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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Milotic Lv. 52

Supreme Victors

Date Reviewed: 08.24.09

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Modified: 1.87
Limited: 2.50

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst. 
3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

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Ah, Shining Milotic.

And another card that gives a “bonus” for having no cards in your hand…odd little advantage this one.

Let’s go through this quickly.

80 HP stage 1 evolves from Feebas (which is NEVER good).

1 Retreat cost weakness to lightning which is getting worse and worse.

Pokebody that states if you have no cards in your hand, prevent all damage done to Milotic by your opponent. This can be a tough thing to work around, to say the least. Can still have damage counters dropped on you, special conditions, and be pushed/pulled out of the way by InfernapeGL/LuxrayGL/Warp Point, but could still be frustrating.

Attack for 3 does 80 minus 10 for each damage counter on Milotic. Either attack with a clean one, or I worry about the effectiveness here.

Overall, not my favorite Milotic in the set, but a cute card nonetheless. I can see people going for the 0 card hand as a wall, only to try to Claydol or Uxie and get POWER SPRAYED.

Ratings – Modified – 2/5 Not great. Not great. Underpowered. Much better water in this envio to use.

Limited – 2.5/5 Better. You WILL draft it, due to it being a shining, but not much better at all.

Battle Roads a comin’!!!

Baby Mario
Top 4 UK Nats

Milotic LV 52


Hi everybody!


I am back from my holiday in the US and my visit to Worlds. I did ok; going 4-3 in Swiss, but it wasn’t good enough to make the top cut. I would like to congratulate all the winners for doing a fantastic job, and give a shout out to the players from the UK who did so well: Sami (2nd in Masters), Nicholas (3rd in Seniors), and Karl (9th in Masters). It was a great tournament : I met a lot of amazing players and really enjoyed myself.


Anyway, today’s card is the shiny Milotic from Supreme Victors. The main attraction here is its PokeBody Aqua Mirage which protects Milotic from attack damage as long as you are holding no cards in your hand. Now having no cards in your hand is not too difficult to achieve. You can combine Milotic with Pokémon such as Alakazam MT, which allows you to block an opponent’s PokePower by discarding two cards, or with Regice LA which can switch out your opponent’s unevolved Pokémon for the same cost. In addition, you can use the new Night Teleporter Trainer Card which (if you flip heads), lets you shuffle your hand into your deck and search for one card of your choice.


Aqua Mirage’s ability to protect Milotic from damage works well with its only attack, Dwindling Wave, which does a just-about-acceptable 80 for [W][W][C], but then does 10 less damage for each damage counter on Milotic. In order to keep up a reasonable damage output, you will need to use Unown G to prevent Milotic taking damage from effects such as Poison, or from attacks which place damage counters (Azelf LV X’s Deep Balance, Gengar’s Shadow Room), as these are not covered by Aqua Mirage.


In the end though, I doubt that anyone will find Milotic worth the effort. Yes, there ARE ways of dumping your hand to protect it, but holding no cards makes it very difficult for you to recover when Milotic DOES eventually get knocked out. Its low HP and the fact that it is a slow attacker itself, means that you are having to focus your whole deck and all of your play on keeping a mediocre attacking Pokemon alive. At first glance, Milotic seems to have promise, but the whole set up is much too fragile to survive in a competitive environment.




Modified: 1.5 (interesting, but not very practical)

Limited: 1.25 (almost impossible to get the body to work)

League Leader
Milotic Lv. 52
Supreme Victors
Secret Rare (SH)

Ooh, ahh, we've got a shiny Pokemon on our hands today, and it just so happens to be one of the most popular Pokemon, Milotic. Milotic's always been the polar opposite of Gyarados. While both Feebas and Magikarp are just about equally useless (although I was personally amazed at the sheer number of Magikarp/Feebas donks I saw in my two Supreme Victors pre-releases), Gyarados rests on the angry, atrociously powerful side of the spectrum, while Milotic reigns over the beautiful, elegant yet strong side of things. Now, the question is: Does the Shiny Milotic have what it takes to be more than a card that's destined to rot away in the binder?

Just leave it in the binder, please.

Basics of the card are pretty average, unfortunately. It comes in at 80 HP, which for a stage 1 is just average, and only manages to stand equal or below most of the popular SP Basics right now. Its +20 Weakness to Lightning is pretty devastating when Luxray is involved, and it's being teched into everything nowadays. Hey, at least it doesn't have a x2 Weakness, right? Right? Anyways, no Resistance isn't bad, but not great either. Finally, we've got the 1 Retreat Cost, which is a shame, especially considering how graceful Milotic is, but understandable due to its weight. Nothing too horrible, just completely average.

Now Milotic has an interesting Poke-Body, Aqua Mirage. If you have no cards in your hand, Aqua Mirage prevents all damage done to Milotic. Cool effect, but unfortunately, effects of attacks aren't prevented, so you're stuck with status conditions, switching, etc. Now, the problem is the Poke-Body only works when you don't have any cards in your hand, so it's pretty situational, and it most likely won't save you when you're really stuck. It's attack, Dwindling Wave, which costs 2 Water and 1 Colorless, does 80 MINUS the 10 damage for every damage counter on Milotic. Yeah, it goes great with Aqua Mirage, but I doubt that you'll be able to really make use of Dwindling Wave to the point where it's actually worth it in most normal games. If you can keep drawing into energy and attaching, keeping your hand empty, it might work...but what happens when you've got a full bench? You get a Lv. X? Something you can't just toss down? Dwindling Wave gets less useful every single turn, if it doesn't get KOed first.

Unfortunately, this card just isn't really worth it. In order to get Aqua Mirage to work, you can't have any cards in your hand, so it would probably be best to build something around this card that focuses on discarding, mainly because unless you're stuck without Uxie/Claydol, you're rarely left without any cards in your hand (energy you can't use at the moment, extra supporters, extra Pokemon, etc.). However, why use Milotic when you could use Rayquaza C? Rayquaza does more damage, has more HP, and has stats that keep it from being worthless. If you like the concept of this card, just use Rayquaza C instead, and even then, don't really use this card. Sure, you may initially think that it works well with Rayquaza...but unless you have Rayquaza C as your active, you WANT cards in your hand so you can GET Rayquaza active, so Milotic would be pretty null at that point. I could see this card being used in some psuedo-Milotic deck, but only then as a last resort in case you can't get an Uxie/Claydol out. Night Matienence can help out, by getting an energy/something else you need and having an empty hand, but still, why waste it on a small fry like Milotic?


Modified: 2/5 I could see this card being useful in some cases, but it's a stage 1 with a very situational Poke-Body and a Three Energy attack that could potentially become less useful as you're charging Milotic up. While 80 damage could be useful, why not put in something that can do 80 consistently? That's what you really need. It's a pretty card, but please, don't run this just because of that. I think this card has potential, but I haven't really seen any deck ideas that can really take advantage of it yet.

Limited: 3.5/5 Now, if you can pull this card in limited, you might have yourself a good strategy. I saw this thing almost sweep a Pre-Release...until Chatot G showed up and re-arranged cards so the player couldn't just play through the cards she was getting. If you're going to play this, keep a few bench spots open, because that's what'll kill you. You don't have many extra cards in this format, so it's a lot easier to get this type of Pokemon going, especially considering some of the horrendous Pokemon in the set.

God, it's such a pretty Pokemon...but also pretty useless...for now.

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