Punches, Primeape/Mankey, blah, blah, you know...the usual. Yeah, the Retreat Cost of a whopping 3 is not something that you like to see...and that's really where this card starts to show its true colors. Unfortunately, it's all downhill from here.

Trash Burst is the one thing that makes the normal Rayquaza C interesting. For one Colorless, you can discard up to 5 Energy Cards from your hand, and for each card you discard, the attack does 10 more damage. So, if you discard all five, you get to do a nice 60 for one Colorless (or most likely an Energy Gain in this situation). This attack has TONS of combo potential. First of all, you've got the obvious synergy with Rayquaza C Lv. X, which makes this attack great so it can charge up the Lv. X so you can use the huge 200 damage attack. Then, you've got combos with cards like Electivire SW and and Electivire FB Lv. X. Discard some Lightning energy and do a nice chunk of damage, PokeTurn Rayquaza, bring out Electivire SW and use Motor Drive and you've got an extra energy. With Electivire FB, you've got more energy to bring out of the discard, so it works great there. It also works with Typhlosion MT, allowing you to do practically the same thing as Electivire, but with Fire Energy. There are plenty of these "pull energy from the discard" combos out there, and Rayquaza works great in this aspect, because unlike Felicity's Drawing or Volkner's, you actually get to do damage at the same time. It also works with other cards that place Energy on top of the deck like Delcatty PL, so you can have some constant, cheap damage. However, be careful, because if you want to get Rayquaza C out of the Active spot, you HAVE to have PokeTurn or Super Scoop Up because it's really not worth the Three Retreat cost, especially when Rayquaza is relatively frail.

Now, its other attack, Twister, is barely worth mentioning. For FOUR Colorless (or three and an Energy Gain...not much better) you have the POSSIBILITY of doing 50 and discarding two energy attached to the Defending Pokemon. Unfortunately, like most Twisters, it involves FLIPS. If you get two tails, you do NOTHING. It's just not worth it. If you want energy removal, stick with Dialga G Lv. X, because at least you're doing 80 guaranteed...it's so much more worth it. Don't use this attack unless you HAVE to, because the attack is horrible. Please, stick with Trash Burst.


Modified: 2/5 If you're not using the Lv. X, this card mainly needs to be used to set up decks that focus on Pokemon like Typhlosion and Electivire, because Rayquaza does a GREAT job of getting energies in the discard and doing damage at the same time. Otherwise, it's not that great. Without the Lv. X, you're left with a potential 60 damage (and only if you can get some crazy energy circulation...and most decks only run 10-13 energy to begin with). The first attack has potential, but everything else, especially Retreat Cost, brings this card down.

Limited: 2/5 Same situation here, pretty much. Flippy cards are common here, so Twister might be a bit better, but you don't really have ways to get energy back from the discard here, aside from Palmer's, so you're just going to waste your energy on Trash Burst. If you DO want to go the Trash Burst route, Sandslash SV works great here to get you more energy to discard. Otherwise, the 2x Colorless Weakness will probably kill you here because so many people run Colorless...just not worth it.

That's it for today! If you've got any differing opinions, combo ideas, anything, feel free to e-mail me at drtomoe123@gmail.com, because I'd love to hear them! :D

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